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Usury: The Root Cause Of All Problems On The Planet by Edward Morgan

Debt Slavery, Central Banks, Wars, Assassinations
Usury and the insane debt-slavery banking system is the root cause of all problems on this planet – yes, the root cause of all of them. It allows evil people to rule over us. Until we sort out the banking and get rid of Usury/High interest charges and eliminate the private central banks influence, then I can’t see any major beneficial changes occurring on this planet.
Usury creates more debt than exists money to pay it off. These central banks only put into circulation the amount borrowed – the interest due back is not put into circulation – so Humanity will be forever debt slaves – we can never pay back the debt. It is immoral to charge interest, and then they even charge interest on the interest – it is insanity. The system is rigged. Throughout history famous philosophers and religious people have condemned the use of Usury as immoral, a sin, etc. But now our whole world is engulfed by this practice.
People need to understand that money was meant to be just a tool to help each country with exchange of goods and not something to be manipulated by the rich, for the rich to get richer – and the poor more poor. You should not be able to make money out of just having money – it leads to the breakdown of society, poverty, stress and oppression for the vast majority of people.
Now, why would any nation borrow at high interest rates from foreign private central banks when they could issue their own debt and interest free money to the people via a national bank? Why would your own political representatives allow us to become indebted to foreign bankers, in effect reducing us to economic slaves? Its insanity – people just accept this crazy system without thinking. We are dealing with highly sophisticated, multi-generational families who, over time, have slithered their way into being accepted as the world’s money suppliers – once you have such control you basically own the nations and the people you lend to. These private central banks run by these mega rich families can just create money out of thin air and manipulate the financial markets – recessions when they want, inflation etc.. just numbers on a screen. Again, it’s all insanity, something has to be done.
There will be a longer section about Hitler and The National Socialist German Workers Party – as their economic transformation through getting rid of usury and eliminating the private banks influence, combined with their other economic policies transformed Germany so miraculously it deserves closer attention. (If you want to benefit humanity let go of your prejudices regarding Hitler – move beyond the brainwashing you have received – there is much you can learn from what Hitler achieved economically in Germany.

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One Reply to “Usury: The Root Cause Of All Problems On The Planet by Edward Morgan

  1. I totally agree with what you have written. Sadly, as far I’ve been able to determine, the very word ‘usury’ is not in the vocabulary of most people. They do know the word ‘interest’ but tend to see it as just a sort of user fee. People really need to see the evil of it all. Please continue to include articles about it.

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