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The American “War For Righteousness” Is A War For Evil by Boyd Cathey

Back on October 25, 2022 Democratic Congressman Jamie Raskin (D-Maryland) celebrated the withdrawal by the Democratic congressional “progressive caucus” of their abortive letter (October 24) imploring the Biden administration to engage in serious negotiations with Russia and Ukraine to possibly end the bloody conflict in Eastern Europe that threatens rapidly to become a nuclear conflagration which could end life on earth as we know it. Raskin is not just any ordinary Democratic congressman; he’s an important member of the special House commission which has been busily investigating that dire threat to “our democracy,” the January 6, 2021 “insurrection.” Yes, he’s a far Leftist and Jewish and his message is often just as frenzied and fanatical as that of any member of the Squad. But with one major difference: he’s highly placed and well connected, part of the Democrat establishment, so when he speaks, he speaks with some authority for the party and its leadership.
After praising his fellow Leftists for withdrawing their plea for negotiations to end a cruel and vicious conflict—oddly, is that not what Leftists traditionally claim they do, demand “peace” and an “end to violence”?—and jumping on the jingoist and warmongering bandwagon, a spiraling path which may well end in nuclear holocaust, Raskin uttered his most important and revealing paragraph and the real reasons the US is deeply involved in a faraway conflict in Eastern Europe.Whether he realized it or not, it summarizes the official (if unspoken) American and NATO stance on the conflict, and more, the real issues involved. Most everyone in positions of power and authority in Washington and Brussels understands them, but far too many regular Americans do not.
Here is Raskin stating why we must be in Ukraine: “Moscow right now is a hub of corrupt tyranny, censorship, authoritarian repression, police violence, propaganda, government lies and disinformation, and planning for war crimes. It is a world center of antifeminist, antigay, anti-trans hatred, as well as the homeland of replacement theory for export. In supporting Ukraine, we are opposing these fascist views, and supporting the urgent principles of democratic pluralism.”
Sound familiar? It should, as it is the same litany of accusations we hear constantly and hysterically spouted by most of our legacy media domestically to attack, impugn and cancel those who question and challenge the latest conquests of our “liberal democracy.” The language is nearly identical, save for the location. Those “ultra MAGA” types must be defeated, extinguished, whether in America or in Russia….

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3 Replies to “The American “War For Righteousness” Is A War For Evil by Boyd Cathey

  1. I fervently wish more people will discover that most government officials are low-lifes warranting greatly less respect than one might grant violent common criminals. This is not hyperbole. I recommend adopting the mantra “This is not my government.” It will remain your government until you think otherwise.

  2. Nukes don’t exist. It’s pseudoscience. 20 tons of TNT is not a nuke. Fire bombing bamboo and paper cities is not a nuke.
    Might as well be CNN.
    Jews are the problem. Everywhere.

  3. The pope is the accepted American Congressional Moral Authority for a rule of law He took communion with favourite Nancy abortionist Pelosi ,sidekick of alleged pedophile Biden .

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