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May 20, 2022

Woke Archive With 168 Posts

The Strength Of The Wolf
Reevaluating relationships in our post-plandemic world.
The world is changing fast. Most people can’t keep up. How many friends do you see that have kept up? How many friends do you see, who if you sat down and talked about the past two years would say without hesitation it was all a complete scam engineered to give more power to governments and to test how obedient and subservient populations would be? How many friends would call it a depopulation event? A dress rehearsal for what Bill Gates publically calls the “next one”? He says the “next one” will be far worse. He would know.
How many friends wouldn’t soil themselves if out of the blue you said at a dinner party, “You know Jim and Sally, don’t you find it astonishing that Gates, Daszak, and Fauci still aren’t swinging from piano wire at the Jefferson memorial? Yeah, I’ll go check on the beyond brisket.”
Wolf packs are real friends in the true meaning of the word. The ones who will be there at four in the morning, at a moment’s notice if shit hits the fan. Everyone who wants to navigate the minefields of Agenda 30 should be part of a wolf pack in a community that will rally together when things get challenging and provide the support systems needed for survival. This shouldn’t be considered doomsday prophesizing advice any longer. If you’ve been paying attention you’ll know this is just common sense now.
by Good Citizen

Live Updates: Ukrainian Forces Continue To Shell Donbass – DPR
In February, Russia launched a special military operation in Ukraine after the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s republics asked for help to fend off intensifying attacks by Ukrainian troops. Russia’s Defence Ministry said the operation is intended solely to dismantle Ukraine’s military infrastructure and to demilitarise and de-Nazify the country. Russian armed forces and Donetsk and Lugansk People’s republics militias continue to make advances in their special military operation, pressing Ukrainian forces back from Donbass.
A total of 1,730 Ukrainian militants from the Azov neo-Nazi battalion, who had been holed up in the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol for the past several weeks, have surrendered over the past days, the Russian defence ministry said. Earlier, the Russian Defence Ministry said that an agreement has been reached with the Ukrainian military at Azovstal to transfer the wounded troops from the steel plant to a medical facility in the Donetsk People’s Republic.
by Sputnik News

Blind Trust
Incompetent elites leading the public into debt, off to war and over the cliff
Another news story yesterday showed Janet Yellen visiting a food kitchen in Warsaw and sympathizing with the refugees, the displaced persons, the widows and orphans. “Please stop the war…” said one. But Ms. Yellen wasn’t there to stop the war, but to keep it going as long as possible. She was drumming up support – if any were needed – for the $40 billion in aid – so the Ukrainians can keep fighting. Trust the experts? The ones in suits? The ones who aren’t deplorable? Who earn more than we do… and know better than we do? But what if the experts are paid to give the wrong answers? What if the ‘western’ elite has turned into a parasitic aristocracy… a nomenklatura… looking out for itself, at the expense of the general public? What if their silly modls caused the worst inflation in 40 years… got a million people killed in pointless wars since 1999… and now threaten civilization as we know it? Hmmm…
by Bill Bonner

Global Pollution Kills 9 Million People A Year, Study Finds
A new study blames pollution of all types for 9 million deaths a year globally, with the death toll attributed to dirty air from cars, trucks and industry rising 55% since 2000. That increase is offset by fewer pollution deaths from primitive indoor stoves and water contaminated with human and animal waste, so overall pollution deaths in 2019 are about the same as 2015.
The United States is the only fully industrialized country in the top 10 nations for total pollution deaths, ranking 7th with 142,883 deaths blamed on pollution in 2019, sandwiched between Bangladesh and Ethiopia, according to a new study in the journal The Lancet Planetary Health. Tuesday’s pre-pandemic study is based on calculations derived from the Global Burden of Disease database and the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation in Seattle. India and China lead the world in pollution deaths with nearly 2.4 million and almost 2.2 million deaths a year, but the two nations also have the world’s largest populations.
by Seth Borenstein

US Sanctions On Iran Are Illegal Under International Law: UN Special Rapporteur
The UN official noted that decades of sanctions have mainly affected the low-income section of Iranian society
UN Special Rapporteur Alena Douhan has said that the US must lift economic sanctions on Iran due to the negative impact they have on the Iranian people. “I call on the United States to abandon unilateral sanctions,” the UN special rapporteur told a press conference in Tehran on 17 May. Douhan went further, saying that the application of “extra-territorial sanctions on Iranian companies or companies working with Iran or paying Iran in dollars is illegal under international law.”
The UN official said she would address her concerns over the legality of US sanctions in her final report, to be published at a later date. Commenting on Iran’s frozen assets abroad, the UN official said the assets – estimated to be around $120 billion – need to be unblocked. Douhan urged states that have seized the funds of the Iranian Central Bank to immediately release them in line with international law.
by News Desk

May 19 2022

Anthony Fauci Archive With 295 Posts

ACH (1792) Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson – Why The IMF And World Bank Want To Crash The World’s Economy (Audio 56:18)
In today’s show originally broadcast on May 19 2022, Andy is joined by Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson for a show entitled, “Why The IMF And World Bank Want To Crash The World’s Economy.”
We discussed: how “The Great Reset” has taken the place of the New World Order; the fake economic growth figures of the West; why the massive depression is just getting started; how the rampant inflation is literally forcing people into abject poverty; Belarusian President Lukashenko’s claim that the IMF and World Bank offered him One Billion Dollars to impose extreme lockdowns on his people, force them to wear face masks, impose very strict curfews, impose a Police State, and crash the economy; the powerful psychological element of subjugation that face masks represent for those who are forced to wear them; why the Buffalo Shooter’s manifesto looks unlikely to be genuine; and many other topics.
by ACHitchcock

Courts Overturn Covid – #NewWorldNextWeek (23:25)
Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week on the New World Next Week: courts around the world strike down biosecurity mandates, orders and overreach; gene therapy for heart attacks looms on the biomedical horizon; and the breast milk crisis puts the Q in biomilq.

US Miscounts Population, Costing One Party Congress Seats And Funding
Census admits overcounts as high as 6.8% and undercounts up to 5%
The US Census Bureau has released a report revealing significant population miscounts in 14 states – only after the erroneous figures were used to divvy up congressional representation and federal funding parameters for the next decade. Net overcounts ranged as high as 6.8%, for Hawaii, while the biggest undercount was 5%, in Arkansas, according to a follow-up survey that was released by the Census Bureau on Thursday. All but one of the seven states with overcounts exceeding 2% are controlled by Democrats. All four states with undercounts exceeding 2% are controlled by Republicans. About one in 20 residents of Arkansas and Tennessee weren’t counted in the 2020 census. Undercounts also were large enough in Florida and Texas – at 3.5% and 1.9%, respectively – to cost the two states congressional seats.
by RT

65% Of Americans Have Woken Up, They Won’t Take Any More Covid Injections
18% of Americans refused all Covid injections. 11% refused the second dose. 36% took the initial series and refused the booster. Add those together and you have 65% of the country that said: “No more!” Now the 65% of Americans that are awake need to save the pre-schoolers from these fiendish injections. ~ Dr. Meryl Nass, May 13, 2022.
he New York Times (“NYT”) provides daily updates from the CDC on the numbers vaccinated. While nothing that comes out of the CDC’s mouth is necessarily reliable, I am presenting the official numbers below. But it is certainly possible that the numbers of the unvaccinated or partially vaccinated are even higher than presented here. Pay close attention to the numbers.
257.6 million (of a total of 334 million Americans) got at least one dose of the vaccine. That is 77% of the country. If you remove the 0 through 4-year-olds, it is 82% of those eligible by age for the vaccine. It seems like the vast majority of Americans went along with the vaccine program.
But Not for Long
A surprising 15% of the initially vaccinated (and 11% of all Americans) never went back for their second shot. That is huge. There is no other vaccine where such a high percentage fails to complete a 2 dose series. So, if you add together the 18% who refused any shot and the 11% (of all Americans) who refused to complete the initial series, you are up to 29% vaccine refusers and ex-vaxxers who did not get “fully vaccinated,” using CDC’s terminology.
by Rhoda Wilson

Report, JP Morgan Predicts National Average Gasoline Prices Over $6 Gallon By August
Zero Hedge published a good article yesterday with some solid internal data showing a strong likelihood that national gasoline prices are likely to rise another 40% from current levels by mid-late summer. That would put the national average for a gallon of gasoline around $6.20 by August. The data behind the prediction is solid and essentially boils down to the U.S. refineries not having the expanded capacity needed to keep up with an increased summer demand, particularly as they need to keep generating high volumes of diesel fuel due to current critical shortages.
The issues are created by the Biden administration and the regulatory stranglehold they put on the oil and gas industry last year. Obviously, all of this is a feature of the administration plan, not a flaw. The Green New Deal agenda necessarily requires that gasoline rise in price to $7/gal this year in order to force the change in profit dynamic for alternative fueled transportation. Unfortunately, we the consumers will be the ones punished as the progressive, communist and far-left policy makers chase their climate change agenda. Cheap and cost-effective energy has to be made ‘not cheap’ and ‘not cost-effective’ in order to create the energy crisis their agenda requires.
by Sundance

Is Palestinian Resistance Leading To The Israeli Government’s Collapse?
Although Israel’s ruling coalition, led by Premier Naftali Bennett, has managed to cling on to power, for now, his government is proving too weak and ineffective to sustain itself long term. In the midst of this political crisis in Israeli politics is the more obvious crisis in the eyes of the international community, the oppression of the Palestinians. Naftali Bennett, the current Israeli Prime Minister, is in a tricky predicament, having lost his parliamentary majority in the Knesset and incurring non-stop attempts by the Israeli opposition to drop his government. For those currently unaware, Bennett’s government is no usual Israeli ruling coalition, in fact, in order for him to take power last year he and many of those that agreed to form the current coalition sacrificed their political bases to do so.
The Israeli Likud Party, headed by Benjamin Netanyahu, is by far the biggest single party and its leader is the most popular to the Jewish Israeli voting public. Yet, as is always the case, in order to form a government in Israel you are going to be required to work together with other parties in order to make such a regime work. After what seemed to have been an endless cycle of elections, Netanyahu’s Likud had again come away with the most seats in the Knesset, but was unable to form a government. Following a failed attempt to crush the Palestinian resistance, in Gaza and throughout Palestine, during May of 2021, a coalition of Israeli parties agreed to come together in a unity government.
by Robert Inlakesh

The TV Man Is Not Your Friend: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix
It’s very cute how empire apologists talk about driving Putin from Ukraine so there can be peace, like that’s a real thing. Like if it happened the war would just stop, and the US alliance wouldn’t with absolute certainty continue the attack and work to topple Moscow by any means necessary.
There’s zero reason to take on faith the MSM narrative that Ukraine is kicking Putin’s ass and victory is imminent, but even if that did happen there’d be less than zero reason to believe the fighting would stop there. If anything it would get much more dangerous from that point.
This doesn’t end with Russia leaving Ukraine, it ends with Putin being replaced with a Yeltsin-like US vassal and the eventual balkanization of the Russian Federation. Really it doesn’t end until Beijing has been subverted and the US empire secures total global hegemony. Or when the empire collapses. Or when we all get nuked and die. Empire apologists don’t even really deny this.
by Caitlin Johnstone

Award Winning German Author Expresses Deep Concerns About Mass Immigration
“While respecting other cultures, I would still like to keep my own.”
A famous German author criticized his country’s open borders immigration policy, asserting, “while respecting other cultures, I would still like to keep my own.” Award winning writer and physician, Uwe Tellkamp made the comments during an interview with Süddeutsche Zeitung in which he expressed concern about Germany’s demographic future in light of mass migration. Tellkamp, who lived under communist rule in the former East Germany, asserted that he isn’t xenophobic, but that “while respecting other cultures, I would still like to keep my own.” “I don’t want to be like Frankfurt, I don’t want to see the situation in Frankfurt,” said Tellkamp, referring to the German city where a majority of the population are not native Germans. The author also complained that the media had unfairly smeared Pegida members who protested against mass migration as Nazis and extremists.
by Paul Joseph Watson

Bill Gates And The Coordinated Campaign For Nasal Spray Vaccines
As we saw a few weeks ago, Bill Gates is subtly annoyed at our SARS-2 mRNA vaccines. They have to be kept cold, which makes them third-world unfriendly. They’re not very good at inducing mucosal immunity, which makes them bad at stopping infection. They require trained needle-wielding “vaccinators”1, which is an extra step that limits uptake. What would please this unelected omnipresent merchant of nuclear-grade charitable benevolence the most, is a nasal spray vaccine, like they had in the movie Contagion. Gates really liked that film. They just snorted the vaccine, and then the virus went away.
Why can’t we have vaccines like they have in the movies, Gates wants to know? Well, perhaps we can. Two weeks after Gates made his wishes known, a curious guest essay appeared in the New York Times: The Answer to Stopping the Coronavirus May be Up Your Nose. The vaccines are great, says essay author and Yale immunobiologist Akiko Iwasaki. Only, nasal spray vaccines would be even better. Our current vaccines are bad at inducing mucosal immunity. Also, the “barrier … for a needle shot” is probably higher than the barrier for inhaling things.
by eugyppius

World Bank To Receive $450 Million To Start Pandemic Preparedness Fund
“We’re increasing our support for [a] new pandemic preparedness and global health security fund that will be established at the World Bank this summer with $450 million in seed funding,” Joe Biden announced at the second Global COVID Summit. Vice President Kamala Harris also said that the US would work to “shape new international norms” on pandemic-related issues. WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom confirmed this and continued, reminding others in attendance that the WHO is still drafting its pandemic treaty.
“At the World Health Assembly this month, WHO will present a plan to strengthen the global architecture for health emergency preparedness response and resilience,” said Tedros Adhanom. “This includes the creation of a financial intermediary fund to support equitable access to life-saving tools in the face of future epidemics and pandemics.” During the COVID Summit, other world leaders confirmed that they’re in favour of strengthening the WHO after reiterating that “the pandemic is not over” — even though it clearly is.
by TCS Wire

“Apocalyptic” Warnings On Food Shortages And Financial Upheaval As Riots Break Out In Sri Lanka And Iran
I think I have read the word “apocalyptic” used to describe the immediate future more than I have ever seen before, suggesting that the world is now on the brink of chaos. Here are two headlines that were in my newsfeed today, on May 17, 2022: “Bank of England Governor Warns of ‘Apocalyptic’ Food Shortages” “Mood On Wall Street Has Never Been More Apocalyptic” One of the countries that has been especially hard hit with massive riots where soldiers were ordered to shoot protesters, is Sri Lanka. Mahinda Rajapaksa, the brother of sitting President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, resigned last week after violent protests, and the country is on the brink of total disaster. Protests have also happened in Iran due to rising costs of food, and the government responded by actually shutting down the Internet so people could not communicate with each other. Are you ready for the “apocalyptic” future?
by Brian Shilhavy

Torture In Ukraine – Harrowing Testimony From Journalist Laurent Brayard (Video 42:12)
English speaking torture experts, Azov savagery and Satanic ritual
Stratpol (pro-Russian media) recently interviewed Laurent Brayard, a French journalist and pro-Donbass activist who has been collecting testimonies of Ukraine’s prison survivors: militiamen, spies or innocent passerby, the stories he collected shed a new light on the historical roots of the ongoing conflict, and the methods used by Ukrainians since 2014. What is most horrifying albeit entirely expected – the Red Cross and UN appear to be totally aware of these horrors yet have done nothing. WARNING: Distressing content.
by Vanessa Beeley

Michael Walsh Veteran Guest Of The World’s Airwaves
In today’s inspiring programme, Michael Walsh the veteran anti-corruption campaigner focuses on his CITIZENS INITIATIVE manifesto. In his Program for Change, he sets out a short set of proposals that would have the effect of pouring drain cleaner into the swamps of European Union (and British) parliaments.
It is very important that the brief summary of regime-changing proposals carries a reminder that the manifesto’s recommendations, which can be read over a coffee, are not copyrighted. All organisations striving for an end to political corruption are urged to adopt or adapt in their entirety or part of the summary of proposals.
by Michael Walsh

The Department Store Of Negotiation
Some extraterrestrial civilization observing Earth would have issued a report to home base: “The planet is inhabited by different types of people who, basically, don’t get along with each other. They never will. Earth is some sort of mixed bag. Their elites have decided to build a single race out of this mish-mash, through propaganda, mind control, and biological experimentation. That program is destructive, and it won’t work.” The actual solution is a functioning Earth department of negotiation. But not a government entity. So I call it a department store.—Many people at work cooking up ways for people who basically don’t get along to negotiate with each other. The subject has never been explored as extensively as it needs to be.
by Jon Rappoport

We’re Fighting A Ruinous Proxy War – But For Which ‘Sort’ Of Ukrainians?
SINCE the invasion of Ukraine, we have seen how effective our free world is in marketing. The art of attaching emotions to symbols is the basic method of propaganda, be that to sell products or policies, which was created by people such as American political commentator Walter Lippmann and public relations guru Edward Bernays in the 1920s. A frenzy of outrage has been conjured over a country and on behalf of its people. Yet this is how the Ukrainian government sees its own people … In case you were not aware, according to the Ukrainian regime, there are three sorts of Ukrainian. When we speak of ‘the people of Ukraine’ and their rights, bear that in mind.
by Frank Wright

First Animals Developed Complex Ecosystems Before The Cambrian Explosion
Early animals formed complex ecological communities more than 550 million years ago, setting the evolutionary stage for the Cambrian explosion, according to a study by Rebecca Eden, Emily Mitchell, and colleagues at the University of Cambridge, UK, publishing May 17th in the open-access journal PLOS Biology. The first animals evolved towards the end of the Ediacaran period, around 580 million years ago. However, the fossil record shows that after an initial boom, diversity declined in the run-up to the dramatic burgeoning of biodiversity in the so-called “Cambrian explosion” nearly 40 million years later. Scientists have suggested this drop in diversity is evidence of a mass extinction event roughly 550 million years ago—possibly caused by an environmental catastrophe—but previous research has not investigated the structure of these ancient ecological communities.
by Public Library of Science

American Airlines Captain Robert Snow Speaks Out About His Vaccine Injury (1:01:25)
He nearly died right after landing the plane. He’s pissed that they forced him to take a vaccine he never wanted. Now he’s talking about what happened. I talked to him right after he left the hospital
by Steve Kirsch

Bending Benford, Part 1
Appreciating Mathematical Beauty Volume 3
“Democracy is based upon the conviction that there are extraordinary possibilities in ordinary people.”
Harry Emerson Fosdick
And I believe that [that there are extraordinary possibilities in ordinary people]. I believe that confederations and democracies of power are important for other reasons, some of which are simply game theoretic in nature. I also believe that equilibria break and that challenges the human spirit and species to rise to a higher form. We can’t just wish for goodness the same way we cannot wish for bandits not to ride down from the hills and take the crops. We must repeatedly address the incentive structures, and our investment in the framework is a misunderstood technology.
by Mathew Crawford

Gender And Sexuality Art Club (22:10)
Erin Lee sits down with Jon Caldara to share how her 12-year-old daughter was emotionally harmed during a school sponsored art club.
The inmates are actually running the asylum. Colorado school teaches children they are all queer to some extent and to keep this secret from their parents. Teacher invites 11 thru 13 year olds to an ‘art club’ that turns out to be a gender and sexuality awareness meeting.. At the so called ‘art class’ the teacher tells the students that if they are not 100% comfortable with their body, it means they are transgender [ bi-sexual or queer ] and then pushed the kids to accept that as true and act accordingly.
The children were taught that there is not such things as a true straight person – that everyone was to some extent gender fluid / queer. They also asked these children to disclose to the presenter who they were most attracted to. They also informed these children about a Colorado law that allowed children 12 and olcder to get sex related medical therapy without their parents consent. The children were also told that they must keep all this secret from their parents because their parents were their enemy and could not be trusted. A parent that found out tried to get answers and was stone walled.

Circuit Court Of Appeals To Consider The Argument That Florida’s Vaccine Passport Ban Is Somehow A Free Speech Violation
The hearing takes place this week.
A legal dispute involving the state of Florida and Miami-headquartered US company Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL), one of the largest cruise lines in the world, has somehow resulted in a federal judge deeming a ban on vaccine passports as a First Amendment, i.e., free speech violation. Last August, US District Judge Kathleen Williams ruled in favor of Norwegian, who sued Florida over the state’s decision to prohibit Covid vaccine passports, in a bid to lift pandemic-related restrictions.
However, the cruise line wanted to be able to mandate that passengers must provide proof of vaccination, and sued, with the case resulting in the judge finding that the Florida law that bans businesses from denying service to unvaccinated customers was a “content-based speech restriction” because it concerns documentation, but still lets businesses ask for different types of information, including customers’ vaccination status.
Florida is now appealing the ruling before the 11th US Circuit Court, which will consider the filing on Wednesday. Legal representatives of the administration of Governor Ron DeSantis reject the idea that the law in question had anything to do with the First Amendment, calling it instead an economic regulation.
by Didi Rankovic

Russia Might Shred WHO Agreements
Please shred
A list of agreements between the Russian Federation and international organizations for consideration for their denunciation has been sent to the State Duma, said the vice speaker of the lower house, Pyotr Tolstoy. “The Foreign Ministry has sent a list of such agreements to the State Duma, and together with the Federation Council we plan to analyze them and propose to denounce them,” Tolstoy said on Tuesday in the upper house. “Russia withdrew from the Council of Europe, now the next step is to withdraw from the WTO (World Trade Organization) and WHO (World Health Organization), which have neglected all obligations towards our country,” Tolstoy added. “There is work to be done to revise our international obligations, treaties, which today bring not benefit, but direct damage to our country,” the parliamentarian said.
by Edward Slavsquat

FDA approves boosters for 5-11 year olds
but doubling down until infinity is not much of a plan…
here is nothing particularly astonishing about this FDA approval. they have been rubber stamping covid vaccine boosters without any real review all along. yet again, they failed to empanel or ask an advisory board or do any meaningful clinical outcomes work. (likely in no small part due to how against this sort of approval in near zero risk populations the FDA panels were last time. best way to prevent bad panel review? don’t allow one.)
this is just more assumptive biomarker work to inflict yet another round of failed and failing mRNA drugs onto a population that had such deep negative net benefit to risk from these products that approving them for kids in the first place should have been a non-starter.
by el gato malo

Iran Seizes Foreign Tanker Smuggling 550,000 Liters Of Fuel
According to estimates, in 2021 between seven and 10 million liters of fuel and crude oil were smuggled out of Iran
Iranian media reported on 18 May that the country’s navy had seized a foreign tanker attempting to smuggle fuel out of Iran in the second smuggling operation foiled within a week. “A foreign ship, carrying 550,000 liters of smuggled fuel, was seized in the waters of the Persian Gulf … the smuggled fuel was seized and seven crew members arrested,” the judiciary chief of Hormozgan province, Mojtaba Ghahremani, told state media. He did not disclose the nationalities of the suspects.
Ghahremani said that Iran’s operational forces and naval vessels escorted the foreign ship to port, and then handed it over to judicial authorities for legal proceedings and investigation. According to Ghahremani, two other tankers were seized on 13 May and six of their crew members were arrested.
by News Desk

Ongoing Surrender “On Far Bigger Scale Than Kyiv Has Acknowledged” At Azovstal
Russia’s defense ministry has now revised the numbers of Ukrainian fighters to have emerged from the besieged Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol upward to more than 1,700 soldiers that have left the plant. A new Reuters headline has stressed that there’s ongoing “silence from Kyiv” as the surrender is on a much larger than expected scale: Moscow said on Thursday that 1,730 Ukrainian fighters had surrendered in Mariupol over three days, including 771 in the past 24 hours, claiming a surrender on a far bigger scale than Kyiv has acknowledged since ordering its garrison to stand down.
by Tyler Durden

The Fed’s Asylum
$40 billion for the Ukraine, Powell’s reappointment and more from the Incompetents Hall of Fame…
The make-believe battle between the two wings of the ruling class – ‘conservative’ and ‘liberal’… Republican and Democrat – occupies the press and satisfies the public. But when push comes to shove, both wings of the Deep, Deep State flap together. They carry the elite aloft… and leave ‘the people’ behind. In both acts of Congress last week, Republicans and Democrats acted in unison… and solemnly voted to rip off the public. In the first instance, the American public has no real interest in the country where Hunter Biden earned $50,000 per month. Surely it is a coincidence that this very same country is now getting more in US aid than any other country in the world. Indeed, the Ukraine is now getting twice as much as the next biggest rathole – Israel. But much of the money ends up in good hands – the US ‘defense’ industry. And keeping the war going is also a priority because it helps distract the public from inflation, which was caused by Congress and the Fed.
Markets correct mistakes. Politics, rarely. In the Incompetents Hall of Fame are the generals who led America’s 20-year losing war in Afghanistan; they are treated with the respect normally reserved for successful people. There are the retired presidents, too – Bush, Obama, Trump. Despite their failures, they are rarely threatened by lynch mobs. Former Fed chiefs are there too. Greenspan, Bernanke, Yellen, Powell – together they helped cut the US growth rate in half… and multiplied US debt 5 times. And yet, they are still invited to give speeches; some – such as Janet Yellen – get to do even more damage as Secretary of the Treasury. And Powell? In Washington, he has street cred. With a $30 trillion debt, the feds are going to need a lot more inflation in the years ahead; Powell may be a cretinous counterfeit, but he’s proven he can do the job.
by Bill Bonner

May 18, 2022

Vaccine Passports Archive With 1,577 Posts

ACH (1790) Eric Gajewski – The TRADCATKNIGHT & ACH Show #20 – Why We’re Headed Towards The Summer Of Chaos… (Audio 58:01)
In today’s show originally broadcast on May 17 2022, Andy co-hosts, “The TRADCATKNIGHT & ACH Show,” with Eric Gajewski, for a show entitled, “Why We’re Headed Towards The Summer Of Chaos…”
We discussed: the big economic squeeze affecting us all; why we need to place faith over fear; the Buffalo Shooting and the potential fallout from that; the new plandemics being rolled out across the world; the AIDS epidemic in India; the ways in which the powers that should not be will attempt to unite humanity in order to bring about their World Government; the Catholic Prophecy that Russia will be used to chastise the world; the recent blood red sky and river in China; the blood moon over the weekend; the importance of making the most of every day; the elites attempt to open the gates of hell via CERN; and many other topics.
by ACHitchcock

Germ Warfare Interviews Joe Allen On Understanding Transhumanism (1:28:24)
Joe Allen is highly knowledgable on transhumanism and what it is and how it’s affecting humanity. Joe joined me for a conversation about: the definition of transhumanism; how transhumanism is interwoven into the fabric of modernity; why transhumanism matters; and what we can do to push back against transhumanism.

Charlie Robinson Interview – In A World Of Deceit, Questioning The Narrative Is A Revolutionary Act (Audio and Video)
Joining me today is Charlie Robinson, here to discuss — in rapid fire conversation format around numerous topics — the general insanity of the world (as driven into reality by the powers-that-shouldn’t be) and how truly obvious and ominous it has become.
by Ryan Cristián

Dow Closes 1,164 Points Down In Biggest Fall Since 2020
US stocks closed on Wednesday with their biggest loss in nearly two years. The crash comes amid fears the US economy could “overheat” this summer. The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) closed on Wednesday after losing 1,164.52 points, a 3.57% loss that took it to 31,490.07. The S&P 500 also fell dramatically, losing 165.17 points to close at 3,923.68 – a 4.04% loss. The Nasdaq Composite, an index heavily influenced by the information technology sector, suffered the worst loss of all: it lost 4.73% of its value, dropping 566.37 points to finish at 11,418.15. The last time the New York Stock Exchange saw such a dramatic loss was in June 2020, although the Dow suffered a 1,063-point loss on May 4 and the Nasdaq had been slipping for some time.
by Sputnick News

Sitrep Operation Z: NATO Surrenders In Azovstal
The New York Times prevaricates as follows: Ukraine ended its “combat mission” in Mariupol and said fighters were being evacuated, signaling that the battle at a steel plant was over. https://nyti.ms/3sIon9B Zelensky adds some Ukrainian/Cocainian dreams to that: “The evacuation mission from Azovstal continues. It is led by our military and intelligence officers.” (OK, Mr PianoDick, they’re being led straight into war criminal prison! – thank your military and intelligence officers for doing the job for the world!)
Dmitry Polyansky says it differently: “I didn’t know English has so many ways to express a single message: the #Azovnazis have unconditionally surrendered.” Nightfall did not stop the surrender process. Ukrainians are still surrendering in crowds without stopping. Sufficient forces to deal with this are on the terrain and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the DPR are kicking ass and taking prisoners. Illumination rockets are constantly launched into the sky, which at least somehow facilitates the crawling out of underground inhabitants 🙂 These invincible heroes are emaciated, ragged, hungry and a pitiful sight.
by Saker Staff with thanks to Pepe Escobar for that prescient title

Washington Hijacks ‘Collective Security Of EU’ To Serve Anti-Russia Strategy, Benefit From NATO Expansion
After Finland and Sweden formally submitted letters on Wednesday to join NATO, the new round of expansion of the US-led military alliance is very likely to be further strengthened, however this change will not reinforce the collective security of Europe, but will only benefit the US as Washington can only rebuild its declining hegemony upon keeping other regions intense or by instigating more conflicts, said analysts on Wednesday.
The nature of the Russia-Ukraine conflict is a strategic game between Moscow and Washington, and the fact proves that the conflict has created a new situation that harmed Ukraine, Russia and the rest of Europe, but only benefits the US. Now Washington wants to keep this situation so NATO continues to expand, and the result is that Russia will not compromise and relevant countries will not be more secure but could become the new frontlines that directly face the unpredictable Russia-US confrontation, experts noted.
by Yang Sheng and Liu Caiyu

‘I’m Wondering When We Voted To Go To War?’ – US Congressman
Chip Roy accused his fellow lawmakers of waging a “proxy war” so they can “look all fancy with our blue and yellow ribbons”
Congressman Chip Roy (R-Texas) has condemned House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer for stating that the US is “at war,” presumably with Russia. Roy hammered Democrats and Republicans alike for deepening America’s involvement in the Ukraine conflict in order to “feel good about ourselves.”
In a video clip posted by Roy’s press office on Wednesday, the Texas Republican took aim at Hoyer for declaring on Friday that the US is “at war,” and that critics of the Democratic Party should “focus on the enemy” instead of rising energy costs at home.
“When I hear the majority leader of the other party say ‘a time of war’…I’m wondering when we voted to go to war?” Roy said. “If we’re gonna have a proxy war, and we’re gonna give $40 billion to Ukraine, because we want to look all fancy with our blue and yellow ribbons and feel good about ourselves, maybe we should actually have a debate in this chamber,” he continued.
by RT

Here’s A Complete List Of The Differences Between Abortion And Murder
by BabylonBee.com

Don’t Worry, The White House Will Stop Rising Inflation By Raising Taxes
Yesterday the head of the Bank of England, Andrew Bailey, warned of a ‘very real income shock’ this year together with an ‘apocalyptic’ warning about food price inflation. He said surging inflation is going to hit household spending and cause unemployment to rise. But don’t worry, the White House has a solution. Raise taxes on the rich. Listen to the excruciating response by the new press secretary when asked exactly how raising taxes would bring down inflation. Phew, I didn’t think our dear leaders knew what they were doing but after that response I’m very confident inflation will be gone pretty soon.
Back in the UK, Mr Bailey said ‘the main driver of inflation…is the very big, real income shock which is coming from outside forces and, particularly, energy prices and global food prices’. He told MPs that he felt helpless to do anything about inflation. A bit more honest about the outlook but still not addressing one of the main reasons inflation is high and will continue to be high – money printing. Globally, the money printing machines have been going BRRRRRRRR 24/7 since the pandemic started (yes, I know it wasn’t physical machines going BRRRRRRRR). I also know that economics is complicated and nuanced but sometimes a simplistic approach helps to clear things up. More money chasing the same goods (or less goods due to supply chain issues) equals inflation.
by The Naked Emperor

Opioids, Obama, Congress: Guilt-Free Criminals
I’ve covered this before. I’m not letting it go. There are two routes for killer opioids like fentanyl that are flooding America, killing upwards of 35,000 people a year and addicting millions more: The China route out of Wuhan, and US pharmaceutical companies engaging in trafficking. There are several major pharmaceutical companies who’ve faced heavy exposure for their roles in the opioid criminal trafficking business. For example, Purdue [Jewish], and Johnson & Johnson. A third one is (Mossad-connected) Teva.
Why can’t federal law enforcement stop all the US pharmaceutical companies who have been trafficking opioids? Is there some secret we don’t know about? In fact, the answers are right out in the open. I had them confirmed, from a source inside federal law-enforcement. But talk about “open—” the Washington Post laid out the sordid story in detail. AND AS USUAL, THERE WAS NO FOLLOW-UP. That’s how major media work. They have a piece of very ugly truth. They expose it. But then it mysteriously dies and is forgotten. In this case (opioid trafficking), a real follow-up would have led the public down into a Hell of evil influence, exerted by Pharma, on the US Congress. Buckle up.
by Jon Rappoport

BBC Rewriting History In Syria For Global Britain
The BBC protecting power from truth
True to form, the BBC appears to have been tasked with revisionism on the history of the U.K role in the destabilisation of Syria and the failed UK/US-led regime change campaign that began pre-2011. A new BBC“drama” has been released. Entitled “Red Lines” it has been written by Sir Craig Oliver and Sir Anthony Seldon. Oliver is former Director of Politics and Communications for British Prime Minister David Cameron who pushed hard for U.K military intervention in Syria after the 2013 alleged chemical weapon attack attributed to the Syrian government.
Oliver was previously Controller of English news output for BBC Global News. The BBC led the regime change narrative charge against Syria from the outset of the externally orchestrated war launched in 2011. Seldon is a honorary historical adviser to 10 Downing Street. As an author, he is known in part for his political biographies of Margaret Thatcher, John Major, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Theresa May. I am sure there is no conflict of interest (sarcasm intended) involved in writing the history of the war against Syria incubated and managed by at least three of those political leaders.
by Vanessa Beeley

Crypto’s Crash: 100-To-1 Leverage Goes Poof!
BitcoinCrypto was in full-blown crash mode last week, wiping out more than $300 billion in market value. TerraUSD, a so-called stablecoin that is supposed to trade at a “stable” $1 value, crashed to a few cents on the dollar. Its sister cryptocurrency, Luna, likewise imploded. Then there was Bitcoin, which Warren Buffett has called “rat poison squared.” Bitcoin plunged further last week and is now down more than 30 percent year-to-date. So much for the hype that it would be an inflation hedge like gold. Coinbase, the big crypto exchange, knocked more wind out of the sails of the crypto market on Tuesday of last week when it filed its 10-Q (quarterly report) with the Securities and Exchange Commission and essentially said it had no idea what might happen to $256 billion it held for customers. The filing illuminated its shareholders and customers as follows.
by Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Prenatal And Neonatal Infant Deaths Skyrocket Worldwide Since COVID-19 Vaccines Started
For many years we have reported how vaccines have been used as a means to control birth rates in an effort to reduce the world’s population, especially in developing countries like many in Africa. In 2014 we reported how the tetanus shot was distributed in Kenya by the United Nations, but only given to girls and young women who were child-bearing ages, but not boys, and later it was discovered that these “tetanus shots” contained the HCG antigen which is used in anti-fertility vaccines.
So it is no surprise to those of us who have been “anti-vaccine” for many years now and covering these issues, that the COVID-19 “vaccines” are causing the deaths of prenatal and neonatal babies worldwide to skyrocket, giving strong evidence that this is part of the efforts to reduce the world’s population. The only thing that has changed, is that this effort to reduce the world’s population is now happening in every country, including rich western nations, and not just in poor countries. In Scotland, it was just reported that an investigation into a “very unusual” spike in deaths among newborn babies in Scotland occurred for the second time in just six months.
Spikes in infant deaths are also being reported from funeral homes, as this report from Australia cites whistleblowers who are too afraid to come forward and report this. As of the latest update to the U.S. Government’s Vaccine Adverse Reporting System (VAERS) there have now been 4,154 fetal deaths reported following COVID-19 vaccines, a period of about 17 months. For the previous 30 years prior to the launch of the experimental COVID-19 vaccines, there were only 2,239 fetal deaths from ALL FDA-approved vaccines. And yet, the criminal FDA and CDC continue to recommend the COVID-19 vaccines for pregnant women.
by Brian Shilhavy

Fighting Inflation… With Price Controls. It’s Genius!
One of the most repeated lessons we see over and over again throughout human history is that bumbling politicians almost invariably try to ‘fix’ inflation with price controls. Emperor Diocletian famously imposed strict price controls across the Roman Empire in 301 AD to fight off inflation that had resulted from a massive debasement of the Roman currency. Naturally, Diocletian’s price controls weren’t successful. They’re never successful. But that dismal record of failure hasn’t stopped politicians from thinking that they can do it better. From Hammurabi to modern day Argentina, from ancient Egypt to Richard Nixon (who “ordered a freeze on all wages and prices in the United States” in 1971), price controls have literally never worked, ever.
But I’m suuuuuuure Elizabeth Warren’s price controls will succeed. US Senator Elizabeth Warren doesn’t think inflation was caused by government edicts shutting down the economy, massive money printing to pay for deficit spending, or handing out free money while supply chains were restrained. Last Thanksgiving she blamed “big poultry” and “greedy corporations” for “charging Americans extra just to keep their stock prices high.”
by Simon Black

Cutting Air Pollution Emissions Would Save 50,000 Us Lives, $600 Billion Each Year
Eliminating air pollution emissions from energy-related activities in the United States would prevent more than 50,000 premature deaths each year and provide more than $600 billion in benefits each year from avoided illness and death, according to a new study by University of Wisconsin–Madison researchers. Working with scientists specializing in air quality and public health, Mailloux used a model from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to determine the health benefits from a complete reduction in emissions of fine particulate matter and of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides. These compounds can form particulate matter once released into the atmosphere. These pollutants contribute to health problems such as heart disease, stroke, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, lung cancer and lower respiratory infections that can dramatically shorten lifespans. Doing away with these pollutants would save about 53,200 lives each year in the US, providing about $608 billion in benefits from avoided healthcare costs and loss of life, according to the researchers’ analysis.
by Chris Barncard, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Taking The Milk Out Of Babies’ Mouths: Food Shortages Are The New Globalist Weapon
ARE you getting used to the Great Reset? How are you liking the New World Order built on globalist diktat, infection, mass poisoning by inoculation, inaccessible healthcare, inflation, draconian policing, shortages, uncontrolled migration, fear, more fear, and war… You’ll doubtless be prepared for what’s coming next. It’s not a secret – Bill Gates and his World Health Organisation cohorts have already told us. The next viral releases – Hantavirus, Nipah virus, Marburg, whatever – are all primed and ready to go, together with monkeypox and avian bird flu. All come packaged with their own ‘off the shelf treatments’ from Big Pharma, all guaranteed to be equally as effective as the Covid jabs.
Supply chain problems are already here and will worsen, depending on whatever the next emergency is, and the UK is as well prepared for them as it is for shortages of fuel, gas, and electricity – which is to say not at all. Now we are being told that a major food crisis is inevitable. Speaking at a Nato conference in Brussels on March 25th of this year, Joe Biden said: ‘Regarding food shortages – yes, we did talk about shortages, and they’re going to be real.’ He’s a man of his word.
by Kate Dunlop

societal travesties
and the evil of banality
ravesties may commence with small groups of bad actors, but they persist and propagate because the great mass of humanity aids and abets them by “going along to get along.” it need not be this way. press play. this little girl will inspire you. https://twitter.com/prof_freedom/status/1507433461484818438 where did you lose your rage at such simple and obvious injustice? the fact of the matter is that we allowed this to happen because we did nothing. if you learn one thing from the last two years, learn this: the road to perdition is paved in apathy. this was done to you, not for you. and it will not change until we change. so we must stop constraining our choices to within the same captured systems.
by el gato malo

George Soros Joined Henry Kissinger In The Anti-Semitic Blame Game
On November 5, 2003 billionaire financier and speculator George Soros, during a live interview at a conference of the Jewish Funders Network, enraged many of the Jews in attendance when he claimed that Jews themselves were responsible for the rise of antisemitism: When asked about anti-Semitism in Europe, Soros, who is Jewish, said European anti-Semitism is the result of the policies of Israel and the United States. ‘There is a resurgence of anti-Semitism in Europe. The policies of the Bush administration and the Sharon administration contribute to that,’ Soros said. ‘It’s not specifically anti-Semitism, but it does manifest itself in anti-Semitism as well.’ ‘If we change that direction, then anti-Semitism also will diminish,’ he said. ‘I can’t see how one could confront it directly.’
The billionaire financier conceded he, too, bears some responsibility for the new anti-Semitism, citing last month’s speech by Malaysia’s outgoing prime minister, Mahathir Mohammad, who said, ‘Jews rule the world by proxy.’ ‘I’m also very concerned about my own role because the new anti-Semitism holds that the Jews rule the world,’ said Soros, whose projects and funding have influenced governments and promoted various political causes around the world. ‘As an unintended consequence of my actions,’ he said, ‘I also contribute to that image.’
by Michael Walsh

Investigation Launched After ‘Mystery’ Surge In Deaths )f Newborn Babies
Health authorities say it’s not due to COVID infections.
Health authorities in Scotland have launched an investigation after a mystery surge in deaths of newborn babies, the second time the phenomenon has been recorded in the space of six months. A report by the Herald newspaper highlights the “very unusual” spike in deaths of babies, with the alarm being raised after 18 infants died within four weeks of birth in March. That same control limit was also breached in September last year, when 21 neonatal deaths were reported, the first time this had occurred since records began. “The neonatal mortality rate was 5.1 per 1,000 live births in September and 4.6 per 1,000 in March, against an average of 1.49 per 1000 in 2019,” reports the newspaper.
by Paul Joseph Watson

Chinese Plane Carrying 132 People Was Intentionally Crashed: Report
A new investigative report on the China Eastern plane crash suggested that the crash could be intentional. On March 21, a Boeing 737-800 airliner was on its way from Kunming to Guangzhou. On its way it crashed into the ground, killing more than 100 people on board. Flight data from a black box recovered from the plane indicates that someone in the cockpit intentionally crashed the plane, the Wall Street Journal reported. The pilots did not respond to repeated calls from air traffic controllers and nearby planes during the rapid descent, authorities said. The Civil Aviation Administration of China said on April 11 that the speculation had “gravely misled the public” and “interfered with the accident investigation work.”
by Prachi Mahamia

Biden’s ‘Disinfo’ Board Paused As ‘Scary Poppins’ Resigns
According to The Hill, Jankowicz will indeed resign from the DHS ‘Disinformation Governance Board.’ “The great irony here is that the board was designed to protect against the very thing that the board is accused of engaging in,” a DHS official told reporters during a Wednesday call. Meanwhile, former George W. Bush appointee [Jewish] Michael Chertoff, and former Clinton AG [Jewish] Jamie Gorelick, will be tasked with reviewing the Disinformation board’s mission [having two Jews “reviewing
the Disinformation board’s missionis a 1 in 250,000 chance]. The Department of Homeland Security has ‘paused’ it’s newly created Disinformation Governance Board, after its head, Nina Jankowicz, was called out for being a Russiagate truther, and going full “libs of TikTok” with creepy Disney-themed songs in a fake British accent – lending to the nickname “Scary Poppins.”
by Tyler Durden

Snippits And Snappits
Laugh Knowledgeably At Our Enemy. The Devil And His Brood Hate To Be Mocked.
Saturday Cartoons: Be Your Truest Self But Conform Or Die: May 14, 2022

Henry Kissinger, The World Economic Forum And Population Control
If for some inexplicable reason, you couldn’t come up with a reason to be ashamed of the U.S., I’ve got one for you: Henry Kissinger has been a widely revered thinker and statesman for six decades, and is the recipient of awards like the Nobel Peace Prize (1973); Presidential Medal of Freedom (1977); and Medal of Liberty (1986). I may soon write a long article to document at least some of Kissinger’s heinous catalog of criminality. For now, I’d simply like to clarify his ongoing role as a Godfather of sorts to all the other miscreants that make up the top 1%.
I mean, the esteemed HK has his own damn page on the World Economic Forum (WEF) website and has been mentoring the notorious Klaus Schwab for decades. In the photo up top, Kissinger and Schwab openly plot for us to “have nothing” and “be happy.” Kissinger’s interests have heavily influenced the parasites-in-charge (regardless of political party). As far back as 1974, he penned National Security Study Memorandum 200 on “Implications of Worldwide Population Growth For U.S. Security and Overseas Interests.” In that document, the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate muses about “technological innovations” that might reduce the globe’s human population.
by Mickey Z.

US Envoy Reveals Biden’s True Purpose Of Targeting China By Asia Visit, But Experts Say ‘Countries Don’t Easily Buy It’
Just days before US President Joe Biden’s Asia visit, his envoy to Japan admitted that Biden’s Asia visit targets China and, he claimed, would be a “wake-up call” to China, while analysts said it exposes Biden’s true purpose of the visit is to form a US-led clique in Northeast Asia to encircle China rather than for the sake of peace and development of the region.
The Asia visit was an important part of the Biden administration’s efforts in pushing forward its “Indo-Pacific Strategy” across the Asia-Pacific region to attempt to close in on China militarily, politically and economically. But Chinese analysts said that after his try to tout his economic strategy of the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF) was snubbed last week by ASEAN members in Washington, his try in Northeast Asia will only be another fruitless effort.
by Zhang Hui

Ukraine Controlled By US And UK – Russia
The stalling of the peace talks is a result of the wish of London and Washington to drag out the Ukraine conflict, Lavrov claimed
London and Washington have been exercising their control over the Ukrainian negotiators with the aim of dragging out the conflict, and this policy has led to the suspension of peace talks between Moscow and Kiev, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov claimed on Tuesday. Speaking at the New Horizons educational marathon, Lavrov said that Ukraine may have made its own decision in Istanbul, when it came up with some “acceptable principles for reaching agreements” during negotiations with Russia. However, according to the minister, these ideas were apparently not supported by the West.
“We have information coming through various channels that Washington and especially London ‘lead’ the Ukrainian negotiators and control their freedom of maneuver. They want to drag out the conflict, and it seems to them that the longer it will last, the more damage they will inflict on Russian servicemen,” Lavrov said. The foreign minister doubts, however, that “transferring the conversation to the level of Washington or London” would be able to change anything in terms of the progress. “Anyway, neither London, nor Washington, nor the West as a whole has put forward any proposals,” Lavrov said.
by RT

May 17, 2022

Totalitarianism Archive With 2,939 Posts

ACH (1789) Mallificus Scott – The Limeys #71 – Brother Lee Love (Audio 1:02:16)
In today’s show originally broadcast on May 16 2022, Andy presents “The Limeys” with his co-host Mallificus Scott for a show entitled, “Brother Lee Love.”
We discussed: the Kenny Everett YouTube video that we played during the show intro segment; the videos of the Kenny Everett characters that are included in today’s show post; the man from the Isle Of Man; feedback from RBN’s Steven Douglas Whitener on last week’s Limeys show; the £120,000 vaccine damage payment being offered by the British Government; how we are now up to 2,132 deaths and 455,295 people injured from the vaccines according to figures off the UK Government website; Mallificus’ news on “The Great Distraction”; the Daily Mail’s unintentionally hilarious article on the Ukraine’s Eurovision win; the Andy Warhol painting of Marilyn Monroe that sold for a record breaking $195 million last week; Mallificus’ news roundup of the week; and many other topics.
by ACHitchcock

Buffalo Shooter Linked To Azov Movement As The Clumsy “Vanilla ISIS” Agenda Stumbles Forward (Audio and Video)
Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (5/15/22).
As always, take the information discussed in the video below and research it for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. Anyone telling you what the truth is, or claiming they have the answer, is likely leading you astray, for one reason or another. Stay Vigilant.
by Ryan Cristián

‘Weapons In, Wheat Out’ – Hypocrisy Of Some Western Countries Further Exposed In Ukraine Crisis
Western countries, particularly the US, used to make all efforts to seize strategic resources like oil. Now, as grain becomes increasingly sought after and strategic, the West has once again demonstrated its greedy and evil nature. On Monday, Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Melanie Joly said the West must act quickly to help Ukraine export its growing grain stocks in response to the worsening global food crisis.
“Millions of tons of grain are stuck in silos in Ukraine,” she said. “We need to make sure that we free Ukrainian wheat and that we send them to European ports to be shipped.” Ukraine is known as the “breadbasket of Europe.” Information services provider IHS Markit estimated that Ukraine was the second-largest supplier of grain for the European Union (EU) in 2021, accounting for 14 percent of total EU grain imports.
by Global Times

Reuters Mocked Over Paintball Image In Ukraine Conflict Report
The media outlet used a paintball training photo in an article on the Russian offensive
The Reuters news agency has become the target of online ridicule after it published a report on the Ukraine conflict alongside an image of what appeared to be people playing airsoft. The report was released on Monday, stating that Ukrainian soldiers had driven off Russian forces in Sumy Region, with the headline reading: “Ukrainian border guards repelled an incursion by a Russian sabotage and reconnaissance group in the northeastern region of Sumy on Monday, the governor of the Sumy region said.” However, what drew the attention of users online was not the content of the report, but the image used to illustrate it. The photo, which was apparently meant to represent Ukrainian soldiers fighting on the frontlines, upon closer look, actually shows a group of people seemingly playing a round of paintball, equipped with the characteristic masks and paintball guns.
by RT

Turkey Swings West: The Ukraine War And Domestic Elections
Ankara’s rapprochement with the US has been accelerated by events in Ukraine. These ties will also shape Turkey domestically, with or without a 2023 Erdogan electoral win.
At the same time, Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) government has tried to exploit any opportunity to present itself as an indispensable ally to Washington. Talks hosted in Istanbul between Russia and Ukraine may have failed to lead to a breakthrough in negotiations, but US President Joe Biden endorsed Turkey’s role as mediator, while State Department Spokesperson Ned Price said that Turkey was “in full coordination and consultation with the US” during the process. Ankara’s role as a mediator has also been encouraged by US think-tanks such as the United States Institute of Peace, which has called on the US and Europe to support Turkey as the only mediation channel between Russia and the west.
Undoubtedly, the Ukraine conflict has enabled Turkey to reposition itself with Washington as a valuable NATO ally. This has become evident with reports that US military F-16 sales to Turkey are now back on the table again after a period of doubt. Naturally, pro-AKP media has been praising Erdogan’s role as ‘peacemaker’ and are keen to parlay his accomplishments into a domestic political bonanza. But according to Turkish journalist and commentator Murat Yetkin, AKP’s initial prognosis on the Ukraine conflict was that it would cool down around June and Turkey could shortly thereafter reverse its economic losses arising from the crisis. It has become apparent, however, that the AKP may have been too rash with that timeframe. Ankara’s leading NATO allies appear less concerned about the destruction of Ukraine and its fallout across Europe than about ‘weakening’ Russia via proxy, with a prolonged war of attrition in mind. For the AKP brass, if the conflict continues into next year, Erdogan’s chances of eking out a victory in Turkey’s 2023 elections could be seriously jeopardized.
by Erman Çete

Erdogan Says Turkey Will Not Approve Finland, Sweden Joining NATO
Turkey is opposed to the Nordic countries joining due to their alleged support for the Kurdish PKK and export controls on Turkey
On Monday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Ankara will not approve Sweden and Finland’s bid for NATO membership over the Nordic countries’ alleged support for the PKK, a Kurdish group Turkey considers to be a terrorist organization. Sweden and Finland also have imposed a ban on arms exports to Turkey over Erdogan’s offensive in northeast Syria in 2019. “First of all, we cannot say ‘yes’ to those who impose sanctions on Turkey, on joining NATO, which is a security organization,” Erdogan said.
Finland and Sweden need the consent of all 30 NATO members to join the alliance and are hoping to convince Turkey to drop its opposition.Earlier in the day, Sweden said Swedish and Finnish officials planned to travel to Ankara to discuss Turkey’s concerns, but Erdogan said they shouldn’t bother. “They are coming to Turkey on Monday. Are they coming to convince us? Excuse me but they should not tire themselves,” he said.
by Dave DeCamp

US Approves Resumption Of Operations In Venezuela For US, European Oil Companies
On Monday, the Associated Press reported, citing two senior US officials, that Washington is preparing to ease a part of the economic sanctions on Venezuela to allow Chevron Corp. to resume operations in the country. The United States has allowed US and European oil companies to resume work in Venezuela, Delcy Rodriguez, the vice president of Venezuela, said on Tuesday. “The Bolivarian government of Venezuela has verified and confirmed the published news that the United States of America has authorized American and European oil companies to negotiate and resume operations in Venezuela,” Rodriguez tweeted. US officials told reporters that if progress is made, there may be an opportunity for US engagement with the government of Nicolás Maduro.
It has also been said that the government of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and the opposition will soon resume a political dialogue and, depending on the results, Washington could adjust its sanction policy in order to increase or decrease pressure. Earlier, it was reported that the US had decided to resume negotiations with Venezuela amid the strict sanctions imposed on Russian energy suppliers. In March, both sides discussed the possibility of easing oil sanctions against Caracas but failed to make significant progress.
by Alexandra Kashirina

On The Failure Of Conservatives To Mount Effective Opposition To The Most Insane Policies Ever Visited Upon Mankind
Remarks inspired by Manfred Kleine-Hartlage’s ‘Invective against Conservatives’
Corona is the latest chapter in a long parade of insanity by Western governments. I was first summoned from inattentive normie sleep in 2015, when Angela Merkel opened the German borders to mass third-world immigration. It was an intensely strange moment. Weeks upon weeks of clearly manufactured media hysteria culminated in people of all political persuasions donating money and clothes to notional Syrian refugees and joining welcome parties at train stations. There they encountered primarily fighting-age men from across the Middle East and Africa, a far cry from the crowds of Syrian women and children and “doctors” that the media had promised. These refugees, supported by taxpayers and unleashed upon the indigenous population of Europe, behaved after the pattern of invaders across history. The press and government officials studiously hid the details of their conduct until the mass sexual assaults perpetrated at Cologne on Silvesternacht 2015/16 overwhelmed even the propaganda capacities of German state media.
by eugyppius

Top Australian Doctor Who Pushes Covid-19 Vaccine Loses Only Daughter While In Her Sleep
Australia’s top doctor and President of the Australian Medical Association South Australia, Michelle Atchison, was shattered following the unexpected death of her only daughter. Dr. Atchison announced on her Twitter account Thursday the unexpected death of her 26-year-old daughter, Caillin. According to a now-deleted Twitter post, Caillin died on Wednesday while in her sleep. “The light in our life has gone out. My beautiful and only daughter died yesterday,” Dr. Atchison tweeted.
“She never woke up. It was so utterly unexpected and my husband and my hearts are shattered. I really don’t know what to do,” Atchison added. There is still no information on the cause of Caillin’s death. Dr. Atchison became the public spokesperson for nurses and hospital staff during the Covid-19 pandemic, according to the Daily Mail. She was critical of South Australia easing its border closure on November 23, warning the reopening would place further strain on the health system. She also presented the latest report into South Australia’s healthcare system that revealed a crippling shortage of healthcare staff and beds in hospitals. Dr. Atchison also advocated and encouraged people to take the Covid-19 vaccination.
by Jim Hoft

Back To War: Biden Reverses Trump Withdrawal, Sends Ground Troops Into Greater Middle East
First Ukraine, now Somalia.
It’s official: America is back at war in the greater Middle East. In addition to the ongoing defense industry enrichment project in Ukraine, Somalia has been added to the client list. America’s military industrial cartel is back in the saddle under President Biden. President Biden has signed a non-public executive order deploying hundreds of American soldiers into the failed state of Somalia. According to The New York Times, which was given exclusive access to the Biden order, the E.O. includes “standing authority” for the Pentagon to bomb the country on demand.
The Times reports: “Mr. Biden has approved a Pentagon request for standing authority to target about a dozen suspected leaders of Al Shabab, the Somali terrorist group that is affiliated with Al Qaeda, three of the officials said. Since Mr. Biden took office, airstrikes have largely been limited to those meant to defend partner forces facing an immediate threat.” According to the report, Biden signed the order in “early May,” but we are now just hearing about it.
The news comes just one day after a new president, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, was “elected” in Somalia with a voting population of a mere 327 people, in a country of 16 million. Mohamud was previously elected president during the Obama years, with a term spanning from 2012-2017. Surely, these two news items on back to back days are remarkable coincidences, and there is no further story to be found here.
by Jordan Schachtel

Death At The Margin
On that front we got news last week that inflation was slowing down and speeding up at the same time. Last month, the official inflation rate (CPI) declined by 0.35%… from 8.54% to 8.26%. The very next day came the PPI, producer price index, telling us that coming our way is a 15.6% increase. This is the second highest reading since we were born (1948). It gets worse. On MSNBC Friday morning was an economist (whose name we missed) arguing that the core prices for families are up 19%. Food, shelter, transportation – those are the ones that drain the family checking account. As for food, actual price increases are far above the BLS’s index. Beef is up 14%, chicken 15%, wheat flour 33%, orange juice 17%, coffee 70%. Shelter, too, is much more pricey than the BLS says. Zillow computes the average rent people actually pay. It’s up 17% over a year ago, it says. The average price paid to buy a house is also 16% higher than a year ago. And fuel? A gallon a gas averaged $3.11 last May. Now, it’s up 40%.
As food and energy prices soar, it’s time to count the real cost of the fed’s heavy handed covid response… Every day more than seven hundred million people, 8.8 percent of the world’s population, go to bed on an empty stomach, according to the UN World Food Programme (WFP). Hunger and malnutrition mean shortened life expectancies, stunted mental development, the premature death of loved ones; it means widows and orphans and childless parents. What is the real cost… the final tab… for the feds’ ‘heavy touch’ failures? Did the feds save a few old, plump people by sacrificing young, skinny ones? Did they save no one… and doom millions? More tomorrow…. including another visit to the Incompetents Hall of Fame. Stay tuned…
by Bill Bonner

The Chinese Dimension Of Russia’s Coal Business In A New Environment
Various projects to do away with coal and switch to other fuels that emit less combustion gases have long been discussed in developed countries. Some experts have even begun to predict the imminent demise of the entire global coal industry. One of the reasons for these forecasts has been statements by China, the world’s main coal consumer, that it also wants to reduce its use of coal as much as possible, along with Western countries.
However, despite all these claims, coal is still the cheapest and most transportable fuel, which no country with a developed industry can do without. The global coal trade continues to grow, generating good revenues