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The Culture Of Critique by Professor Kevin MacDonald (Book)

How have Jews acquired such great power and influence in the United States? In this meticulously referenced and compel­lingly argued study, a professor of psychology at California State University (Long Beach) explains how Jews have profound­ly shaped American society, politics and culture in conformity with Jewish group interests. This is the most important examination of […]

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The Greatest Spenglerian by Michael Walsh

The record of those 50,000 books on Hitler plainly shows that he was infinitely more than the run-of-the-mill politician. He was, first a philosopher. However, being a man of action he knew that thoughts and words are useless without the ability to act. He was acting in a way that few people could even understand […]

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The Bushido Code: The Eight Virtues Of The Samurai by Tim Clark

It was a time of carnage and darkness: the Age of Wars, when the land was torn by bloodshed and the only law was the law of the sword. A peasant wandered the countryside alone, seeking his fortune, without a coin in his pocket. He longed to become the epitome of refined manhood — a […]

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Six Dr. Seuss Books Won’t Be Published Over Racist Imagery by Noah Manskar

Dr. Seuss became the latest target of “cancel culture” Tuesday when six of his children’s books were yanked from publication because of their alleged racism.

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Karl Marx’s Shameful Life Repudiates His Evil Ideology by Casey Chalk

The man who pretended to speak for the oppressed participated in oppression of the poor and his own family. It’s yet another repudiation of his work on its anniversary. This month marks the anniversary of the first congress of the Communist League in London (1847), when Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels were commissioned to write […]