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Ontario Premier Demands Officers Enact Unlawful Police State – They Refuse by Amy Mek

Thank you to to all law enforcement officers who choose to protect the rights of citizens instead of enforcers for state authoritarians. The self-described “Conservative” premiere of Ontario, Doug Ford, has imposed the toughest restrictions in North America in the name of stopping the spread of coronavirus. Ironically, Ford, the leader of Canada’s most populous […]

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Virginia Abolishes Death Penalty For All Crimes Except Being An Unwanted Baby by Babylon Bee

Governor Ralph Northam signed into law this week a historic piece of legislation that bans the death penalty for every crime in the state of Virginia, except for being an unwanted baby. “It is the current year, people,” Northam said at a signing ceremony. “No crime is deserving of death, except for the crime of […]