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Rerum Novarum – I by Bishop Ricard N. Williamsom

Men hungry for power want Socialism to reign.
Thus Globalists want universal pain.
Did not Karl Marx once say that Communism can be summed up in one simple phrase – “the abolition of private property”? And did not a supreme Globalist, Klaus Schwab, recently promise all souls alive that under Globalism “they will own nothing but they will be completely happy”? And does that not say that Globalism will essentially be on-going Communism? But why this detestation of private property? Because these godless souls are wanting to put an end to any human society that still has any belief in, or respect for, the God of the Ten Commandments: Seventh, thou shalt not steal, Tenth, thou shalt not even desire to steal. Two whole Commandments out of ten, to establish the principle of private property amongst men. The modern war on private property is, amongst other things, modern man’s war on God.
Defending the interests of Almighty God, the Catholic Church defends private property against all Socialists, Communists, Globalists and other enemies of human society who want to destroy it. One notable defender of private property was Pope Leo XIII (1878–1903) in his famous Encyclical, Rerum Novarum of 1891. Since the godless Globalists are threatening right now to overthrow all human society with their “Reset,” let us have a look at this Pope’s defence of the principle of private property.

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2 Replies to “Rerum Novarum – I by Bishop Ricard N. Williamsom

  1. Even IF what you say is verifiably true, wrongful activities by criminal men within & outside of The Church, does NOT (by extension) make right those that break The 10-Commandments OR excuse those who break those commandments.
    Maturity on your part is wanting.

  2. The Vatican owns everyone. You are their private property By the law, the trust they set up in the 1300s which collects you with your parents signature in your birth certificate By rule of law.
    Thereafter everything you think you own is theirs too because they own you And they receive a huge cash deposit in that trust which is supposed to be to care for you. . They have just hidden the whole law and pocketed the money for centuries They owe us all a fortune in the monies they have secreted away from our ancestors alone, let alone the interest and the loss of earnings from that money. But none of them NONE of them will tell you the truth You will have to do tour own research hunting through dusty old books in clidlsed reserve in your libraries if you want the truth about anything And even then you wi just get clues and snippets, a line here a paragraph there.

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