The Russia, China, Zionist Israel Partnership And The “Great Reset” Conspiracy Among Nation-States? by Gary D. Barnett

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May 2, 2022

“Start believing in conspiracies, because those who have the power conspire, and they keep their power by having people not believing in conspiracies.”
Maria Karvouni

The planned escalation of the Russia/Ukraine false flag ‘war’ has been used to do great damage around the world; all of which was plotted and known beforehand. One aspect of this coup that is being overlooked, although some have been exposing this obvious collusion, is the relationship between Russia, China, and the Zionist state of Israel. This aspect of the intentional buildup of this staged conflict has received little reporting, and of course as always, this has been by design. What these global relationships, plotted global cooperation, and simultaneous actions reveal, is a vast global conspiracy where all participants act as one over and over again. This is not only unnatural, but impossible without prearranged complicity. This is the literal definition of conspiracy.

The U.S. has built the China system for decades, the U.S. helped rebuild Russia (Soviet Union) after WWII during the Cold War (and long before), funded and supplied the materials to build Russia’s nuclear arsenal, supported Putin early on, and has given aid over time to Zionist Israel of a quarter of a trillion dollars; this the admitted amount, which could certainly be higher. In addition, the U.S. has been the most major supporter of Israel and its deadly policies for decades, and its closest ally. With this in mind, Israel’s allegiance is currently to China and Russia, as the new world order is being constructed right before our eyes. Recently, Israel’s central bank chose sides, and added Chinese Yuan to its holdings, while cutting its supply of U.S. dollars. Israel and Russia now hold the switch to Europe’s gas supply, but there is much complicity among all the major players in this game of global control, including that of the U.S. and Israel, and this makes for ‘seemingly’ strange bedfellows. Are all these nation states seemingly opposing forces, or could this be a sign that Israel is aligning itself with new allies in order to facilitate the planned destruction of the West in favor of a prime seat at the new table of power?

The advancement of evil agendas requires ignorance and complacency by the masses, so that only the official ‘narrative’ is considered. This at once breeds contempt for indisputable evidence to the contrary, and therefore demands that all real conspiracy be viewed with extreme skepticism by the majority. That is why monumental censorship is now rampant. This attitude can be caused to exist by state collaborative efforts to induce mass apprehension among the people at large, and this it seems, has been an easy task to achieve. The arguments against the idea of conspiracy are not arguments at all, but simply bombastic refutation without merit; so much so as to gain the ability to completely avoid the truth by causing the sheep to hide from it. This tactic is not new, and has existed throughout history, but in today’s world, it is the norm, not the exception. This is exactly what has been sought by the state, and exactly what has been achieved.

The Russia/Ukraine situation is just one example of this strategy, but consider the far-reaching and terroristic effects of this undeniable plot, as it coincides perfectly with the ‘Great Reset’ agendas. Some of the predictions (goals), stated by the World Economic Forum (WEF) concerning its 2030 agenda, are being realized due to the set-up called the Russia/Ukraine war. That agenda has been blatantly pursued, and telegraphed openly for years.

“All products will have become services.” In other words, you will own nothing, you will have no privacy, and you will be happy. In order for this to work, the elimination of a large number of the common people will have to be achieved.

“There will be a global price on carbon.“ Due to this staged conflict, energy prices have soared, supply lines have been extremely hampered or shut down, especially in Europe, and so-called ‘renewable energy sources’ are being expanded. Carbon reduction has new life, as Europe is to become the center of production of renewables, as ‘fossil fuels’ are a thing of the past. This will lead directly to less energy, rationing, and total control over energy in a selection process based on behavior, or put another way, the promotion and implementation of the ‘climate change’ agenda. This will lead to a social credit system that will be pursued based on total compliance with all state mandates.

U.S. dominance will end as a handful of global powers take charge. “Nation states will remain the central players. There will be no single hegemonic force but instead a handful of countries – the U.S., Russia, China, Germany, India and Japan chief among them – exhibiting semi-imperial tendencies.” And it is now necessary to add Israel and the UK to this list of the top tier corrupt and nefarious nation-states as well. The end of U.S. dominance will be complete with the destruction of the dollar in favor of digitized global currencies, although the U.S. heads will certainly remain in a major place of power.

“Farewell hospital; hello home-spital.” “Who needs a hospital when you can prevent or treat conditions from the comfort of your home? The global burden of disease is largely vascular, with heart attacks and strokes the biggest cause of death around the world, and therefore preventable with a better understanding of risk factors. Rates of traumatic injury are falling and will continue to decline as we introduce driverless cars and robot workers for risky tasks. By 2030, the very nature of disease will be further disrupted by technology. So disrupted, in fact, that we might have a whole lot fewer diseases to manage. The fourth industrial revolution will ensure that humans live longer and healthier lives, so that the hospitals of the future will become more like NASCAR pit-stops than inescapable black holes.” This notion is more based on the recent fake pandemic frauds, which were purposely left out of the above quote, but those are not going away. Death by ‘pandemic’ (bio-weapon injections), has only just begun. These false flag events are also tied directly to the Russia/Ukraine situation, as they further the state’s agendas simultaneously.

Eating much ‘less’ meat and lab-created food sources will evolve. This manufactured crisis is being purposely advanced to create food shortages due to the Ukraine situation–“So our diets may be more veg and fruit, whole grains and vegetarian food or new alternatives (soya products, or perhaps insects or artificial meat), and less fried and sugary things.” This will include the ‘fortification’ (biofortification and bio-engineering), where food is engineered artificially and biologically, as a reformulation of all current foods sold (propagandized) to the public as a ‘healthy’ alternative to real food.

These are only a handful of objectives sought by the evil cabal attempting to rule over the world. Due to this particular scam in Ukraine, manufactured food shortages have suddenly exploded worldwide, oil and gas inflation have been extraordinary, energy shortages abound, supply line disruption and elimination are evident, price inflation is unconstrained, and monetary chaos has been forthcoming.

As noted on multiple occasions by this writer, everything that happens, every threat, every new ‘claimed’ emergency, every warning of war, terror, or danger; in fact, every utterance by the state actors, should be disbelieved, discarded, refused and seen as lies. Nothing is natural, nothing is accidental; all is planned long beforehand, and all is only meant to advance power and control over society, in order to structure a vast technocratic system of mind and body control, so that the few can claim an autocratic and satanic master-race dictatorship over the common man.

The all-consuming collusion between ‘competing’ and ‘non-competing’ nation-states around the world should be a wake-up call to any who possess even a modicum of intelligence. This is conspiracy at every level, and regardless of the players involved, whether ‘claimed’ enemies or not, regardless of the inconsistencies, and regardless of the individual state narratives, disregard the hype entirely, and only look at the obvious and not so obvious complicity among the most powerful nations. Global unity and global participation at these levels can only mean that all are working as one to the extreme detriment of the rest of all societies. This is no time for apathetic behavior, cowardice, or indifference. It is only a time for individual courage, personal responsibility, and a complete disregard of all propaganda; meaning a complete disregard for anything that cannot be proven as absolute fact.

“They only let us live in millions for the sake of the economy. I don’t know what will happen by the time they figure out how to run the economy without the people”
Bangambiki Habyarimana, The Great Pearl of Wisdom

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