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Exxon Spends Millions On Facebook To Get Users To Lobby For Industry-Friendly Policies by Jeremy Loffredo

Exxon’s social media strategy employs the same tactics used by grassroots activist movements to pressure lawmakers and influence policy. Exxon has spent more than any other major corporation on Facebook ads related to social issues, elections or politics, and is the country’s ninth-largest buyer of such ads overall: $15.6 million from May 7, 2018 to […]

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First-Of-Its-Kind Database Of Scientific Studies Documents Harm From GMOs by GMO Free USA

GMO Free USA launches searchable database of scientific studies and reports on the safety and effects of GMOs and associated agrichemicals. GMO Free USA has launched the first-of-its-kind searchable science database of studies and reports on the safety and effects of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and associated agrichemicals. GMO Research is the world’s most comprehensive […]

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The Normalization Of Corruption – Big Pharma Takes “Tobacco Tactics” To A New Level by Kristina Kristen

The 21st century organized crime lords—the pharmaceutical industry—archetypal la cosa nostra mafia-like cartels, have risen to unprecedented dominion over humanity. These renegade modern-day, too-big-to-fail outlaws have mastered and expanded the industry corruption playbook to levels that make the tobacco industry seem relatively tame and honest in comparison.