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The Motherlode by Good Citizen

Global engineering human transitions and servitude.
Western governments declared war on their citizens long ago. The war has been given many names: Cognitive war, Information war, Psychological war, or the academic term Fifth Generational Warfare. Some say it hasn’t gone “kinetic” yet, but they are wrong. They are terrorizing the world with man-made bioweapons as lethal force and then offering the cures with second, third, and fourth injectable bioweapons.
It is a silent war. Most people have no idea they’re even on a battlefield or that war criminals are in power all around them. It was only months ago the war criminals increased their rhetoric and threats, asking openly if the “anti-vaxxers” should be tolerated, telling us it would be “a dark winter of death” for those that refused the clot shots, and admitting “I want to make life miserable for these people.”1 They declared emergencies on protestors and seized finances in Canada.
They still ban people from travel, even domestic travel, make them prisoners on islands like New Zealand and force citizens into quarantine camps. The camp experiments may be on hold in Australia but the dress rehearsals were downright frightening. In Greece and Italy, they’re still deducting money from the pensions of unjabbed pensioners. It’s beyond cruel, beyond diabolical. Why? Yes, we’re at war.
But we know from history that if enough people awake at one time and are moved toward action, they can become quite formidable for those with ideas of dominance and control over them. Ask the French aristocracy about how starving serf populations tolerate self-appointed ruling classes when breaking points are reached. Pencil neck Yuval Harari and his bath haus partners Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, and their pet lizard George Soros had better tread carefully with their Great Reset depopulation and posthuman agenda. They are pushing the masses to the brink. We number in the billions. They are but a few hundred. They think they are herding the masses of useless sheep. But we are not all sheep. Millions of us are Lions. And you cannot herd Lions. Certainly not when they’re hunting.

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