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18 Children, 3 Adults Killed In Shooting At Texas Elementary School, Police Say by Sputnik News

According to area police, a gunman was reported on the campus of Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, on Tuesday.
Texas Governor Greg Abbott told reporters on Tuesday afternoon at 14 students and one teacher had been killed by a gunman at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, earlier in the day. The gunman is also dead. Later, state police reported that the number had risen to 18 children and three adults.
The Uvalde Police Department said on Facebook that by 1:06pm, local time, the shooter had been taken into custody. However, Abbott later said that police had killed him. The shooter’s name was Salvador Romos, an 18-year-old who lived in Uvalde and stormed into the school with a pistol and possibly also a rifle. A police spokesperson said it was believed he acted alone.
The entire school district was placed on lockdown, students are being transported to a nearby area for pickup, with their parents being directed there instead of to the school, the facility’s Facebook page said. A spokesperson for the district told KSAT, an ABC affiliate in San Antonio, that the pickup site was Willie DeLeon Civic Center.
The majority-Hispanic city of Uvalde is located about 77 miles west of San Antonio.
The United States has seen nearly 200 mass shootings so far in 2022, including the massacre of 10 Black shoppers at a Buffalo, New York, supermarket last week by a white man who expressed white supremacist ideas.

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2 Replies to “18 Children, 3 Adults Killed In Shooting At Texas Elementary School, Police Say by Sputnik News

  1. Evil subversive within the education department have created these school shooting across America and at the highest levels by their handling of school bullying. And they’re doing it everywhere now too. Setting up violence by allowing the targeted bullying of vulnerable students. They’re the guilty party because they have the intentions.

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