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The All-American Lie Factory by Philip Giraldi

Government and the media work together to promote war on Russia
[This article is derived from a speech I made at the July 23rd Peace and Freedom Rally in Kingston New York]
There are some things that I believe to be true about the anarchy that purports to be US foreign policy. First, and most important, I do not believe that any voter cast a ballot for Joe Biden because he or she wanted him to relentlessly pursue a needless conflict with Russia that could easily escalate into a nuclear war with unimaginable consequences for all parties. Biden has recently declared that the US will support Ukraine “until we win” and, as there are already tens of billions of dollars of weapons going to Ukraine plus American “advisers” on the ground, it constitutes a scenario in which American and Russian soldiers will soon likely be shooting at each other. The President of Serbia and columnists like Pat Buchanan and Tulsi Gabbard believe that we are already de facto in World War 3 and one has to wonder how the White House is getting away with ignoring the War Powers mandates in the US Constitution.
Second, I believe that the Russians approached the United States and its allies with some quite reasonable requests regarding their own national security given that a hostile military alliance was about to land on its doorsteps. The issues at stake were fully negotiable but the US refused to budge on anything and Russia felt compelled to take military action. Nevertheless, there is no such thing as a good war. I categorically reject anyone invading anyone else unless there is a dire and immediate threat, but the onus on how the Ukraine situation developed the way it did is on Washington.

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2 Replies to “The All-American Lie Factory by Philip Giraldi

  1. There are no nukes, That’s just more pseudoscience and propaganda. Fire bombed not Nuked..Question everything you think you know, Americans are the single most brainwashed and lied to people on Earth.
    America can’t win in Ukraine or against Russia or China anywhere and is being destroyed from with-in anyway. As Putin says… why attack an enemy committing suicide?
    One enemy has been playing you for generations.. Jews.

  2. They the Vatican want the Pipe accepted as the Autocratic Moral authority for rule of law over the last bastion of Orthodoxy .England wants Russia as the relatives of the romanov s.They just want it Have for the last 300 years once they realized it was so much richer than them .Its that simple They went berserk with envy when they actually saw how rich it is .

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