Good Friday, April 6, 1917

by Mark R. Elsis

April 6, 2017

"That there are men in all countries who get their living by war,
and by keeping up the quarrels of nations, is as shocking as it is true."

Thomas Paine, Rights of Man, 1791

On December 23, 1913, President Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act into law. On that day, our country was finagled from us by usurious counterfeiters. Since that day, the debt slavery Shylock charlatans, have grown evermore embolden in their quest for the complete dominance in every aspect of society and personal life.

On June 1, 1916, the Senate officially confirmed the nomination of the first Jewish Justice on the United States Supreme Court, Louis Brandeis, by a vote of 47 to 22.

On April 6, 1917, two days after the United States Senate voted 82 to 6 to declare war against Germany, the United States House of Representatives voted of 373 to 50, and the United States formally entered the First World War.

Out of the blue a few years ago, this idea came to me. It said the day the United States entered the First World War, April 6, 1917, had significance, go check it out. So, I did.

First, I found out that April 6, 1917, was on a Friday.

Then I checked to see if it happened to be Good Friday, and it was.

So, the day the United States formally entered the First World War, April 6, 1917, was Good Friday.

There is a 1 in 365.24 chance for this to randomly occur.

Jesus called out the money changers, and within a few days was nailed to a cross by this same tribe. Knowing of the Pharisees and their misanthropic history, I soon asked myself, did these usurers with their long-held hatred of the Gentiles make sure the United States entered the First World War on Good Friday?

There were 320,518 United States casualties in the First World War, but a lot of money was to be made by the likes of Bernard M. Baruch. War profiteer Baruch, was also a main economic adviser to President Roosevelt during the Second World War.

Then I remembered that at 10:13 pm on April 14, 1865, President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated and that it was also on Good Friday. President Lincoln died at 7:22 am the next morning.

Again, there is a 1 in 365.24 chance for this to randomly occur.

For these two events to both occur on Good Friday, there is a 1 in 133,400.26 chance.

Was I destined to know this information, because on a rare Full Moon and Good Friday, also another April 6th, but exactly 95 years later in 2012, I lost 100% sight in my left eye?

And even stranger, I had a premonition around 3 pm on Good Friday, March 24, 1967, when I was a nine-year-old boy. It said to me, something terrible was going to occur to me on a Good Friday in the distant future, and it did, on Good Friday, April 6, 2012.

"In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king."

Desiderius Erasmus Roterodamus