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RT’s The Wokies: Top 10 Corporate Panderers Who Plumbed New Depths In 2020 by Helen Buyniski

Corporations went headlong into performative wokeness this year, falling over themselves to embody the spirit of diversity and inclusion. They mostly succeeded in alienating customers and bringing down torrents of mockery instead. While some companies deliberately set out to become woke standard-bearers, donating conspicuous sums to Black Lives Matter or delivering pompous press releases about […]

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Censorship’s Slope Is Always Slippery And The Internet Archive’s Embrace Of Biased ‘Fact-Checking’ Proves It by Helen Buyniski

The Internet Archive has begun slapping “fact-checks” on archived pages, supposedly to provide “context” they’re missing. But readers don’t need their thoughts babysat, and it’s a small step to deleting the page altogether. The nonprofit, which operates the Wayback Machine – an archive of old web pages spanning decades – announced last week that it […]