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Everything People Believed About Hitler’s Intentions Toward Britain Was A Myth Created By Churchill by Kevin Myers

… An even vaster falsehood – that in 1940, Hitler wanted to invade Britain. But he didn’t. He actually admired the British Empire … We know from the diaries of Lord Halifax, the British foreign minister, that Hitler offered terms that did not involve German control of Britain. Churchill refused to allow these terms to […]

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What Is “Fascism?” by Mike King

Fascist! — It is the all-purpose insult which both libtards and misguided conservatives — both in full agreement that Fascism is the worst epithet one can use to describe another person’s political beliefs — constantly accuse the other of being. “You’re a Fascist!” — “No. You’re a Fascist!” — “Oh yeah, your mamma’s a Fascist!” […]

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‘Good Shepherd’ Jesus Statue Decapitated Inside Florida Church by Joshua Caplan

A statue depicting Jesus Christ has been found decapitated inside a South Florida church, leaving congregants of the house of worship shaken.

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Father Kevin Robinson Argues Church Services, Worship And Outreach Are Essential (20:31)

Father Kevin Robinson Argues Church Services, Worship And Outreach Are Essential (20:31) (To view full screen click the link below.) Journal