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Important Assassination Movie Quashed by David Martin

You really don’t need to know a great deal of history to know who had the greatest motive to assassinate Lawrence of Arabia. The basis for his fame was his successful mobilization of the Arab subjects of the German-allied Ottoman Empire in the Middle East to rise up in revolt, upon the British promise that should they win the war the Arabs would be granted independence and would be able to determine their own fate in the future.
As we can see from my article, “The Balfour Declaration’s Bitter Fruit,” the promise that lay behind Lawrence’s mobilization of the Arabs was even formalized in an agreement between the British High Commissioner in Egypt, Sir Henry McMahon and King Hussein, the Shereef of Mecca, early in 1916. But in November of 1917, with the Balfour Declaration, the British promised in so many words that Palestine would in due time be for the Zionist Jews to rule should Britain be victorious in the war, even though at that time Jews represented less than 10 percent of the population of Palestine. What do you think “Lawrence of Arabia,” of all people, would think about that, and how far might he have been willing to go to see that his Arab friends who had staked everything on the basis of the British promise to them to see to it that they were not completely betrayed?
Avoiding the topic keeps people away from suspecting that the people behind Lawrence’s death are those with a very extensive assassination record in furtherance of their political objectives such as the killing of Lord Moyne, Count Bernadotte, and likely of Gerald Bull, and of Palestinian leaders too numerous to mention. For clandestine assassinations the staged accident is almost as popular as the staged suicide, which was clearly the fate of the leading U.S. opponent of Zionism, Defense Secretary James Forrestal. It’s really very easy to get by with when you have the government and the news media in your pocket. The effective suppression of Lawrence: After Arabia shows that it’s also very helpful to have control over the entertainment industry, as well.

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