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Buy This Pillow And Change Your Unhappy Life by Jeff Thomas

In all cases, some major event pushes the populace over the edge. Whether it’s a market crash, a war that has cost untold lives, or even a virus whose severity has been overdramatized and manipulated, when offered the miracle pillow, Boobus humanus has an extraordinary predilection for reaching out and grabbing it.

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Do This Before Politicians Make You Pay Your “Fair Share”

Jeff Thomas: The most direct answer is that, if they’re going to survive the situation with their skin on, they’re going to have to rethink the way they hold on to wealth. But more broadly, they’re going to need to understand that the crisis that’s headed their way is not going to look the same […]

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Living In The Roach Motel by Jeff Thomas

In our formative years, we were led to believe that governments exist to serve the people, but as we matured, we (hopefully) came to realise that this is not at all the case. Governments by their very nature, are parasitic. They produce nothing and live off wealth created by the electorate. In order to advance […]

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Why The Police Must Be Removed from The Equation by Jeff Thomas

In America, no one likes the police… not really. There are many, perhaps even half of Americans, who conceptually support the idea of the police, but virtually no one likes what the police have become.