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US Is A ‘State Of War’: Bush-Era Official by Press TV

Lawrence B. Wilkerson, former chief of staff to US Secretary of State Colin Powell, believes that the United States is a “state of war” as the country has been engaged in numerous wars during the past 30 years. “The US has engaged — publicly — Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Pakistan, Syria, Iran, and Yemen and, non-publicly, […]

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A President’s Refusal To Accept The Election Results by Thomas DiLorenzo

By 1860 the population of the North was more than double that of the South, and the lopsided congressional representation that that created emboldened the North to plunder the South with the heavily-protectionist Morrill Tariff, passed by the House of Representatives during the 1859-60 session, before any state had seceded. The tariff on mostly manufactured […]