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Claramae Turner (22 Videos) Playlist Mark R. Elsis

“For me, Claramae Turner had one of the most beautiful female voices ever. She was an operatic contralto.” Mark R. Elsis Claramae Turner While American contralto Claramae Turner may be best know from her performance in the Rodgers and Hammerstein film Carousel, she had an active and critically acclaimed operatic and radio career, which included […]

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Jean Charles de Menezes (21 Videos) Playlist Mark R. Elsis

The Assassination of Jean Charles de Menezes. On July 22, 2005, Brazilian national Jean Charles de Menezes was assassinated by British Intelligence. He was followed from his house to the Stockwell station and then onto a train by his assassins. Eyewitnesses state that he was never warned, the assassins just grabbed Jean Charles, threw him […]