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Ten Different Surveys All Show The Vaccines Are Not Close To Being “Safe And Effective” by Steve Kirsch

This is my most important article since I started writing on Substack. It shows how anyone can prove to themselves that I’ve been telling the truth the whole time.
’ve written over 700 articles on my Substack. This is my most important article to date because it provides objective proof, that anyone can verify with their own surveys of their own friends, that I have been telling the truth since I first became a “misinformation spreader” on May 25, 2021 with an article on TrialSite News entitled “Should you get vaccinated?”. Here is a summary video of the two most recent surveys I did which show the vaccines increase cancer, cause excess deaths comparable to COVID deaths, and dramatically increase miscarriage rates. If you only watch one video this year, that is the one to watch.
Also recommended is another 17-minute summary video that has the highlights from 8 surveys I recently did earlier. The surveys are of my readers and some people believe my readers give biased results to these questions. Of course they do. All surveys are biased. That’s why you should repeat these surveys yourself with your friends. The point of this article is to summarize the results to date from my readers. Even with biases, it would be hard to overcome a signal this large.
For example, how do you explain an embalmer where over 90% of her cases had severe blood clots if the vaccines are perfectly safe. How do you explain that? The survey results need to be consistent with reality.
If people weren’t dying, I’d wait for the survey results on a broader audience (which we began on May 23, 2022 using a third party polling organization). The precautionary principle of medicine compels me to publish these preliminary findings now. The preliminary findings from these polls show:

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3 Replies to “Ten Different Surveys All Show The Vaccines Are Not Close To Being “Safe And Effective” by Steve Kirsch

  1. You think viruses really exist?.
    Not one person would have died or been injured if they only knew one single fact.. No virus has ever been truly Isolated or proven to exist, It’s scientific Fraud and always has been.
    Most modern illnesses and diseases are vaccine caused(surprise poisoning causes issues) and never existed before Rockefeller pharma based kill the goy care. Monkey Pox is the result of small pox vaccines, all vaccines are just toxic crap, nothing scientific about them. Keep you ill and profit from you, this time they are just looking to kill or sterilize you, it’s called by those doing it to you.. the great cull and it comes with a WW.

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