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March 23, 2022

Credentialed class great pretenders will lead the way in our new Dark Ages.

Rodney Dangerfield in Back To School (1986) PhD in Marine Biology

Lia Thomas tucks his penis into her swimsuit as he takes to the starting block in the NCAA women’s 500 Yard Freestyle finals which allow men to participate as long as they take some level of hormone suppressors to sufficiently pacify some body of “experts” on some committee at the NCAA assigned to arbitrate such things.

Presumably this testosterone suppression doesn’t involve reading Buzzfeed, The Huffington Post, drinking extra soy and being a moderator of a subreddit devoted to rare editions of magic cards. Though none of these things are necessary anymore as the average male testosterone levels have declined by two thirds over the past forty years without taking anything at all so we can safely assume that there’s hardly a need for such an arbitrating body to oversee this process at all.

Both the fact that such a body exists in our world, and that environmental conditions have lowered men’s testosterone levels don’t just portend our coming dark ages, they may well signal their full arrival. Men who cannot be protectors and guardians of a civilization, will soon find themselves without one. Perhaps this too is by design. With all that has happened the past two years alone, the endless biological crimes against humanity you’d think there’d be some men out there willing to rain hellfire down on those we know are responsible hiding in plain sight, and yet, apparently there are no more lions left to roar for our pride. More on all that soon. Back to the nuts.

With his nuts safely tucked into her swimsuit, Lia Thomas hits the water and he is off to steal some women’s trophies. In the stands a debate is under way between a masked beta subreddit moderator of magic cards with much lower T than any of the women in the entire swimming complex and a British lady (?) who is filming the event for historical posterity, if not physical anteriority. They have a difference of opinion on Lia being allowed in the pool and to stand on the podiums of women’s competitive swimming events. (Note to readers: when she swam as a man in the same events, against other men, he was ranked between 440th and 720th. As a “woman” he won this event and came in the top five in others)

Their argument goes back and forth until the beta soy arrives at the essence of all cultural and civilizational debates taking place these days on completely fabricated concepts that originate in various university departments which exist solely for the purpose of destroying western civilization as quickly as possible.

Before we tackle that essence, some that come to mind: toxic masculinity, most LGBTQWERTY studies and concepts, gender studies, women’s studies, ‘insert race here’ studies, race privilege, all the “identity studies”, grievance studies, safety-ism, paternalism, climate change and all the rituals like veganism feeding the cult of green psychopathologies that are all interconnected in some way to the idea of ‘relativism’ where objective truth and science once existed and are now replaced by neo-Marxist intersectional cult orthodoxies. The absence and death of religion across the west was always going to need filling with other substitutes, and here we are with obscurity in science, reverence for grievance, victimhood, skin color, pee pee parts, historical revisionism, and a heavy thirst for climate doomsday Kool aid.

On a recent Joe Rogan episode Majid Nawaz explained this shift from a concrete shared reality where most can agree on basic facts in society to the desire to make ‘social constructs’ out of foundational topics like race, gender, sex and so forth. All of it designed to divide populations, and make the connective tissue of society and its cultural foundations obsolete so concepts like borders, nationalism or patriotism become racist. Masculinity becomes toxic. Science becomes ideologically flexible. Make it into a religion or cult, with adherents baptized at Universities who then go on to poison governments and corporate HR departments and you have a nice horrid stew of civilizational destruction for the benefit of a technocratic global elite.

Jan Jekielek @JanJekielek “When there is no such thing as truth, you can’t define reality. And when you can’t define reality, the only thing that matters is power.”

@MaajidNawaz to @joerogan, part of a powerful discussion on relativist thinking increasingly dominating.

Full Chat:

“When there is no such thing as truth, you can’t define reality. & when you can’t define reality, the only thing that matters is power.”

Now that Woke Inc. has subsumed all institutions of power across the Anglo American sphere they need to ground that “power” in authority figures or high priests. This “everything is relative” and based on “your truth” science is now grounded in the credentialism of the sacred expert class.

Any argument resorts to an appeal to authority, and the debater assumes that their opponent lacks the credentials to discuss the topic. The next step is to reference a specifically chosen specialist who adheres to the correct orthodoxy to carry some “science” over the the artificial goal line and voila, dishonest debate won.

Back to those nuts. You may have seen that aforementioned pool exchange on various attention networks. After some arguing back and forth it arrived at this:

Beta Soy: Can I ask you a question? Can I ask you a question? Can I ask you a question?

British Woman: Ask your question.

Beta Soy: Are you Biologist?

British Woman: Oh please. Don’t be ridiculous. I’m not a vet but I know what a dog is.

The Stark Naked Brief @StarkNakedBrief

Kelly-Jay Keen clashes with an activist ahead of transgender swimmer Lia Thomas’ victory at the NCAA women’s swimming championship…

“Are you a biologist?”

“I’m not a vet, but I know what a dog is… You rely on stupid arguments because you don’t have an argument.”


Less than a week later in the corrupted halls of the United States Senate the same appeal to credentialism was used by a potential Supreme Court Appointee in the Twenty-First century who is also a woman yet who refused to provide a definition for woman.

When asked to define a woman, she simply couldn’t do it. Why? Because she is not a Biologist. @townhallcom

Senator Blackburn: “Can you provide a definition for the word woman?”

Judge Jackson: “No. I can’t…I’m not a biologist.”


It’s up to the expert Biologist to define what a woman is now and if you are not a credentialed Biologist you simply aren’t allowed to even attempt it, with or without a dictionary. How long until the dictionary definitions of woman are altered or completely removed?

| | womb | wombat | womera |

I’d really hate to be a Biologist at a University these days. When a mob of students comes running to you to settle their Lia Thomas debate you might as well cancel that tenure appointment next semester because if you run afoul of the mob, you’ll be playing your oldies on the community college adjunct circuit until that social security check is no longer there to collect to not be able to make the mortgage payment on that double wide.

“Hi Professor Dingleberry, can you settle a dispute we’re having? They don’t think Lia Thomas is a woe-man. As a trained Biologist in pee pee parts can you set them straight please on the science?”

The elephant in the room instantly shape shifts into the snake in the speedos.

“Well students, the science isn’t settled on that.”

Tenure-track still on. Pfffew. That was a close one, right?

Trending on twitter three hours later: #FireProfDingleberry for Trans violence

Without a full throated with Adam’s apple endorsement of Lia Thomas as a woman, that Biology professor is done for. An entire field of captured scientists too afraid to speak up for the science without risking their jobs. The Great Pretenders of the twenty-first century ivory tower day care centers. How lonely that must be going from true scientist or aspiring scientist to great pretenders.

Oh yes I’m the great pretender (ooh ooh)
Pretending I’m doing well (ooh ooh)
My need is such I pretend too much
I’m lonely but no one can tell
Adrift in a world of my own (ooh ooh)
I play the game but to my real shame
Too real is this feeling of make believe
Too real when I feel what my heart can’t conceal

The university cult would argue here that Lia Thomas was tired of being a pretender too so he did something about it. And psychologically kudos to her, or him, she can be whomever he wants in this world, but he has no right to ruin women’s sports in the process even if it was up to some feckless body of useless idiots at the NCAA testosterone limits committee. As Michael Savage used to say, “We don’t bend all of humanity into a pretzel to accommodate the mentally confused .1%.” Apparently, now we do. Tough luck women.

The silence of the lambs is only outdone by the silence of the feminists. Remember when feminists had balls?

It tucks the thing into the lady’s swimsuit or else it jumps to the top 500 again.

Presumably the scientific chicanery goes both ways. When discussing climate alarmism with the cult followers of chicken little doomsday climate “science” one can simply ask, are you a climatologist? Better yet, paleo climatologist? Most wouldn’t even know the difference.

One doesn’t have to play the parlor games of infantile deviants and cult adherents. We know where that road ends and it’s not far from Pol Pot’s killing fields. It all may seem quaint and silly to deny basic sexual biology for aquatic events but where does this bloodied brick road end?

What horrors will become justified when altered science is all in the name of saving the planet from humanity. We are seeing first hand with injectable bioweapons and sudden death.

Just wait until they get Alexandria Occasional-Cortex and that little Swedish Autist who never even went to school to activate the Green Borg to move on beef eating monster truck driving heretics. They’re going to make the triple vaxxed Covidian Borg and the Ukrainian Borg look like porcelain dolls. Mao will wish his little red guard were half as efficient. Fly larvae eating struggle sessions and climate lockdowns will be just the starter dishes.

And all the experts of all the Universities will go along with it just like they did the clot shot mandates for students (not for them) and all other unscientific dictates of inhumane treatment because they have already been sufficiently reeducated. All of them submitting to cult orthodoxies, now a prerequisite for job security.

Speaking out at all about anything at Universities in the west requires one be willing to do some tucking of their own and hit the bricks. Professional and salary consequences are the only rewards for courage at this utterly failing institution of western decadence and nihilism, these corrupted taxpayer subsidized day care centers formerly known as academies.

How long until the first mass shooting at a university is done by a Professor? Shocking if they don’t start at the diversity and inclusion offices and move quickly for the rectors and boards instituting all the insanity. Though students could be ripe targets for retribution as well, the little whiners have been given all the rope to hang these once honorable places. Children of the quad corn.

Never underestimate the potential carnage of a man who has watched his chosen scientific profession be so thoroughly debased and soiled, his professional dignity undermined by emotionally incontinent entitled bedwetters. Never underestimate anything about a man who has been pushed to his limits with nothing to lose. It’ll be just before his tenure appointment because he’s under investigation for pronoun misuse or misgendering or some other matter of complete idiocy which could get him fired.

Maybe there haven’t been any yet because global management planned for this too and that’s why they poisoned the food and air and lowered Testosterone levels for three generations, to keep the professors from shooting the cultists who make them deny the science to keep their jobs. What a degrading position to be in as a great pretender.

The point is as clear as Lia Thomas’ foreskin in a wet speedo contest: Appeal to authority is increasingly being weaponized by corrupted “experts” who adhere to their ideological made up “science” to further that civilizational ending agenda. Assimilate to the cult or you are committing violence under their new definition and will be branded with the appropriate -obics and -ist labels.

No Professors will stand up for the rest of us, for the truth, for science, for women. Certainly not enough to make a difference and those that do will have to pack their things and go start a Substack or podcast. They’ll be slandered a “right wing bigot” and “white supremacist” in the process. Their vacant office will be filled by an obedient expert who will submit to “the science” that’s required to keep the job. An eager great pretender, no doubt an expert in Lesbian Aztecan child sacrifice dance theory, a much needed void to fill in the new “History” department.

It puts the Aztecan baby in the science fire or it gets the community college adjunct circuit again.

A new dark ages of scientific sacrifices for constructivist and relativist superstitions preferred by the collectivist mob of mentally challenged safety first cultists is in full swing from the halls of universities-cum-daycare centers to the United States Congress, and soon the bench of the Supreme Court. To think they’re just getting warmed up. When this Borg hits 88 miles per hour you’re gonna see some serious shit.

Until then see you at the fly larvae eating struggle sessions Good Citizens.

Don’t forget your “I Heart Greta” shirts.

How dare, you!

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