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The Ursula Haverbeck Trial In Berlin by Lady Michèle Renouf

On April 1, 2022, an April Fools’ Day legal farce was played out under Allied Occupied German laws where judges are obliged to rule that forensic “truth is no defense” when it comes to any aspect of the official WWII narrative. After three days of hearings (commenced in March) at the Berlin Regional Court, the Appeal hearing against the 93-year-old Frau Ursula Haverbeck came to an end. The verdict was one year’s imprisonment without parole for the civil and civic-minded “German grande dame of historical enquiry,” as Frau Haverbeck has been dubbed by the late great Scots-French document analyst and leading Revisionist Professor Robert Faurisson.
Two statements formed the substance of the trial. One was made more than six years ago, the other more than four years ago. There are no time limits and no parole for those who express “heretical” skepticism on one particular historical era. In fact, post-war Germany’s Basic Law is designed by the so-called victors to outlaw National Socialism in any form and the law deems criminal any expression of or explicit or implicit show of support for National Socialism, i.e., stickers bearing the wrong insignia or raising an arm in a Roman salute gesture. (Currently, the latter “crime” by Alfred Schaefer got him an extra year in prison in Munich!) Needless to say, offering opinions in support of National Socialism or Hitler or expressing any sort of dissident from the prevailing victor’s narrative of WWII would be considered prosecutable offenses in modern Germany.

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  1. So ?Communists hate socialism The elite would never condone the peasants owning anything if possible They as communists want to own and govern everything.

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