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Nothing Is Happening By Accident – Everything Is Planned by Dr. Vernon Coleman

To the innocent and the ignorant it must seem as though we are in the middle of a perfect storm; an endless nightmare of chaos, confusion, bad luck and disaster.
First, there were the claims of an alleged pandemic which inept mathematicians warned would ravage the world and kill millions. (Even though the British Government’s own expert advisers said, in March 2020, that covid-19 was no more deadly than the ordinary flu.) Naturally, the flu completely disappeared – thus proving that covid was no more than the rebranded flu.
Then, insane global warming cultists invented ever scarier scenarios to encourage us to stop using fossil fuels. Everyone who’s looked at the evidence knows that global warming is childish pseudoscience. There is no global warming. It’s a trick to control us, to scare us and to impoverish us. But to the ignorant and the naïve and the stupid it all seems real.
The politicians and the telly tell us we’re at war, though we’re not quite sure how or why we got involved. No politicians spoke out when Russia invaded Ukraine last time. And the politicians don’t care about bigger wars in Yemen and Syria.

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