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Empire Of Hypocrisy by Paul Cudenec

Alongside the other connections revealed in this article, this confirms that what hasn’t changed is that financial interests still very much direct the activities of the empire. What has changed is that the British empire is no longer the principal “public-private” instrument through which these interests pursue their agenda of all-inclusive exploitation. Instead, we can discern the vague outlines of a global network or entity whose centre is difficult to identify but whose key institutions clearly include the United Nations, the WHO, the WEF, the World Bank and the less-discussed Bank for International Settlements, as well as the good old Commonwealth.
This contemporary entity is more than happy to use the “nice guy” deceit first developed in the days of the original British Empire in order to hide its existence and its activities. The philanthropic, do-gooding, sustainably “woke” posturing of the institutions behind which it hides is meant to see off the possibility of any serious scrutiny or criticism. Indeed, this device even enables it to rally to its support the very people (on the “left”) who should be opposing it.
Not only is their potential dissent disabled, but they are also used to attack the entity’s remaining enemies from what appears to be the moral high ground. Anyone who dares to expose and challenge their sugar-coated sociopathy is likely to be denounced as a selfish, reactionary, right-wing conspiracy theorist. After all, what decent citizen could possibly have a problem with an empire which is “a compelling force for good” working to “eradicate poverty”, to bring about “peace and harmony” and “a better world for our children”?

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2 Replies to “Empire Of Hypocrisy by Paul Cudenec

  1. The world, including its financial institutions has always been ruled by Law. Law is King. “the law is made for the King,nnot the a king for the forthelaw”The Pope is the King of the Holy See.He is the SOVEREIGN that every barrister admitted to every Bar Society in the world , except Sharia law,sswears Oath of Loyalty too. And it’s operated out of London Inns.

  2. And a Briton is legally a slave of Rome .And the Pope rules over the englisg Monarchy The catholic restoration over Britain is amost complete after the queen was somehow forced to sign the Perth Act a few years back .The Pope is Godfather of George .
    if the family ate killed he takes custody .By law,.
    Catholics were granted access to the chapel royal about 10 years ago First 6ime in 500 years .Boris Johnson is the first openly ,at least baptised Catholic PM .The church of england is stuffed Its just a show pony filled with LGBTQ s as staff .Its nothing .

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