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Explain It To Me, Please by Philip Giraldi

If you want a war with Iran, Russia, China and Venezuela tell me why and how it would benefit Americans
So Honest Joe Biden is now going to give another $1.2 billion to the Ukrainians on top of the sixty or so billion that is already in the pipeline, but who’s counting, particularly as Congress refused to approve having an inspector general to monitor whose pockets will be lined. The money will be printed up without any collateral or “borrowed” and the American taxpayer will somehow have to bear the burden of this latest folly that is ipso facto driving much of the world into recession. And it will no doubt be blamed on Vladimir Putin, a process that is already well under way from president mumbles. But you have to wonder why no one has told Joe that the whole exercise in pushing much of the world towards a catastrophic war is a fool’s errand. But then again, the clowns that the president has surrounded himself with might not be very big on speaking the truth even if they know what that means.
Having followed the Ukraine problem since the United States and its poodles refused to negotiate seriously with Vladimir Putin in the real world, I have had to wonder what is wrong with Washington. We have had the ignorant and impulsive Donald Trump supported by a cast of characters that included the mentally unstable Mike Pompeo and John Bolton followed by Biden with the usual bunch of Democratic Party rejects. By that I mean deep thinkers about social issues who would not be able to run a hot dog stand if that were what they were forced to do to make a living. But they are real good at shouting “freedom” and “democracy” whenever questioned concerning their motives.

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One Reply to “Explain It To Me, Please by Philip Giraldi

  1. Bidens Catholic serving the Jesuit Pope. Pope gave half the world to Spain by Papal bull The New world s Spains. England turned Protestant and sunk Spain armada adyer ripping them off bot billions in gold from South America. Spain went bankrupt and with no navy couldn’t defend their territories England took America.
    Qe1 won,QE2 surrendered everything back to Spain and Jesuit Franco is Godfather of Prince George.QE2 signed the Perth Act overthrowing 500 years of Anglican law
    Join the dots It’s very basic.

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