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School Shootings. I Am Sorry But This Needs To Be Said by Meryl Nass, MD

Normal people have no interest in killing children, especially ones they do not know, especially in large numbers.
In my view, only people subject to mind control (please investigate Sirhan Sirhan or read about US intelligence agency attempts to create mind controlled assassins beginning in the 1950s) or people taking certain drugs are even capable of carrying out such an act.
School shootings are the most provocative and effective way to initiate a change in gun laws, which means taking away the guns from some or all of the people who privately own them.
The large number of American gun owners pose a daunting challenge to the globalists who wish to control them. Police and military will not be willing to enter the homes of gun owners to remove their guns or for other purposes.
Few Europeans, Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders own guns, and it is believed by many that the imposition of much harsher lockdowns on the citizens of these nations, compared to the US, was enabled by this fact.
There have been shortages of guns and ammunition in the US since the onset of the pandemic. Whether this is due to supply-demand, including increased purchases by the federal government, or to other market forces, is not clear.
There has been very little exploration into the past history of those who committed mass murders in the US in recent years, especially in schools. I want to know if any or all of these mass murderers may have been enrolled in black mind control projects.
I want a full accounting of the mind control programs paid for with taxpayer dollars in the US and elsewhere.
I want an investigation into the many thousands of self-reported “targeted individuals” (TIs) who complain of voices beamed into their heads and other forms of what can only be termed torture.
I want an investigation into the implants some of these people claim were introduced into their bodies.
We are being attacked in many perverse ways, and we must open our eyes, pull our power back, or the attacks will continue and will destroy us.

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One Reply to “School Shootings. I Am Sorry But This Needs To Be Said by Meryl Nass, MD

  1. Per capita Canada has more gun owners .. less guns, we ain’t mostly collectors but rather hunters.
    Just saying. Check your facts.

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