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We The People – Must Prosecute Now by Dr. David E. Martin

“It’s time we demand our elected state officials appoint special prosecutors to investigate criminal behavior by our elected and appointed officials.”
Dr. David E. Martin
Our Raison D’etre
Raison d’etre. The Oxford English Dictionary defines this term as follows: “A reason or purpose for the existence of a person or thing.” Translated literally from the French, it means “reason of being”.
Prosecute Now’s reason of being is to maintain, magnify, and augment the individual and collective liberties and social compacts and relations of Humanity upon which this, the Great American Experiment, was conceived. We exist to represent humanity’s voice for liberty and to stand as the bulwark against the rising tide of despotism and tyrannical autocracy overtly and shamelessly displayed across the world and here at home in the United States of America.
The foundations of our raison d’etre are most completely expressed in the sacred invocational words of Dr. David E. Martin offered at Carpenter’s Hall in Philadelphia, location of the first Continental Congress on the anniversary of the dedication prayer to commence that propitious gathering in 1774.
“Led by humanity’s Unquenchable Light, we pledge to live as stewards of our sanctuary Earth; to honor the inalienable value of the creativity intrinsic to all; to orient our actions to the removal of barriers of access and opportunity; to define our wealth by our character rather than our artifacts; and, to fully live in abundant grace in a spirit of tolerance and mercy; so that we, dwellers of Earth, may be embraced in the illumination of everlasting glory. Amen.”
We persistently seek to live in honor of this prayer and to increase the ability of all others to do so.

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4 Replies to “We The People – Must Prosecute Now by Dr. David E. Martin

  1. The so called elected are all part of the deception 3xcluding 2 sectors Josh Hawley and rand Paul,
    And congressman Jim Jordan and Elise stefanick

  2. HI, Your link to prosecute now is not working. I was going to share it to others but does not work. Has it been censored?

    Be good to bombard all Senators offices without using actual weapons. The power of a law suit put the fears back on to them. It’s brilliant! I have been wanting to sue gov for HIV for a long time. Now it worse and really is time to take matters into our hands to make changes.

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