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Nuclear Russian Roulette In Ukraine by Declan Hayes

NATO is a beaten docket, whose race has run and whose chips have all been lost, Declan Hayes writes. The Gambler, Dostoevsky’s superlative novella about the gambling addiction he was afflicted with, is a remarkable tour de force NATO’s leaders should read before they gamble what is left of their own depleted resources away on the unlikely event they can take down China and Russia. Though Dostoevsky, unlike several of his fictional characters, eventually learned that gambling is a fatal drug that gradually destroys its adherents, there is no indication that NATO’s gamblers have learned that or any of the other hard lessons that most ruinous of all vices teaches. Because NATO, having bluffed its way to Pyrrhic victories in Serbia, Syria, Libya and Yemen, now feels it can play Russian roulette with nuclear tipped missiles over Ukraine and live to tell the tale, their psychoses must be dissected on the long shot that Armageddon can be avoided. This article aids that diagnosis.
NATO, like the Swedish mercenaries of the Reformational Wars, like the Waffen SS, and like their ISIS proxies, believe that Gott mitt uns, that God is on their side, that God loves their fecklessness because that is what they pay their media to parrot back at them. POTUS George Bush repeatedly said as much, that God, through the medium of notorious war criminal Donald Rumsfeld, instructed him to destroy secular Iraq, to loot its museums and banks, to rob its oil and to put over a million Iraqi women and children to NATO’s self righteous sword. Far from affirming that these godless ghouls are in any way religious, that is simply to affirm that NATO’s gangsters will use any excuse, the invocation of God included, to justify their crimes and those of their allies. Russia’s issue is how to deal with these medically deranged gangsters.

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One Reply to “Nuclear Russian Roulette In Ukraine by Declan Hayes

  1. Want a bet? Unbelievable. Russias sunk Alks left us the profits for the mitary industrialist s and the reconstruction contractors And of course big pharma slice of the pie.

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