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The US Empire Acts Like A Textbook Manipulative Sociopath by Caitlin Johnstone

Propaganda only works if you don’t know it’s happening. Censorship only works if it doesn’t draw attention to the information being censored. The US empire’s nonstop campaign to control the world’s dominant narratives only works if it isn’t in the spotlight of public scrutiny. This is why those who draw attention to these things are smeared, demonized, censored, marginalized, imprisoned and worse by the managers of empire.
Manipulators hate to be seen, but if you ever find yourself in a relationship with one, your ability to escape depends upon your seeing them. This extreme clash of interests often brings up white hot rage in the manipulator which can be frightening and dangerous.
And I think humanity is entering that stage of the relationship with the US empire. A manipulator who’s just beginning to be seen by a few more pairs of eyes than it would like, causing flickerings of panic to begin to surface. Because once those eyes see what’s hidden underneath the veil of narrative manipulation, they don’t often look away. If anything, they tend to point and draw more attention to it.
It’s a scary time to be alive. But it’s also fascinating. Unlike anything that has ever happened on this planet before.
I look forward to finding out if we escape.

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4 Replies to “The US Empire Acts Like A Textbook Manipulative Sociopath by Caitlin Johnstone

  1. Oh and just where or how do you think your going to escape when you don’t even acknowledge the Dictator in the room? You aren’t. You either wake up or you don’t.

  2. And their is NO USA or US empire because “America is our barracks” Sir Winston Churchill There us only the British Empire Kingdom and its colonies past present and reset future And all NOW after the Perth Act under the Kingdom of the Holy See.By rule of law.

    1. Churchill was a Zionist in the pay of Jews, same as Eisenhower . Clue in, the only enemy is the Jew.

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