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National Socialism: The Right And Only Way To Free Ourselves by Stefan Timm

National Socialism is the right and only way because it first of all is a racial ideology, whose principles teach us the importance of racial purity and integrity, for what is a culture without its race?
A culture whose people have lost their racial identity through miscegenation in the end dies, for a real culture is developed over the course of many centuries through its people, by whom it was founded and established. A culture can only survive as long as its people remain racially pure and whole, because it is through its people that a culture is expressed and lived. Anything else would be just an echo, a faded shadow of the original, lacking the true spirit and mind, which cannot exist when the body, spirit and mind is tainted by foreign blood, mixed and altered.
National Socialism economically teaches the worker that “making a living” is not just about accumulating material wealth and providing for one’s own family, but most importantly, about doing one’s part in moving forward the progress of one’s people, one’s race. The worker takes pride in work, knowing that every man and woman does his or her share to help create a healthier and better way of life for the whole society through hard work and being united in a harmonious way, as a people.
Under National Socialism work is more than just mere work. It is a combined effort by every individual to establish a productive society in which every person has an important task to carry out, in order to establish a healthy society devoid of selfishness and individual greed which would hinder the well-being and progress of the people as a whole.

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