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“The Decline And Fall Of The Western Empire” by Chuck Baldwin

Almost everyone sees it, and almost no one wants to discuss it: America and Western Europe are spiraling out of control. And the speed of the descent is crescendoing rapidly.
It took a long time for the old Roman Empire to collapse. The seeds of its demise blossomed slowly, but the historically astute among the Romans saw the destructive nation-eating plants growing when they first began to appear, but no one would believe them. And when the end came, it came quickly—almost overnight.
The Roman Empire was so rich and prosperous and so militarily mighty that no one within the empire could even imagine that a collapse was possible. I’m sure that what I’ve heard hundreds of Americans say, “It can’t happen here,” also echoed throughout the old Roman Empire for generations.
My critics often call me a “political” pastor. If those same people had really listened to me for any significant period of time they would know that I am one of the most apolitical preachers in the country. While the pastors who call me “too political” are neck-deep it partisan politics, defining America’s problems in mostly political terms by promoting the Republican Party and refusing to oppose GOP politicians when they engage in destructive and anti-Freedom activities and policies for fear that doing so would “help the Democrats,” I spare no party or politician. I am not interested in what is good for the party; I am only interested in what is good for the country and what is RIGHT.

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One Reply to ““The Decline And Fall Of The Western Empire” by Chuck Baldwin

  1. The real problem is people generally are brainwashed into a stupor and they aid it by being drug dependent including the puritans who despise druggies ,and scorn them in their hypocritical manner as smug superiors whilst unable to even a single meal without a bottle of wine as accompaniment, and too stupid to even realize alcohol is just a liquid drug .
    Drunks and druggies ,the Drs with their pills and potions, and the artists with their cocaine champagne, and the workers with their pot crack speed and beer ,are the downfall of the civilisation .All in a stupor and too stupid to know it.

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