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The Secret American Plan To Make Russia Great Again by Dmitry Orlov

It is generally a good idea to avoid ascribing nefarious intent to actions explained by mere stupidity. But this is a case where mere stupidity cannot possibly explain the long, steady procession of foreign policy errors spanning three decades, all of them specifically aimed at strengthening Russia. It is not possible to argue that a surplus of hubris, ignorance, greed and political opportunism and a deficit of competent foreign policy analysts can produce such a result, for that would be essentially the same as arguing that some monkeys armed with drills, mills and lathes can produce a Swiss watch. But the only alternative would be to claim that there is a network of Kremlin’s agents ensconced deep within the bowels of the American Deep State and that they are all working in concert to advance Russia’s interests while meticulously maintaining plausible deniability all the while and at all levels of the operation.
Ostensibly, the plan was to weaken and destroy Russia; but then, following the Soviet collapse, Russia was weakening and destroying itself very well all by itself, no intervention needed. What’s more, every US effort to weaken and destroy Russia has made it stronger; had there existed even a most rudimentary feedback mechanism, so vast a discrepancy between policy goals and policy results would have been detected and adjustments would have been made. Superficially, this may be explained by the nature of America’s sham-democracy, where each administration can blame its failures on mistakes made by the previous administration, but the Deep State remains in power throughout, and it would simply be forced to admit to itself that there is a problem with the plan to weaken and destroy Russia after a few cycles of this unfolding fiasco. The fact that it hasn’t detected any such problem brings us full circle, back to the suspicion that there are Putin’s agents toiling tirelessly deep within the Deep State.

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2 Replies to “The Secret American Plan To Make Russia Great Again by Dmitry Orlov

  1. Yes and obviously no Define Russian greatness first Of your describing a military barracks to replace America, but run from Astana then your getting warm. Who for though is the intrigue
    Which class?The reign in Spain falls mainly on the plain.

  2. Isn’t it obvious? Why did England nationalise to the trust the costs of restoring its former colonial imperial family homes? You know the ones that bonged to families that they ruined. What crazy coincidence drove ussr to treasure Tsarskoe Selo and not convert einelter Palace into tenements for peasants to infwrll? Use your loaf. Is not rocket science.

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