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the bonnie and clyde of bioethics by el gato malo

christine grady and tony fauci are quite the pair
a friendly reminder: for 12 years, fauci’s wife has been the head of clinical bioethics at the NIH. absolutely no one in government has seen any undue risk or conflict of interest here. to my knowledge, no one in power has even taken a look at potential problems with this arrangement. and perhaps they should.christine grady (who seems to have kept her maiden name) has been prolific in her writings, sucked up grant after grant from NIH, and appears to have the ethical grounding of a hungry cane snake.
her LATEST PIECE is yet another foray into interpretive bioethics for fun and power. it’s a seriously ethically challenged white-wash of vaccine mandates and pressure with large dollop of ostracization and vilification to round it out. the science upon which it bases these claims is not only inaccurate, it’s inverted. this is not ethics policy, it’s a propogandist’s user guide to sidestepping morality and gaslighting and othering those who fail to fall in line. let’s have a look.
imagine the questions that were never asked but should have been like “is it ethical to push for vaccine mandates when they clearly have not worked as the studies claimed and are leaky to the point of total inefficacy on spread attenuation?” because that might have been a real game changer had there been any honest oversight. so many questions. and it’s long past time for us to be asking the serious ones because these are the people making the policy that gets imposed on you, your loved ones, and your children. and when you grant such power to such people, it always ends up one way. and this is NOT where you want to land.

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One Reply to “the bonnie and clyde of bioethics by el gato malo

  1. Dr Judith Mikovitz exposed Fauci s criminality in her book, the pandemic of corruption, something like that. He’s well known for what he really is but he’s protected by they who Pope Benedict reveal “hate the truth”and”hate Jesus and Christians”The citizens of Vatican City The moral authority for rule of law as appointed by Barracks of Obomber,the biggest killer in modern times.

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