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How The New World Order Is Using The Christian Churches And Their Pastors To Destroy Christianity! by Dr. Lorraine Day

Over two decades ago, in the December 1987 Pulpit Helps, which reaches thousands of ministers, frightening statistics were published after being gathered by the Jeffrey Hadden survey. Questions were sent to some 10,000 Protestant clergymen, 7,441 replied. Pastors from many different denominations were surveyed. The questions, together with the percentages in the replies are shown below. Some pastors in every denomination surveyed, replied “No” to the following questions. The largest percentage answering, “No” occurred among the Methodist pastors, followed by the United Presbyterians, the Episcopalians, American Baptists, American Lutherans, with the lowest percentage answering, “No” in the Missouri Synod Lutherans.
“Do you accept Jesus’ physical resurrection as a fact? “No” was the response from 50% of Methodist pastors, varying down to 2% of Missouri Synod Lutherans. “Do you believe in the virgin birth of Jesus? “No” was the response from 60% of Methodists down to 5% of Missouri Synod Lutherans (MS Lutherans). “Do you believe in evil demon power in the world today? 62% of Methodist pastors said, “No” varying down to 2% of MS Lutherans. “Do you believe that the Scriptures are the inspired and inerrant Word of God in faith, history, and secular matters? 87% of Methodists, 95% of Episcopalians, 82% of Presbyterians, 67% of American Baptists, 77% of American Lutherans, and 24% of Missouri Synod Lutherans said, “NO.” (“A Falling Away First,” Omega-Letter, March 1988, p 5). Those shocking statistics from over two decades ago demonstrating even then the severe apostasy in the Christian churches, most certainly have skyrocketed today. What happened to cause such apostasy?

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One Reply to “How The New World Order Is Using The Christian Churches And Their Pastors To Destroy Christianity! by Dr. Lorraine Day

  1. Look seek and ye shall find At the interfaith ecumenical council decades ago now all religions agreed to accept the Pope as supreme team leader of the New World Order .

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