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Francis Fights On by Bishop Richard N. Williamson

Like it or not, the Church still comes through Rome.
Faith lacking there can only make us groan.
Here follows the summary of a recent article by a French journalist, Jean-Marie Guénois of Le Figaro in Paris, France. He paints a persuasive picture, alas, of how Pope Francis is not at all changing course.
Rome is in turmoil. A climate of high-tension reigns in the Holy See, in contrast to the image of good will conveyed to the world. The Roman Curia, once feared, is regularly bypassed by Francis. In 2013 Francis launched a vast reform of the Curia which will take effect at Pentecost this year, when the new Apostolic Constitution Praedicate Evangelium comes into force.
The most important change places all the ministries of the Roman Curia on the same level. This means an abolition of hierarchies within the Vatican ministries. All are considered equal. The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which was the highest ministry in dignity and importance, is relegated to a position behind that of the dicastery of Evangelization and just before a new dicastery dedicated to charity and humanitarian action. This is the Pope’s new spirit: before talking about doctrine, the Church must be “pastoral” -like a shepherd caring for his flock, and not like a teacher of virtue correcting his students.

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One Reply to “Francis Fights On by Bishop Richard N. Williamson

  1. Well actually I do agree that Francis is doing a good job of destroying Catholicism fundamentalism But I detest evangelicalism which he’s said straight out us what he wants for the whole world I loathe that despicable slave driving moralistic repugnancy. And I don’t appreciate worshipping graven imaged of wooden hoockmammas from paganism either. And I believe in Common Law and I dont accept the Pope as Moral authority for rule of law at all. And I believe that Obama never has the right yo assert dich falsehoods when Catholics are a, minority globally Being 1 in 7 gives you zero mandate to be declaring yourself morally superior to anyone on the stage At all. And particularly when, at a rough firs I’d say about 80 % of Ypur alleged faithful never yo yo church and couldn’t give a rats what papa says or thinks.

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