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The Fed Is Pulling The Plug On The Debt Bubble. ‘Cyber Attacks’, Followed By The Greatest Depression Are Coming by Anthony Migchels

The Fed is raising rates aggressively. But they didn’t keep interest rates close to zero for 14 years for no reason: it was because rising rates will make the Mega Debt unpayable. They say they’re raising rates to ‘fight inflation’, but in reality, the Fed is pulling the trigger on the Debt Bubble.
The Fed first started tapering in 2018. This, as predicted, immediately led to a deflationary shock, and in September 2019, they ‘had to’ restart Quantitative Easing. To bail out both the banks, and the real economy, both facing a liquidity squeeze. This came to a climax in the weekend of March 18th 2020, when they gave Wall Street $4 Trillion to at least temporarily fix their balance sheets, while they locked up 4 billion of us, to prevent a popular revolt over the bailout.
But they ‘went too far’ (these fools know exactly what they’re doing), creating massive asset bubbles, and rising prices in the real economy. And creating the problem, infuriating everybody faced with exploding prices (the reaction), and now implementing the solution: raising rates ‘to fight inflation’. But there was a reason the Fed and other Central Banks have kept interest-rates close to zero since the 2008 crunch: debt became unpayable around 2008, and to prevent an immediate mass default, they kept the cost of borrowing low. Since then, debt has only multiplied, and with it the need for eternally low interest rates.
We have already seen what happens when the Fed tightens, in September 2019: liquidity in the economy, both financial and real, will dry up, and defaults will result, and these will in turn crunch the commercial banks. There is simply zero reason why it won’t happen again this time. The only question is when.

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One Reply to “The Fed Is Pulling The Plug On The Debt Bubble. ‘Cyber Attacks’, Followed By The Greatest Depression Are Coming by Anthony Migchels

  1. Economic theory is just that. They’ve never had this world before and this financial. System They do know to some extent what they’re doing, but and it’s a big but, they really don’t understand how to maintain the balls in the air without a crashing occurring. And what your describing is naive be ause if you look over your fence sometime you will see it is global The 98 republics on earth, last time I enquired,all have a federal reserve system of banking There is more now I do know.
    But banks are set up to go down It’s all part of the bigger picture of balancing the balls.And the low interest rates create the physical building of homes needed to meet demamd so despite the costs later the end result is housing for decades.

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