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February 25, 2023, For George Harrison, On What Would Have Been His 80th Birthday. RIP.

George Harrison and Pattie Boyd
https://GeorgeHarrison.com (The web address I gave to George.)

“Love each other” the last words of George Harrison.

“You didn’t choose me. I chose you. I appointed you to go and produce lasting fruit, so that the Father will give you whatever you ask for, using my name. This is my command: Love each other.”
John 15: 16-17

Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles (3:11)

February 24, 2023, 113 Post Published

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society. In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.”
Edward Bernays

This image was recently deleted from the NOAA website.
Gee, I wonder why?


The Plan To Wreck America
In America, we have an oligarch problem, and it’s much bigger than the oligarch problem that Putin faced when he became president in 2000. The entire West is now in the grips of billionaire elites who have a stranglehold on the media, the political establishment and all of our important institutions. In recent years we have seen these oligarchs expand their influence from markets, finance and trade to politics, social issues and even public health. The impact this group has had on these other areas of interest, has been nothing short of breathtaking. Establishment elites and their media not only stood foursquare behind Russiagate, the Trump impeachment, the BLM riots and the January 6 fiasco, they also had a hand in the Covid hysteria and the host of repressive measures that were imposed in the name of public health. What we’d like to know is to what extent this group is actively involved in the shaping of other events that are aimed at transforming the American Republic into a more authoritarian system? In other words, are the mandated injections, the forced lockdowns, the aggressive government-implemented censorship, the dubious presidential elections, the burning of food processing plants, the derailing of trains, the attacks on the power grid, the BLM-Antifa riots, the drag queen shows for schoolchildren, the maniacal focus on gender issues, and glitzy public show-trials merely random incidents occurring spontaneously during a period of great social change or are they, in fact, evidence of a stealthily orchestrated operation conducted by agents of the state acting on behalf of their elite benefactors?
by Mike Whitney

China Publishes Report On US’ Hegemonic, Domineering And Bullying Practices
China on Monday released a report on US hegemony and its perils to expose the US’ abuse of hegemony in the political, military, economic, financial, technological and cultural fields, by presenting the relevant facts, and to draw greater international attention to the perils of the US’ practices to world peace and stability and the well-being of all peoples. The report was published as the US has been escalating the great power competition across the globe, and its style of seeking hegemony has been transformed from “benevolent” to aggressive, forcing more and more countries and regions to take sides, said Chinese observers, warning that attempts by the US to suppress and contain China will only intensify in the near future. Since becoming the world’s most powerful country after two world wars and the Cold War, the US has acted more boldly to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries, and to pursue, maintain and abuse its hegemony, advance subversion and infiltration, and willfully wage wars, bringing harm to the international community, said the report.
by Xu Keyue

Why Is The Federal Reserve Provoking A Financial Crisis? (46:36)
This video builds on and extends the explosive (but largely overlooked AFAIK) analysis done by Chris Whalen, “Is JPMorgan Chase Insolvent?” While Whalen is imo the best independent bank analyst in the business, he doesn’t have a crystal ball. (At least I couldn’t find one when I ransacked his home many moons ago.) He put out that post, which is nominally about Dimon’s bank but covers the entire banking industry, on Monday, November 28, 2022. He thus didn’t have access to the F.D.I.C.’s Quarterly Banking Profile for the 3rd quarter of 2022, which came out three days later. Whalen’s analysis focused on the dubious valuations of bank assets, which is certainly germane as far as they go and are discussed in greater detail in this video. The real action in the third quarter QBP, though, is on the liability side of the industry’s balance sheet. There we find evidence that aside from being broke, the banks know they’re broke and are panicking about it. But here’s the real kicker: the Fed isn’t helping the banks this go-round. It’s a new ballgame, and it goes by the name ALL. BAD.
by BestEvidence

Russia Issues Warning About Future Of Ukraine Conflict
The US and its allies intend to take the military standoff global, Vladimir Putin has said
Western elites “intend” to transform the conflict in Ukraine from a regional to a global one, Russian President Vladimir Putin has said. Moscow perceives this as an existential threat and will react accordingly, he said. The goal of those in power in the US and other Western nations is to “end us once and for all,” the Russian leader stated during a keynote speech on Tuesday. They are using Ukraine as a “battering ram” against Russia and don’t care how many people will die as a result, he said. “They intend to turn a local conflict into a phase of global confrontation. That is how we understand things and will react accordingly. Because the issue here is the existence of our state,” Putin said. The Ukraine conflict was unleashed by the West when it supported an armed coup in Kiev in 2014, the Russian president noted. Western powers then poured resources into the new regime, even as it used the military against its own population and became increasingly nationalist and extreme. Western elites “don’t care who they are betting on in their fight against us, their fight against Russia. They just want them to go to war,” Putin observed. The current Ukrainian government is “alien” to the people it governs and serves Western interests, he believes.
by RT

Talmudics Are Out Front Promoting The Abortion Agenda—Again!
As I have stated before, and as many others have shown, Tel Aviv, Israel, is the world capital in regards to the glorification and promotion of abortion, homosexuality and all things hedonistic. That evangelical Christians continue to regard the Zionist State of Israel as “The Holy Land” and Talmudic Jews as “God’s Chosen People” is a testament to the depths of ignorance and apostasy to which evangelical pastors and churches have fallen. The Zionist State of Israel began as a bloodthirsty, murderous regime intent on ethnic cleansing and genocide against the Palestinian people—many of whom were Christians. I strongly urge readers to purchase Ilan Pappe’s blockbuster book The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine. And the Zionist state continues to be that same bloodthirsty, murderous regime to this very day. The State of Israel loves to play the role of victim on the world stage, but the truth is, since World War II, Israel has been one of the most murderous aggressor/terror states in the world. Had any other nation on earth committed the atrocities you will find documented in Pappe’s book, the entire world—especially the United States—would hold it up to global condemnation. But you have likely read or heard absolutely nothing about it. The truth of Israel’s bloody conquest of Palestine has even been hidden from the people of Israel themselves.
by Chuck Baldwin

Project Veritas And The “Virus” by Dr. Sam Bailey (25:27)

Biden And Nuland Are Leading US Into Nuclear Armageddon, Former FBI Agent Says
WASHINGTON (Sputnik) – US President Joe Biden and senior White House and State Department officials are leading the United States and the world into nuclear annihilation, former FBI Special Agent Coleen Rowley told Sputnik. Russian President Vladimir Putin officially announced Moscow was pulling out of its long-running talks with the United States for a new START treaty during his Tuesday address to the Federal Assembly. He also accused the United States of developing new types of nuclear weapons and considering new nuclear weapons tests. “The neocons’ hell-bent plans for ‘full spectrum dominance’ have been a long time in the making, having even been publicly announced decades ago, but now… we’ve truly reached the eve of destruction,” Rowley, a Time magazine Whistleblower of the Year, said.
by Sputnik News

United States Readies An Additional $10 Billion In Economic Assistance For Ukraine, Says Yellen. (0:36)

British War Criminal Demands Digital ID For All UK Citizens
A discredited war criminal has called for everyone in Britain to be given a digital ID. Tony Blair, the discredited former politician and war criminal, says that the digital ID which everyone should have must include their driving licence, tax records, passport details, educational qualifications and right to work. Blair, who is infamous for many things (including trying unsuccessfully to foist ID cards on the British people) doesn’t mention whether or not the digital IDs should include war criminal status.
by Dr. Vernon Coleman

Ohio Disaster Cover Up: NOAA Removes TWO Images Of HYSPLIT Models From Their Article – Here They Are…
“…another indication that your government is not working for you and is lying to you!”
NOAA’s Air Resources Lab modeled the distribution of particles from the East Palestine train derailment. But now the images have suddenly disappeared from the original article… They have been deleted… And everybody knows why… This is one of the worst HazMat disaster in the entire history of the US… As reported on Reddit: ‘Yesterday morning when I came across this news article published by NOAA it had the two HYSPLIT models in the article below the picture of the derailment. The two pictures the Redditor is speaking about are those now massively shared on social media and are shown below:
by Lioness of Judah Ministry

An Act Of Terror Against The American People by Greg Reese (5:49)

The Political Implications Of Holocaust Revisionism
The traditional view of the fate of European Jewry during WWII (commonly known as the Holocaust) contains the following propositions. There was a Nazi plan to exterminate all the Jews; gas chambers were used to implement this plan; and approximately six million were murdered. Holocaust revisionists do not deny that atrocities were committed against Jews during WWII. However, they contend there was no Nazi plan to exterminate European Jewry, the “Final Solution” being no more no less than their expulsion from Europe. The Nazis did have a system of concentration camps, but there were no gas chambers for mass murder in them. And finally, the claim of six million murdered Jews is an irresponsible exaggeration, as the number killed was far less. Largely as a result of an advance in knowledge and the impact of the Internet, Holocaust revisionism has enjoyed phenomenal growth during the 1990s. In response an important book was recently published which attempts to refute it. DENYING HISTORY: WHO SAYS THE HOLOCAUST NEVER HAPPENED AND WHY DO THEY SAY IT?, written by gentile intellectual Michael Shermer and Jewish historian Alex Grobman, attempts to utterly discredit the entire revisionist movement.[1] (Hereafter, all page numbers in the body of this text refer to this book.) This essay will focus upon Shermer and Grobman’s claim of the alleged racist political implications of Holocaust revisionism. The opinions they express on the connection between the Holocaust doctrine and racial nationalism in general, simply reflect a dominant and influential school of thought of our time.
by Paul Grubach

Women As “Egg Producers” (3:30)
by Sarah Cain

US Power Alliance Says It’s Coordinating An “Information War” Against China
In an article published last week titled “US working with ‘Five Eyes’ nations, Japan on information warfare,” a publication on military intelligence and communications technology called C4ISRNET reports that the US and its allies are collaborating “to share and sharpen information-warfare techniques in the Indo-Pacific” with the goal of “countering” the “increasingly aggressive China.” Here’s an excerpt: Dialogues and exchanges of best practices are ongoing with Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the U.K. and other countries including Japan, according to Vice Adm. Kelly Aeschbach, commander of Naval Information Forces. “I want to say we have at least a dozen countries or so that are either establishing information warfare programs, or are interested in partnering further in the information warfare realm,” she said Feb. 15 at the West 2023 conference in San Diego. “We are leaning in there, we are focused.” Japan, specifically, has expressed significant interest in information warfare, “in a really positive way,” Aeschbach told C4ISRNET. Japan and Australia, among others, are considered critical U.S. allies in the Indo-Pacific, a region national security officials are invested in as they seek to counter an increasingly aggressive China.
by Caitlin Johnstone

WW III Update: China And Russia Join Forces To Fight Back Against The U.S.
Earlier this month (February, 2023) I reported how we are already in the midst of World War 3, albeit in the early stages. Based on media reports this week, it appears that the next stage of this war is about to be launched, as Russia has publicly warned the U.S. about the threat of nuclear confrontation, and China has announced that it is joining forces with Russia. Financial and geopolitical cycle analyst Martin Armstrong believes that this WW III is needed to cover up sovereign debts that the U.S. can no longer pay. Edward Dowd, the former billion dollar hedge fund manager at Blackrock, predicted this week that the U.S. stock market might fall apart in the next “week or two.”
by Brian Shilhavy

Nudelman’s Delusional Bubble by Brother Nathanael (6:25)
(To view with many links, click the link below.)

How Anti-Corporate Agnotology Studies Got Swamped By Pro-Corporate Misinformation Studies
An unacknowledged sea change in the social sciences tells us a lot about the state of our economy and society
In the late 1990s and early 2000s there was a burgeoning field in the social sciences dedicated to the study of ignorance. Linguist Iain Boal coined the term “agnotology” (from the Greek ?gnosis, “not knowing” + logía, “the study of”) to describe the field and it was popularized by Stanford medical historian Robert Proctor. The premise of agnotology is both simple and profound. Most people think of ignorance as the absence of knowledge. Proctor and others in the field argue the opposite – that ignorance is socially constructed in the same way that knowledge is. Powerful interests instruct society to pay attention to some things and not others through a variety of inducements (you get paid to study certain topics and not others) and punishments (you will be blacklisted if you ask too many questions about forbidden topics). Over time these values become invisible and just a part of culture.
by Toby Rogers

China’s Warning: WW III If US Keeps Bullying The World (Text and Video)
The following warning that continuation of US hegemony will result in war between the US and China is an official statement from the Foreign Ministry of the People’s Republic of China.
by Video Rebel

Is Chat GPT And Other AI Tech Being Pushed So That Mandatory Digital IDs Becomes Reality? (15:22)
by Vincent James

Grain From Ukraine Is Being Used To Feed Pigs Not People
As we all know Ukraine produces a vast percentage of all the grain consumed throughout the entire world. I don’t know why or how this can be, from the pictures I’ve seen Ukraine doesn’t look like the sort of country where happy farmers spend their days pretending to be Jeremy Clarkson and planting, nurturing and harvesting endless acres of grain producing crops, but this is what we are told. So, when NATO declared psychological war on Russia and triggered the start of World War III there was a global shortage of grain. As if that was a surprise to Dr Strangelove and his insane, grinning companions in crime. It was then decided that some of the grain would after all be brought from Ukraine and sent to Asia and Africa where, unnoticed by Black Lives Matter (which should rename itself Down with Statues or Kneel with Footballers), hundreds of millions of people are starving to death, as the conspirators had originally planned.
by Dr. Vernon Coleman

Denver Catholic Church Burglarized Three Times In The Last Month — Pastor Pleads For The Public To ‘Protect Our Church’ (Text and Video)
Our Lady Guadalupe Church was robbed once again on Monday morning. The incidents, which resulted in property damage and theft of the donation boxes, have all been caught on camera. “I will say it’s a sin, absolutely,” Father Benito Hernandez told local station KDVR. The station reports, “On Jan. 20, a suspect dressed in a red hoodie didn’t let a snow-filled plaza stop him from swinging what appears to be a bat numerous times before breaking into the parish’s public donation box. Just five days later, on Jan. 25, a man dressed in a gray hoodie can be seen snooping around the area and tugging at the donation box, while suspiciously peering over his shoulder.”
by Cassandra MacDonald

About The Toxic Chemical Spills Contaminants In Ohio, Ontario And Now Montreal. (2:20)
Disturbing News; Precipitation pH Levels Of 4, 5, Fish Die, Water Unfit For Consumption.

ICAN-Funded Lawsuit Prohibiting Any Local Vaccine Mandates Wins Final Battle; Sets California Precedent
As initially reported on December 20, 2021, ICAN’s legal team, led by Aaron Siri, prevailed in the San Diego Superior Court, striking down San Diego’s Covid-19 vaccine school mandate.
Immediately, the school district appealed that decision, and on November 22, 2022, we won in the Court of Appeal, the Court agreeing with us, once again, that the district’s mandate was illegal. The decision’s reasoning effectively made any local (school district, county, etc.) vaccine mandate, for any vaccine, illegal. The Court of Appeal certified their decision for publication, making it legal precedent and free to be cited by other courts in future lawsuits! In a dramatic turn of events, one final shot was taken by those hoping to impose local-level vaccine mandates. Just days before the deadline was to expire for the California Supreme Court to review the decision, California Charter Schools and none other than the infamous Dr. Richard Pan filed requests to the California Supreme Court to depublish the decision, which, if granted, would render the decision uncitable by other courts in the future.

Confirmed: As We Suspected All Along, New Video Proves Capital Police On January 6 Started Firing On The Innocent Crowd Without Warning And Against The Law, Injuring Numerous Individuals (Text and Video)
As we have reported all along, on January 6, 2021 the Capitol Hill Police began firing rubber bullets, gas canisters, flash grenades on the Trump supporters gathered around the US Capitol without warning. In the hundreds of conversations we have had with January 6 attendees, political prisoners, and police abuse victims, they all say the same thing. Innocent people were attacked by police without warning. This was an attack on the American people. While FBI-Deep State operatives, like Ray Epps, were breaking through barriers and leading Trump supporters to the Capitol, police were readying to fire on them indiscriminately without warning. Four Trump supporters died that day in the violence. Dozens more were injured. Two Trump supporters, Kevin Greeson and Benjamin Phillips, died immediately when police started firing on the crowd – without warning.
by Jim Hoft

Larry Andrstens’ Excellent Pandemic (54:28)
The pandemic presented forensically for what it is, namely, a massive theatrical edifice intended to distract popular attention away from the fact that criminal bankers running the monetary system are making a massive push toward full-on totalitarianism through monetary and financial control.

by BestEvidence

Google’s Quantum Computer Reached An Error-Correcting Milestone
The computer’s accuracy improved as scientists used more qubits to fix mistakes
To shrink error rates in quantum computers, sometimes more is better. More qubits, that is. The quantum bits, or qubits, that make up a quantum computer are prone to mistakes that could render a calculation useless if not corrected. To reduce that error rate, scientists aim to build a computer that can correct its own errors. Such a machine would combine the powers of multiple fallible qubits into one improved qubit, called a “logical qubit,” that can be used to make calculations (SN: 6/22/20). Scientists now have demonstrated a key milestone in quantum error correction. Scaling up the number of qubits in a logical qubit can make it less error-prone, researchers at Google report February 22 in Nature.
by Emily Conover

ACH (2069) Eric Gajewski – The TRADCATKNIGHT And ACH Show #28 – Worldwide Wrap-Up (Audio 56:19)
In today’s show originally broadcast on February 21,2023, Andy co-hosts, “The TRADCATKNIGHT & ACH Show,” with Eric Gajewski, for a show entitled, “Worldwide Wrap-Up.”
We discussed: Eric’s Traditional Catholic Anti-Vaitcan 2 stance, which has attracted the ire of the FBI; the Abrahamic Family House in Abu-Dhabi; how the East Palestine disaster has affected Eric personally; why FEMA did not deploy to East Palestine; why we need to be on the lookout for mainstream media references to Bird Flu and the Marburg Virus; how new diseases almost always seem to generate new vaccines; where we are in relation to World War 3; how we are getting closer to Planet X; are UFO’s a distraction or are they something we need to be worried about; the World Economic Forum (WTF) warnings of cyber attacks during their recent meeting; how to protect yourself against bank bail-ins; and many other topics.
by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock

the new UK ONS data is out and it’s worse than before
this was not a fix, it was further breakage
back in may, the UK statistical agency (ONS) stopped reporting all cause deaths numbers by vaccine status. in response to a number of serious criticisms, they went so far as to admit that their data was not, in fact, suited to purpose and was of too low a quality to be relied upon to assess vaccine efficacy our outcomes. chief among this list of complaints was reliance upon an old census to back into the number of people who were unvaccinated by taking that out of date population count and subtracting from it the number of people jabbed. this is going to severely undercount the unvaccinated because population has risen since then. that, in turn, will mean that bad outcomes (like deaths) from this larger population will be ascribed to too small a group. that in turn, will mean that the apparent rate per person or person year of bad outcomes will look too high. and that will destroy the validity of the comparisons by greatly inflating base rate risk.
by el gato malo

In The Flesh: The Oxford Anti-LTN March
What really went down at the anti-Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) march last weekend
Some protests are torrid affairs. Others can prove enlightening. The march last Saturday in the heart of Oxford was the latter. Attendees rocked up nearly 2 hours before the scheduled meet, poised with their homemade placards, ready to dissent. It was truly an eclectic mix. Tweed jackets juxtaposed grey baggy trackies, edgy high-tops contrasted brown Chelsea boots, dreadlocks neighboured crew cuts, with all unified under one mission – to say no to Oxfordshire County Council’s creeping authoritarianism. Last year, the Council announced plans to impose Low Traffic Neighbours (LTN) across the city. Councillors justified the £6.5 million schemes by declaring that they will “greatly reduce” motor vehicle traffic in residential streets. They purport to achieve this by two means. First, bollards will be placed to block off certain streets. Second, LTN zones will be designated and monitored by cameras recording license plates, so if residents drive in zones they have not purchased a permit for, they will be fined. Upon that fine being ignored, they would likely be jailed.
by JJ Starky

Heartbreaking And Horrific Story On The Trans Cult Destroying A Young Girls Life (6:20)

I Was A Prisoner In Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp, But Who Is Its Biggest Captive?
The whole world agrees that Guantanamo is a stain on our humanity and one of the biggest human right violations of the 21st century. There are those who tortured and abused us at Guantanamo who are still bragging about their time there and their work. Their humanity was the first real victim of that place. Despite all these reflections, though, Guantanamo hasn’t left us yet. Even today, there are 34 men still in Guantanamo, 20 of whom have been cleared for release. There are many calls for the closure of America’s black hole detention centre. For us, closing Guantanamo does not only mean shutting down the facility, but also there being full accountability for the US government for what happened there: acknowledgment of the cruel and inhumane treatment, a full and unreserved apology, and reparations for the victims. Guantanamo symbolises oppression, injustice, torture and lawlessness. In this way, Guantanamo is now everywhere, and I can say — in the strangest of ironies — that even though we were prisoners of the US destructive “War on Terror”, the United States is and always has been a prisoner of its own violence. Guantanamo is yet another chapter of this violence and one whose legacy will live on long after the prison is closed. The United State of America itself is Guantanamo’s greatest captive.
by Mansoor Adayfi

More Stuff The BBC And YouTube May Have Forgotten To Tell You
Censorship, misinformation and disinformation are now commonplace in the mainstream media. Here are a few truths which you probably haven’t seen on the awful, unbalanced and shameful BBC and the utterly discredited YouTube: There is no little irony in the fact that one apparently respectable world organisation is begging the public for money to help deal with the human crisis in Ukraine when another apparently respectable world organisation is considered responsible for the war that is causing the human crisis in Ukraine. You couldn’t make it up, could you?
by Dr. Vernon Coleman

Free Speech Is For Fighting The Empire: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix
My research has led me to conclude that there’s an elite conspiracy to enslave us all and turn us all into brainwashed automatons mindlessly enacting the wishes of our rulers in a cruel dystopia built by the powerful, for the powerful. Haha, just kidding. That already happened. Step one is learning that the mainstream consensus worldview is a lie, and that we’ve been fed power-serving propaganda since we were children about our society, our nation, our government and our world. Most people haven’t even made it to step one yet. Step two is getting clear on how we’ve been lied to. A lot of people who make it past step one get mixed up here. Many fall for dopey right-wing narratives about Jews ruling the world, globalist pedophile cabals, elite conspiracies to make all our kids transgendered or whatever, because their ideology prohibits them from clearly seeing the real underlying dynamics of capitalism and the empire-building of their own government. They place far too much emphasis on things like vaccines and the future of transhumanism being used to someday create an Orwellian dystopia, because their worldview prohibits them from recognizing that we’re already living in a power-serving mind-controlled dystopia.
by Caitlin Johnstone

Can We Trust Republicans To Stand Up To Big Tech And Telecom Censorship?
The GOP has talked long enough about the problem of censorship. It’s time to act.
The Supreme Court on Tuesday heard oral arguments in Gonzalez v. Google, the first time the justices have heard a case involving Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. Whichever way the court rules, Congress will likely respond by looking to amend the law, which will be overseen by the House Commerce Committee led by Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-Wa.). Conservatives concerned about Big Tech censorship should worry about McMorris Rodgers’ power over the matter. The first prominent Republicans to address Big Tech censorship were Senators Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Josh Hawley (R-Mo.). Cruz in April 2018 asked Mark Zuckerberg why Facebook should have protections as a neutral conduit under Section 230 when the company censors Americans based on their constitutionally protected speech. In June 2019, Hawley introduced the Ending Support for Internet Censorship Act, which would have required viewpoint neutrality for dominant platforms that receive Section 230 immunity. Section 230 explicitly is premised on the idea that the platforms “offer a forum for a true diversity of political discourse.” The platforms clearly don’t provide that kind of forum. McMorris Rodgers rebuked her Republican colleagues over their solution to censorship.
by Paul Bradford

RNA Injection: It’s A Very Dangerous Discovery (1:17)

Musk Accuses Top US Official [Victoria Nuland] Of ‘Pushing War’ In Ukraine
The Twitter tycoon singled out Victoria Nuland as the most pro-war voice in Washington
“Nobody is pushing” the conflict in Ukraine more than US State Department official Victoria Nuland, Twitter CEO Elon Musk said on Wednesday. Nuland, who helped to orchestrate the pro-Western coup in Kiev in 2014, has backed military strikes on the Russian territory of Crimea. Nuland’s declaration last Thursday that Russian military bases in Crimea are “legitimate targets” for Ukrainian forces was interpreted by the Kremlin as proof of “US involvement in the Ukraine conflict.” In a post on Telegram, former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev warned that Moscow would respond to such attacks “using weapons of any kind.” “Nobody is pushing this war more than Nuland,” wrote Musk, who has previously warned that nuclear war could break out unless Ukraine abandons its claims to Crimea and both sides agree to peace talks.
by RT

West Unwilling To Cooperate On Nord Stream Probe: Russian Diplomat
Russia’s ambassador to the United Nations has once again accused the United States of being behind the explosions on Nord stream gas pipelines in September last year, saying the national investigations of Germany, Denmark, and Sweden into the sabotage are aimed at protecting Washington.
Vasily Nebenzia made the remarks at a UN Security Council session in New York on Tuesday, stressing that Western countries were showing no intention of cooperating with Moscow in an inquiry into the blasts. “We have strong reasons to doubt the effectiveness, transparency, and impartiality of investigations that are being carried out under some national jurisdictions,” Nebenzia said, adding, “We do not see our partners being eager to cooperate.” The senior diplomat also noted that “the so-called investigations by Scandinavian states and Germany into the incident not only lack transparency but are aimed at covering up the tracks and exculpating the big American brother.” Nebenzia said Russia was not allowed to partake in the probe, and all its requests “are ignored with arrogance.”
by PressTV

Christian Bookstore Must Violate Faith Or Face Massive Fines
Help ADF defend them and others standing for free speech! Jacksonville, FL-based Queen of Angels Catholic Bookstore and owner Christie DeTrude simply strive to honor God and wish to promote their beliefs, including through the store’s website and YouTube channel. The bookstore joyfully serves all people, and sells its products to anyone, but Christie and her employees cannot speak a message they disagree with. An outrageous Jacksonville law is compelling businesses to speak inconsistent with their beliefs by promoting government-approved ideologies—or face devastating fines. Like far too many laws across the county, this Jacksonville law requires businesses to use a customer’s “preferred” pronouns—even a Christian bookstore that explicitly embraces the Gospel and fundamental biblical values regarding gender and sexuality.
by ADF Legal

TSA Still Molesting At Warp Speed
I traveled to Hartford, Connecticut last week for a conference. It was the first time since the start of the pandemic that I had the pleasure of being pawed by TSA agents. Alas, since 2020, neither I nor the Transportation Security Administration have become corrigible. Flying out of Washington National Airport on Thursday, I saw a special entry for the CLEAR program that enables people who pay $189 a year to skip TSA lines. I lambasted this program here back in December. Travelers stand in photo kiosks that compare their face with a federal database of photos from passport applications, drivers’ licenses ,and other sources. TSA promises that its new airport regime will respect Americans’ privacy. Fat chance: TSA previously promised no traveler would be delayed more than 10 minutes at TSA checkpoints. I stood and watched semi-frazzled travelers enter a roped-off expanse to get TSA approval for their visage.
by Jim Bovard

Humans Were A Renewable Resource by Dr. Zach Bush (2:18)

Eating Lab Grown Chicken Equivalent To Eating Cancer Tumors?
This past November we reported how a new lab-grown chicken product is being developed and could soon be available commercially. The company, Upside Foods, is run by a medical doctor, and they put out a press release last year claiming that the FDA had “cleared” the product. But that was simply a clever marketing campaign, as the FDA does not approve foods, like they do drugs. Unlike other lab-produced meats which are vegetarian and plant based, this product uses cell lines from chickens. Bloomberg did an investigative report on this product this week, and reported that these cell lines are “immortalized” and are basically the same as cancerous tumors. They reported: “Thank the biotech revolution. Under the right conditions, animal cells can be grown in a petri dish, or even at scale in factories full of stainless-steel drums. For decades, companies such as Pfizer Inc. and Johnson & Johnson have cultured large volumes of cells to produce vaccines, monoclonal antibodies and other biotherapeutics. Now the idea is that we might as well eat these cells, too.”
by Brian Shilhavy

Breakout! We Recover Our Michael Walsh Banned Books From The Censors
Do you like being told what you can and cannot read? Are you okay with that? Really? What happened to the maxim, ‘I disagree with what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it.’ Forget the so-called Nazi-book burning propaganda: It was students of 1930s Leipzig university who before Hitler’s NSDAP was elected (January 1933), whilst acting on their own initiative, seized and destroyed their university’s stockpiles of decadent anti-German art, paedophilia, pornography, LGBT and Communist propaganda. The National Socialists simply thought it a good idea and encourage the destruction of anti-German literary sewage.
by Michael Walsh

Hungary’s Viktor Orban Does Not Want To Participate In Western Effort To Escalate War Against Russia…
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is not willing to join the NATO alliance in pushing further escalation of war against Russia. Now, we begin to connect the dots, see the bigger picture and understand exactly why Samantha Power is running an operation inside Hungary with the unspoken intent of destabilizing the Hungarian population against the government. (Via Daily Mail) – Hungary’s far-right Prime Minister Viktor Orban snubbed Wednesday’s meeting in Warsaw with President Joe Biden and the other Bucharest Nine leaders after insisting Donald Trump was the only person who could broker peace with Vladimir Putin. Orban has been an outlier on the war in Ukraine, chiding the European Union for prolonging the conflict and saying in October that only former U.S. President Donald Trump could negotiate a deal between the Ukrainians and Russians to end the conflict.
by Sundance

Putin Reminded Everyone That Russia Is Using Force To End The War That The West Started
Those who’ve been manipulated by the Golden Billion’s hypocritical information warfare narratives into thinking that Russia’s special operation is illegal and immoral should reconsider their stance. Had the Kremlin let the West’s grand strategic scheme unfold without interference, then more ethnic cleansing and genocide would have taken place in Donbass. NATO’s gradual erosion of Russia’s national security red lines and nuclear second-strike capabilities would also have turned it into a vassal state.
by Andrew Korybko

Beyond Censorship: Destroying Free Thought Online by Truthstream Media (50:21)

East Palestine Vehicle Plate Classic T-Shirt
A train derailment of toxic chemicals in East Palestine, Ohio has contaminated a large area making the air not safe to breathe and water unsafe to drink, despite the testing. Deadly dioxin was created and released when the vinyl chloride was set on fire. Why? This area will be contaminated many years because dioxins are “persistent organic pollutants” meaning they take a long time to break down once they are in the environment. Dioxins are highly toxic and can cause cancer, reproductive and developmental problems, damage to the immune system, and can interfere with hormones. Is East Palestine another Camp Lejeune?
by ShipOfFools

Brzezinski’s Confession
While American interventionists remain stone-cold silent about the way that the Pentagon, operating through its old Cold War dinosaur NATO, knowingly, deliberately, and intentionally provoked Russia into invading Ukraine, it’s instructive to remind ourselves that this wasn’t the first time that the Pentagon provoked Russia into invading another country. Let’s go back to 1979, when the Pentagon was still waging its old Cold War racket. That was the year that U.S. officials devised a successful plot to provoke the Soviets into invading Afghanistan. There is a confession on the part of the national-security establishment that that is precisely what they did. Even for those who are loath to ever acknowledge that the national-security establishment engages in evil, dark-side activity, a confession is rather persuasive evidence that takes matters out of the realm of “conspiracy theory” and places them squarely in the realm of an actual conspiracy. The confessor was Zbigniew Brzezinski, who served as President Jimmy Carter’s national-security advisor in 1979. He confessed that the U.S. knowingly, deliberately, and intentionally provoked the Soviets into invading Afghanistan. Mind you, Brzezinski didn’t confess until 1998, some 20 years after the Soviet invasion.
by Jacob G. Hornberger

Remdesivir Victims Grab Medical Centres By The Throat
New lawsuits have been filed against an array of Community Medical Centres in California over their covid care protocol…
Gilead’s Remdesivir is a drug that has received a lot of criticism, and rightly so. Prior to the pandemic, the World Health Organisation rejected its use due to poor trial studies abroad. NIAID-sponsored trials had likewise documented troubling issues. Reported adverse events were significant: In short, a plethora of studies indicated it had potentially bizarre and fatal effects depending on the patient’s health. Patients who had a multi-organ impairment, for example, exhibited detrimental impacts on their renal function after the drug was administered. The FDA, nonetheless, granted its use under Emergency Use Authorisation (EUA) when a study showed it reduced COVID hospitalisation duration by 4 days. From that point on, Remdesivir became part of every COVID-19 protocol across the country. Reports from 2020 have since revealed that if a vulnerable patient (aged 65 and over) came into a medical centre and tested positive, Remdesivir was the treatment most likely to be offered. That patient would then be placed or declared in the ICU as an inpatient. Here is where the story turns very sinister. According to local sources in California, hospitals that took on inpatient complex cases could charge up to 144x more than an outpatient case. As soon as they treated these patients within their facilities, they could apply for reimbursement from Medicare. In other words, there was a clear financial incentive for hospitals to “over-treat” patients to maximise profits.
by JJ Starky

Israel Kills 10 Palestinians, Injures A Hundred In Nablus
Ten Palestinians have been killed and over a hundred wounded this morning following an Israeli military raid in the occupied West Bank city of Nablus. The Israeli occupation’s military stormed the city with armoured vehicles and blocked off all entrances before surrounding a home with two wanted Palestinians inside. Hossam Isleem and Mohammad Abdulghani, who were both killed. The Israeli forces demolished the building while the two were inside; their bodies were later identified by the occuption’s forces. Israeli military sources claim the two Palestinians were involved in numerous resistance attacks against illegal Israeli settlements and in the death of a soldier last October. The Palestinian Health Ministry reported that ten people were killed and 102 others were wounded as a result of gunfire by Israeli occupation soldiers.

How And Why We Fast by Dr. Sam Bailey (16:05)

Jordana Cutler Appointed Head Of Controversial Israeli Ministry, Sparking Censorship Fears
On Jan. 11, Israel’s new minister of strategic affairs, Ron Dermer, named Facebook senior employee, Jordana Cutler, as the ministry’s director general. The ministry is notorious for combatting the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement and promoting a positive image of Israel abroad. Yet with Cutler’s biography and Facebook’s history of censoring Palestinian content, experts and activists are sounding the alarm over the appointment. Cutler worked as Facebook’s public policy director for Israel and the Jewish diaspora since 2016. During her time there, the social media giant was consistently accused of restricting Palestinian content on its site — a problem that persists today. Palestinian digital rights organization SadaSocial said in a statement to MintPress News: We believe that Jordana Cutler’s appointment as director general of Israel’s Ministry of Strategic Affairs underscores the mutual relationship between the two parties, Israel’s official level and social media platforms, which translates on the ground into the suppression of Palestinian content.” A senior #Facebook employee will be #Israel‘s Director General of the Strategic Affairs Ministry in Netanyahu’s gov.
by Jessica Buxbaum

8 Proven Ways To Relieve Asthma Naturally
Asthma affects about 300 million people worldwide. It is growing by 50 percent every decade and causes upwards of 180,000 deaths per year. The cause is not well-understood but here are 8 proven ways to help relieve symptoms naturally. There is nothing more terrifying than not being able to breathe. But that’s what asthmatics face every day. Asthma is a chronic disease characterized by inflammation of the airways. Symptoms include wheezing, shortness of breath, chest tightness and cough. According to the Global Initiative for Asthma it affects an estimated 300 million people worldwide. And it increases globally by 50 percent every decade.[i] Asthma is also deadly. According to the World Health Organization, it is linked to more than 180,000 deaths per year.
by GreenMedInfo Research Group

Details Of Clinton Aide’s Bizarre ‘Suicide’ Revealed
The police report from the scene of Mark Middleton’s death was only released nine months later due to legal challenges
Top Clinton adviser Mark Middleton was found hanging by an electrical cord from a tree with his chest blown out by a shotgun blast last May, in an alleged suicide, but there was no gun found anywhere at the scene, according to a Perry County, Arkansas sheriff’s report made public by the Daily Mail on Tuesday. Written by Perry County Sheriff’s Deputy Jeremy Lawson, who said he was called to the Heifer Ranch in Perryville, Arkansas when an employee found Middleton’s vehicle abandoned on the grounds, the report reveals that a gun case and three boxes of 12 gauge buckshot were found in the black BMW SUV – but no gun. While early reports of his death claimed the businessman hanged himself with the help of a “makeshift gallows,” lugging a table onto the farm owned by animal charity Heifer International some 30 miles from his house, the police report does not mention a table.
by RT

An Unexpected Insight (For The Élite): The Us May Be The Biggest Loser In The War On Russia
“NATO has never been stronger; Russia is a global Pariah; and the world remains inspired by Ukrainian bravery and resilience; in short, Russia has lost, Russia has lost strategically, operationally and tactically – and they are paying an enormous price on the battlefield”. He, (General Mark Milley, US Chief of Defence Staff) doesn’t believe a word of that. We know that he doesn’t believe it because, two months ago, he said the exact opposite — until he was chastised by the White House for straying off the Joe Biden message. Now he is back, playing on ‘Team’. Zelensky likely also doesn’t believe the word of the recent European promise of tanks and aircraft (88 Leopard tanks will winnow down to 14) — and he knows it to be mostly a chimaera. But he plays on Team. A few extra tanks will make no difference on the ground, and his fifth mobilisation is being resisted at home.
by Alastair Crooke

Thomas Merton: Enemy Of The Warfare State by Memory Hole Blog (11:25)

In The Spirit Of Russian ‘Total War’ (Text and Videos)
An exploration of how Russia’s warfighting doctrine differs from the West.
An important distinction has been long overdue in the making, as pertains to a topic of much confusion and misinterpretation to a great many people. There’s an inherent misconception about the conceptual differences between Soviet/Russian military systems (read: weapons) and those of NATO/Western equivalents. Endless debate has been made not only about which side’s weapons are ‘better’, but the doctrinal purpose behind their respective philosophies. That’s not to veer into philosophical debate, but rather to point out the certain strain of ‘dark realism’, embodied in the Russian tradition, which views life at its most unvarnished and habitual, and extends to a commitment to ‘realities’ on the ground, harsh as they may be. Thus, in the Russian mindset, ‘Total War’s’ acknowledgment that an existential conflict against a peer foe would necessarily result in mass death—and require systems which can properly function, be picked up quickly and maintained under such conditions—is not an admission of some caricaturized trope of ‘expendable Russian soldiers’, but rather the realpolitik-style understanding of the innate realities of existential style conflicts.
by Simplicius The Thinker

UK Government Funded Unit That Created Demonetization Blacklist Of News Publishers
The same as the US State Department.
The UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office is funding London-based think tank the Global Disinformation Index (GDI), which creates a blacklist of websites it thinks advertisers should avoid that are mostly right-of-center news websites. GDI states that its objective is to “disrupt their advertising-funded business models by encouraging brands, suppliers and ad tech vendors to blocklist them.” The GDI is also funded by the US State Department. Recently, the think tank published a list of 10 “least risky” and “riskiest” news websites in the US. The New York Times, Washington Post, BuzzFeed News, and AP News were among the list of “least risky.” Among the 10 “riskiest” websites were the New York Post, Newsmax, the American Spectator, and The Federalist.
by Cindy Harper

Time To Redirect The Fatima Prayer Petitions?
Traditional Catholics of a certain age-you know, enemies of the State in America-will remember the days when we said prayers after Mass for the conversion of Russia. That went back to 1917 and Our Lady of Fatima-Fatima being a small town in Portugal. Without going into all that-non-Catholic readers will bear with me-one has to wonder whether it’s time to redirect. After all, is it not possible that the prayers for the conversion of Russia have been answered, as far as that’s possible on this earth? According to the Russian president, millions of people in the West realize they are being led to a “real spiritual disaster” Russia will protect its children against spiritual degradation and decay, President Vladimir Putin said in his State of the Nation Address to the Federal Assembly on Tuesday. “We have to protect our children. And we will do this, we will protect our children from degradation and degeneration,” Putin stressed.
by Mark Wauck

China-Russia Relations ‘Rock Solid’ – Beijing
The ties between the two countries can “withstand” global challenges, Foreign Minister Wang Yi believes
Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Tuesday that the bond between the two countries was strong and stable. During his visit to Moscow, the diplomat met with Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolay Patrushev to discuss “mutually beneficial cooperation in all fields.” “China-Russia relations are mature in character and rock solid, able to withstand the challenges of the volatile international situation,” Wang stressed. He added that the countries were ready to defend their national interests and dignity. Patrushev responded to Wang by saying the relations between Moscow and Beijing had “inherent value” and “were not swayed by outside trends.” He added that a strategic partnership with China was a priority for Russia as both countries were devoted to creating “a more just world order.” According to Wang, the two countries, as members of the United Nations Security Council, are responsible for “keeping the peace on the planet.”
by RT

Merton: A Film Biography by Paul Wilkes (50:39)

ACH (2068) Mallificus Scott – The Limeys #109 – The Worldwide Privacy Tour (Audio 1:48:37)
In today’s show originally broadcast on February 20, 2023, Andy presents “The Limeys” with his co-host Mallificus Scott for a show entitled, “The Worldwide Privacy Tour.”
We discussed: the South Park YouTube video clip that we played during the show intro segment; when former King Edward VIII appealed for peace in a statement the BBC refused to broadcast; why the mainstream media design all their stories to generate an emotional reaction from their readers; are crisps making Andy ill; how to get the best quality mp3 sound from your cds; today’s television review “Walker – Texas Ranger” that was sent in by a listener to the show; Peter Jackson’s “They Shall Not Grow Old” World War 1 documentary film; Monday’s Prayer On The Air; the Your Daily Shakespeare’s quote of the week “… what we would do, We should do when we would; for this ‘would’ changes, And hath abatements and delays as many, As there are tongues, are hands, are accidents.”; this week’s “If My Democratic Right To Free Speech Did Not Prohibit Me From Doing So I Would” segment; how we have no new figures since December 1 2022, of the 2,362 deaths and 474,018 people injured after taking the vaccines, from the UK Government website that used to update these; ; Mallificus’ news on “The Great Distraction”; dog flu; the curious case of the revolting German Ballet director; the Bolivian convict who tried to escape from prison disguised as a sheep; how the mainstream media are now blaming the UK’s position as the world’s leading surveillance state on the Chinese; The Limeys Tard Of The Week; the backlash against illegal immigration in Cornwall; the Barbara Lerner Spectre YouTube video; the Twitter video of a man asking a perfectly reasonable question regarding immigration in Dunstable; how “The League Of Empire Loyalists” fought against immigration back in the 1950’s in the UK; what happened when Germany banned pornography and usury; Mallificus’ News Round-up Of The Week; how even Roald Dahl’s childrens books are being censored today; and many other topics.
by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock

How Long Did Americans Support America’s Longest War?
It is also undisputed that there was no declaration of war issued by Congress against either Afghanistan or Iraq, as required by the U.S. Constitution. That made both invasions illegal under our form of constitutional government. It is impossible to know exactly how many people in Afghanistan and Iraq were tortured, injured, or killed by U.S. forces in those two wars of aggression. That’s because, early on, the Pentagon announced that it would not keep track of enemy dead. That’s because the lives of Afghans and Iraqis didn’t count. However, according to the Watson Institute at Brown University, “Nearly 20 years after the United States’ invasion of Afghanistan, the cost of its global war on terror stands at $8 trillion and 900,000 deaths.”
by Jacob G. Hornberger

“Vaccines” As Shakespeare Might See Them
A COVID-19 injectable product by any other name (like “vaccine”) would smell as nasty (and be as harmful).
Recently Aaron Siri wrote a very important Substack entitled: “mRNA Vaccines are “Vaccines” – Like it or not, mRNA vaccines are no less a vaccine than other vaccines”, to which I, among many others, reacted to. His words opened a can of worms which, in my case, prompted me to go on a journey to define more clearly and accurately why I prefer not to refer to the COVID-19 injectable products as “vaccines”, even if they do technically qualify as such. Disagree. Based on the fact that: 1. the word vaccine has extensive power that extends beyond its definition 2. they do far more than induce desired immune responses and 3. they are LNP-based products. They are at best, failed attempts at gene-BASED therapies.
by Jessica Rose

How To Use Gab’s AI Image Generator
Gabby is our image-generating AI that can be used by sending a direct message to the @AI account on Gab. The quality and accuracy of the image generated will depend on the prompts you give Gabby to complete. The better refined your prompt, the better refined your generated image will be. This guide aims to help you hone your prompting skills to get the best results