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Do Not Take Usury! Do Not Speculate! Produce And Add To The Greater Whole! by Anthony Migchels

In these latter days of the West and the American Empire, and the rise of the New Gold Standard, all the money grabbing looks more disgusting than ever. And we can’t even just blame the Bankers. Especially America has been obsessed with ‘the Stock Market’, and more recently ‘Bitcoin’. But it’s a fool’s game. Not […]

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In Nevada Desert, A Technology Firm Aims To Be A Government by Sam Metz

The company wants to break ground by 2022 in rural Storey County, 12 miles (19 kilometers) east of Reno. It’s proposing to build 15,000 homes and 33 million square feet (3 million square meters) of commercial and industrial space within 75 years. Berns, whose idea is the basis for draft legislation that some lawmakers saw […]

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Digital Technocracy Trumps Paper-Money Democracy by Bill Sardi

It Isn’t About BLM, Or Face Masks, Or Lockdowns, Or Even Vaccination – – It Is About A Digital Currency That Will Take Away The Independence Of Every American.

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Life As We Know It May Soon Be Over And Replaced By The ‘New World Order’

Asian businesswoman using credit card to payment with facial recognition A small news report by Bloomberg earlier this week and published on MSN Money went mostly unnoticed in the corporate media, and even in the alternative media, and yet it might have been the most significant news story so far this year. Jill Ward from […]

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Ethiopia Turns Off Internet, Burundi President Killed And More Cornholio Craziness by Dollar Vigilante (1:02:29)

Ethiopia Turns Off Internet, Burundi President Killed And More Cornholio Craziness by Dollar Vigilante (1:02:29) (To view full screen click the link below.)