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Disparate interconnected neighbors and the futility of devotion to an America that no longer exists.

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July 5, 2022

The American Way

What if there was someone you loved in life who was so damaged beyond repair that no matter what you did, no matter how you planned or schemed or made an effort to get them help, you knew in your mind every avenue was hopeless?

In A River Runs Through It, author Norman Maclean recalls one of the final sermons of his minister father in which he recounts the difficulties in understanding his younger brother Paul’s self-destructive gambling and drinking behavior that put him on a troubled path to an early death. His father proclaims that even those who elude us for reasons we may never know are still worthy of our love.

What if that someone you loved was poisonous and brought out the worst in you by abusing you, manipulating you, taking your money, exploiting your obedience, using your generosity and compliance, sacrificing your children, while making you promises that they knew would never be kept while offering you little to nothing in return knowing you’d still be there in the morning no matter what?

The psychologist would say you’re a victim, you’re being abused, perhaps even suffering from Stockholm Syndrome and you need to leave immediately and seek refuge where you can.

And what if that someone was instead the nation of your birth and its government that has spoiled and desecrated all of its once hallowed institutions while abusing you and threatening you with jail if the fruits of your labors are not paid every April by “tax day”?

The American people instinctually know their elected officials do not represent them. They know who they truly represent and to what ends it serves in their own destruction and yet every April people pay for this extortion racket like millions of Stockholm Syndrome sufferers because they know those who wise up and refuse will be made an example of in the same way the mafia does. Taxation has always been government extortion and theft. It always will be no matter how righteous a government claims to be, and don’t they all?

Working and retired (double taxed) Americans of all classes are now subsidizing the accelerated demise of their nation and themselves. Very few appear capable of asking that simple question rooted in the founding of their own nation: “What the hell do I get for my taxes?” Increasingly the honest answers should range from “jack squat!” to the paragraph above that lists all the ways the government abuse, harass and subjugate American citizens.

Two million people from all over the world have been allowed to walk across the US-Mexico border with impunity since the puppet of global oligarchs was installed through a fraudulent election. Many walk across the border with debit cards financed by the United Nations or Soros-backed groups, others with the help of violent drug cartels, human traffickers, and even the U.S. government that has accelerated their air transport directly to swing states and red states to turn them purple and blue, the colors of a demographic bruising intended to never heal the nation.

But, if you dare say anything about this cynical plot to keep Democrats in power through national destruction that Republicans only performatively and rhetorically oppose, you dear reader are racist and xenophobic! You are no longer allowed to love your country or seek to protect it from invaders. You must surrender it, without uttering a word about your replacement, the absence of the rule of law, or the destruction of the very ideals you may have once held about the nation of your birth that you might still love, despite its abusive treatment of you.

The last western Empire is falling before our eyes for better or worse, and those who value liberty and bodily autonomy are running out of places in the world for refuge from tyranny (more on the global picture soon). People are incapable of recognizing tyranny having been convinced of its rebranding as safety, security, and frictionless convenience for mass digital surveillance and thought control. Thanks to public indoctrination centers formerly known as schools and “higher education”, the majority of the population still holds on to the belief that government has solutions to the very problems created and exacerbated by its hands.

The harsh economic realities have yet to shake most taxpayers from their high fructose corn syrup-induced lethargy and digitally engineered catatonia. Central bank and government-created hyperinflation are on the horizon. Savings accounts are now depleted. Consumer credit debt is maxed out with every visit to the gas pump while the hands that control the dummy-in-chief corpse occupying the executive are busy destroying domestic energy production while blaming everything on Putin. Auto loan delinquencies are skyrocketing and soon with higher interest rates, mass layoffs, and then crashing home prices there will be another national wave of mortgage defaults and foreclosures.

There was a time when the man of the house — when Americans could afford homes and men were encouraged rather than discouraged to be present in the rearing of families — could work a simple job and afford everything and not have to worry about paying for food, gas, clothing, a mortgage, summer, and winter vacations and was even able to put aside a little each month for college savings and retirement accounts. That former America has been put on SSRIs and slaughtered itself. Two parents working two jobs doesn’t even cut it anymore, assuming they can even stay together. Forget about affording even a year of university, which isn’t worth a rotten penny in their current iteration of Marxist-indoctrination daycare institutions.

By 2028 social security will be insolvent, which David Martin points out is why they’re busily offing as many future recipients as possible. Too much middle-class prosperity and a nation of healthy individuals and families is terrible for social engineers and global technocrats who need serfs to lord over and experiment on.

Global engineers can realize any outcome by owning and controlling governments. The terminal rot that festers in the halls of the District of Corruption is of the most insidious nature because it smiles and dances out in the open for all to see, always performing and screaming to the rest of the world that it is something it’s not nor ever intended to be by the original framers: representative democracy. One visit to a single website and any citizen can see who their representatives really work for – opensecrets.org. Every industry owns a fraction of every politician. There is nobody who works in “public service” that can’t be bought, bribed, pushed around, coerced, or kicked out for refusing to be bought, bribed, and coerced. The private-public-private revolving door ensures every government agency is owned by the industry it is charged with policing, at the expense of the welfare of citizens and at great taxpayer cost. The pork brunches are never-ending and there are no stomachs that are ever full. Each industry connects its bank accounts to treasury departments’ computers and then pays Congress and the President to initiate CTRL+P operations.

Bills are written by industries that will benefit from deregulation, depleted oversight, and pointless government contracts that only serve to grease palms and degrade the quality of service and products for citizens. Even experimental medicines are approved without trials and with regulators publicly stating the only way they’ll know if it works is by approving it.

Electricity, water, cable, cell phone bills, and other utilities are now in the three digits monthly, excluding all the other entertainment add-on subscriptions to distract people to death while gaining no new intelligence or information useful in making life choices.

Find this useful?

Meanwhile, the divide between so-called red and blue states continues to be instigated to new extremes with a constant focus on culture war triggers that enflame baser instincts as the politicization of everything in life becomes paramount in splitting and conquering the people. Nobody is allowed to deviate in their thinking or have opinions on anything that might reveal an unholy political allegiance. Fascists, white supremacists, and racists are labeled guilty with once-incendiary labels that no longer have any meaning, and are persecuted at the slightest whiff of wrong-think.

The cults of DIE (diversity, equity, inclusion) and the LGBTQWERTY+-=% edicts are written into public and private handbooks on employee behavior and hiring practices. Equity being the opposite of meritocracy ensures incompetence reigns everywhere within the ranks of the “expert class”, while simple questions like “What is a woman?” can no longer be honestly answered without one incurring the wrath of cult adherents. The war on nature and common sense is just another front in the war on the American people, by denying reality and degrading socio-cultural cohesion.

When the government isn’t busily enriching itself and expanding its power while incinerating the constitutional rights of citizens, it is eager to oversee the intentional maiming and killing of them and their children through biotech-engineered depopulation injections posing as “vaccines”. The state’s collusion with corporations and total corruption of the healthcare industrial complex ensure that the truth of this genocidal program stays hushed and covered up. Doctors play dumb for six-figure salaries. Those few with the courage to speak out have their licenses threatened, which keeps all the rest quiet and obedient. A few brave nurses like whistleblower Erin Olszewski, that were paid up to $10,000 per week for their compliance and silence at the height of plandemic engineered pandemonium and intentional remdesivir and ventilator hospicide, are forced into reclusion and made targets by the FBI.

The information and psychological wars never stop as they prime the public for further bioweapon “jabs” by demolishing the definition of vaccines into regular therapeutic injections that will degrade immune systems and kill millions of people if not render them infertile. The government keeps buying and pushing all manner of “vaccines”. Soon they will replace pills as the preferred source of treatment, funded with taxpayer-subsidized pork. There will be an mRNA vaccine for everything and there will only be one way to ever be considered “fully vaccinated”.

The average American citizen has no idea their government and all industries are at war with them and there’s nobody that can be trusted outside of family and close friends who are also cognizant of this agenda. The only way to exist and have a chance for survival in such a corrupted system is to live physically within the nation’s borders, preferably in a state or locality with like-minded public servants, but as often as possible outside its systems.

There’s a term used by those who live outside these systems: when shit hits the fan (SHTF). In March of 2020 when governments created artificial shit and with the help of controlled media slung it into the blades of a global fan, these people were ready. This includes the obvious groups of preppers, small farmers, and self-sufficient types who stockpile emergency food, keep gold and metals to hedge against inflation and for when the dollar collapses, and hoard weapons and ammo to defend their property and selves since police and law enforcement cannot be depended on due to remote localities. They are well versed in naturopathic treatments, growing their own food, preserving food long-term, and even keep small pharmacies to self-diagnose and treat themselves and loved ones with allopathic medicine to save money by avoiding costly health insurance premiums, insane prescription drug costs, and visits to unreliable and corrupted doctors who are more likely to push the latest pill for a pharma commission than to care for one’s health.

Being hyper-vigilant in a simple effort to keep oneself and their family alive seems like no way to live at all in a world of abundance that can easily provide for every living soul, and begs the original question: why pay taxes if this psychological and corporeal assault is the return on one’s investment?

Even those who “live outside these systems” will still have to pay taxes or risk having everything taken away, including their property, livelihoods, and savings.

The America that once existed, with its guaranteed rights and liberties is long dead and buried. Any liberties that partially remain will be stripped at the soonest opportune time that government will likely engineer through tyranny — mass shootings, another war, another lockdown, or lab-engineered virus release. There are now only two ways to survive with a semblance of autonomy and liberty in present America: outside its rotten systems or outside the country.

And millions of Americans have already left for other countries, including a couple million who live full-time in Mexico.


The secret is out.

Old Town Puerto Vallarta.

The Mexican Way

When you step off the crowded air-conditioned airplane in Mexico at almost any time of year in any resort city, the heat or humidity smack your face like a warm welcome blanket. Soon after the stickiness becomes uncomfortable and the desire to get through customs to a place of lodging to strip off clothing into a light short sleeve shirt and shorts and grab that first cold cerveza is irresistible.

For the price of a roach-infested studio apartment in New York City or Los Angeles, one can rent an 1800 SF three-bedroom condo at a resort hotel on the beaches of Cabo San Lucas or Puerto Vallarta. For the price of a two-bedroom shit box in Reseda, or Fremont, CA one can purchase a family-sized beachfront condo or even a villa in the Yucatan Penninsula or on the Baja strip.

Emergency health insurance is less than anything offered by U.S. providers and prescription drugs can be bought without a prescription at almost any pharmacy for the cost of a couple of taco bell chalupas. No moron in a white coat who spent too long in school to simply push pills into silly orange bottles will tell you that you can’t have Ivermectin because the federal government wants you to get a toxic injection instead.

Everything can be bought, and every type of care can be paid out of pocket. A trip to a Cardiologist that included an ultrasound check of my heart and valves once cost me $22. Mexico has solid domestic food production, doesn’t rely so heavily on Chinese exports, has a national petrol industry (Pemex), and perhaps most importantly Bill Gates owns zero farmland or government agencies.

The current President is an old-school populist lefty who refuses to bow down to the hypocritical empire to its north. Lopez-Obrador is not shy about exposing the corrupt American regime. He recently said the Statue of Liberty should be torn down if the U.S. tries Julian Assange. Commit American war crimes and you’re a former president or vice president with pension and secret service detail. Expose American war crimes to the world through journalism and you’ll rot in prison for the rest of your life.

During convid-tyranny, AMLO said that Mexico would not be held hostage by American pharmaceutical companies and refused mandates for anyone and especially vaccines for children. Less than half of the country went for second jab servings. Only the petrified and brainwashed went for boosters which Lopez-Obrador only reluctantly approved after a lot of uncomfortable noises up north. When paranoid parents sued the government for the right to have their healthy children injected with deadly toxins, the President vowed to fight the court that ruled in their favor. That sounds more like a leader “following than science” than any other nation in the hemisphere, perhaps even on the planet.

Mexico was one of the first countries to drop all medical theatre for travel to the country but never mandated anything for tourists, who only had to declare their health status online before arriving.

There were always two types of families in the old barrio growing up. Those who went to Mexico on holiday, and those who thought Mexico was “too dirty” went to overpriced Hawaii instead. Mexico never had the polish and cleanliness of that past America or the pretenses of orderly sophistication. It has always been a place of orderly chaos instead. Most importantly it never dressed itself up pretending to be something it’s not while patting itself on the back and demanding the world do the same.

There are different types of filth in this world. Urban America isn’t doing such a great job in hiding theirs with open drug markets and tent cities. The district of corruption and “public servants” who work there are a special kind of filth. They continue to enrich themselves and their friends by washing billions in taxpayer money through Ukraine launder mats. America in its own ways is now just as “filthy” as Mexico in the past, and yes the open southern border with endless deadly narcotic flows is only making it worse, but who opened that border and allows the drugs and people to come north and the weapons and cash to flow south?

The charm of Mexico is in its authentically unapologetic nature. It is a catholic country that still values and cares about family. In Mexico family is everything, after God. In the U.S. any traditional notions of religion or family are in a long drawn-out process of intentional destruction as the masses embrace narcissism, and nihilism, and normalize mental illness.

While both nations are grotesquely corrupt, the people of Mexico know the corruption is everywhere and they don’t pretend otherwise. They know they don’t have a free press in a narco-state that terrorizes journalists. They know they’re poor if they’re poor and don’t pretend otherwise by indebting themselves with maxed-out credit lines.

The Mexican people know that politicians secretly have their palms greased by the worst elements of society, yet corruption stays in the shadows in Mexico. They do not rub the people’s faces in it. There is still a shame for the corruptible in Mexico, or at least politicians have the decency to still pretend it’s shameful. In the states, there’s a segment on a popular finance network that follows the undefeated stock picks of Nancy Pelosi and her husband. The open corruption is rubbed in the American people’s faces with almost every bill passed.

There is orderliness and a kind of predictability to a dysfunctional corrupt narco-state that doesn’t openly bend itself over to sacrifice its own people to appease global tyrants. While some states in Mexico had mask mandates and even Convid passports, there was no time or effort for enforcement. The federal police cannot be bothered to scan phones or police the location or prevalence of face diapers in public. They don’t even enforce existing laws, why would they bother with new silly made-up performative mandates?

On a trip to Puerto Vallarta some years ago my father and I took a walk along the sidewalk that hugs the highway that hugs the jungled mountains of the south shore of Banderas Bay. From behind us, a ghost tire/wheel came rolling along in the middle of the two-lane road. We looked around and saw nobody. It was big enough and coming fast enough that if it hit a pedestrian it could have killed them. It could have injured or killed us.

A few seconds later four Mexicans appeared from around a rock cliff bend in the road, half of them barefoot running after the tire. A few moments later a pick-up truck appeared, rolling on three tires. It came to a stop where the ghost wheel finally stopped. A commotion ensued as cars began to arrive and were forced to stop at the scene. The young Mexican contractors rushed around in circles like something out of a Latino Benny Hill sketch. Behind the pick-up truck arrived another pick-up truck, belonging to the Federal Police. My old man and I looked at each other and were certain these guys were in trouble. As they struggled to get the wheel back on the right rear axel and the only two lugnuts they had to barely secure the wheel to the axel, we watched as the Federal Police just sat and shook their heads before turning on their sirens to pass the truck and race on toward town where they probably parked and ate tacos while ignoring a new shipment of methylamine arriving in the harbor from China destined for a science teacher in Albuquerque.

No ticket. No moving violation. No seatbelt infractions for having eight guys piled in the back of their pick-up. No arrests or truck impounded.

Does Mexico seem like the kind of place where vaccine passports will ever be scanned at cafes or bars like half of Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Blue state America?

The future of individual liberty may just be in places where everything is so corrupt and dysfunctional that the kind of global biotech digital tyranny coming to western nations will never be enforced. People in places like Mexico don’t have time for such performative stupidity.

Avoiding narco-violence is much easier now in Mexico than earlier this century. There are a dozen cities in Mexico that are safer than most American cities. One has their choice of central mountain cities like San Miguel de Allende, jungle cities like Merida, or beach cities like Cabo San Lucas, La Paz, or Puerto Vallarta. For the frugal ex-pat nomad the world is running out of good places to live for less than $1000 per month, but Mexico is definitely still near the top of the list. For American citizens making less than $112,000 per year, living in Mexico allows for the option of paying zero taxes to the Empire of Lies, and that has to be worth a lot more than just the financial number on paper in conscience and guilt. Why contribute to and subsidize global tyranny?

While there is no perfect nation and never has been, the acceptable list of those willing to simply leave their citizens alone and get out of their path to success is dwindling fast. Mexico has become a magnet for Americans seeking a better and more affordable way of life. It is not without its many flaws of course but compared to the trajectory the American project is taking lately, they hardly count as flaws.

We can still love the idea of America as a nation, the potential we wish to see squeezed out of whatever’s left of it, or its ideals restored through the prospect of a great awakening, a great reformation of its corrupted and rotten institutions, or even a new declaration of independence for a second republic built in the image of the now-deceased original iteration.

It will be difficult to ever stop loving the declaration of independence, the founding story, the constitution, and the liberties it provisioned in a great experiment in distributed and limited government. But it’s time to stop pretending any of that still remains at any impactful level.

On a long enough timeline every exalted place will lose its former glory, and those attributes that made it appealing and desirable will be destroyed.

The only options for individual liberty now are to live outside its corrupted filthy systems and to reject its growing authoritarianism by surviving on self-reliant instincts in remote areas with like-minded local representatives who will refuse to enforce unconstitutional orders.

Or move south where corruption and dysfunction serve as a combo-pack bulwark to organized global tyranny.

Maybe have a Margarita and think about it.

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