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Kanye: My Lawyer Told Me I’ll Lose Custody Of My Kids If I Keep Up The ‘Anti-Semitic Rhetoric’ by Paul Joseph Watson

The Jewish activist group StopAntisemitism called for Ye to lose custody of his children earlier this month.
Ye said Sunday night on Parler that he was told by his custody lawyer Bob Cohen that he will lose custody of his children if he keeps up his “anti-Semitic rhetoric.” “On my last and final meeting with Bob Cohen he told me ‘if I keep up anti-Semitic rhetoric you’ll loose custody of your children,’”
Ye said. “So let me get this straight,” he continued. “If I complain about Jewish business practices it’s considered anti Semitic So my custody lawyer was basically telling me If you complain about getting done wrong in business You will loose custody of your children And this was the guy on my side.” “Bob Cohen was my custody lawyer,” Ye said in another post. “On our first meeting he had a black woman there I asked him why she was here He replied Chris Rock told me I needed to hire someone black He didn’t say She was a great lawyer He simply said I hired her cause she was black.”
The Jewish activist group StopAntisemitism called for Ye to lose custody of his children earlier this month. TMZ’s Harvey Levin also suggested that Ye’s “anti-Semitic rants” and “mental illness” should be a factor in denying him custody of his children. “To me, at the very least, I could see a judge saying at this point that there’ll be visitation [rights] but it’s going to be supervised,” Levin said.

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3 Replies to “Kanye: My Lawyer Told Me I’ll Lose Custody Of My Kids If I Keep Up The ‘Anti-Semitic Rhetoric’ by Paul Joseph Watson

  1. He means if Kanye keeps spreading the Negroes are the real Jews story coming very str8ng from Uganda The story designed to create a total race war because it says the Black Africans are Gods Chosen People and whites are scum .Course you’d agree God is a Negro wouldnt you ?After all you wouldn’t want to be an anti semitic .Would you .Not when black negroes arent a tiny defenseless little global minority like the present Jews .

  2. Anonymous = Most likely a *khazarian COWARD = khazarian = habirus = synogogue of satan =

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