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We’re Heading For Nuclear War by Dr. Vernon Coleman

Western Governments seem clearly determined to force Russia into starting a nuclear war. The west is already providing Ukraine with bombs and bullets. And now they’re determined to provide tanks. Soldiers will doubtless be provided with the tanks. There has been no public debate about whether we should deliberately push Putin into starting a nuclear war but the aim, it is clear, is to help Ukraine prevent Russia winning – and to make it impossible for Putin to negotiate a face-saving peace.
The result is looking more and more like a nuclear war.
Billions will die – while the conspirators (those responsible for the war) hide in their well-stocked underground bunkers.
Several decades ago, starting a major war was the conspirators’ plan. They then decided that the global warming myth would serve them better – designed to create fear and to kill billions through absurd net zero policies that would cause widespread famine.
Now, it looks as though they’re adding war to the deadly cocktail. They know that a war with Russia will destroy the global economy (part of their plan) destroy energy and food supplies (part of their plan) and kill billions (part of their plan). Two things cause maximum damage to an economy: inflation and war. The conspirators have created the first and they’re working hard to create the second.
Is it a coincidence that billions of people have been jabbed with a toxic mRNA brew which will damage their immune systems and make them more vulnerable to radiation sickness?

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