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Drug Companies – Just A Bit Crooked Or Thoroughly Evil? by Dr. Vernon Coleman

I suspect that some people think I am hard on the drug companies. It is widely believed that although they sometimes make mistakes, the pharmaceutical giants do the best they can and have our interests at heart.
The truth is, however, that the big global pharmaceutical companies are the most evil organisations on earth. They are ruthlessly, relentlessly greedy, uncaring and lethal. Their only concern is making money. They have absolutely no interest in saving lives or restoring the sick to good health.
And why should they?
The drug companies aren’t people. They exist for one purpose only: to make money for the executives and the shareholders. Companies have no morals. They don’t think or behave like people. Over the last two and a half years I have repeatedly shown how big drug companies such as GKN, Pfizer and so on are among the most fraudulent and dishonest companies on earth. I’ve named names and given details of the fines they’ve had to pay many times. If I’d got anything wrong I’d have had been smothered with writs.
If a drug company found a single dose drug that prevented heart disease or cancer I believe that they would suppress it. I firmly believe that a good many valuable drugs are hidden because their use would interfere with drug company profits. There is, for example, a very simple, cheap medicine – available without a prescription – which has been shown to help prevent cancer and may help prevent heart disease in some patients. (I’ll tell you about it in an article which I’ll publish shortly. I’ll give you the name and describe the unassailable evidence and explain why I take it daily.)

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2 Replies to “Drug Companies – Just A Bit Crooked Or Thoroughly Evil? by Dr. Vernon Coleman

  1. absolutely pure unmitigated evil. Absolute intent. Here by law a dr is ONLY allowed to treat patients to the extent that they are kept “fit for work “By Law .

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