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Roe v. Wade Leak Was Deep State ‘Propaganda Operation’ To ‘Radicalize’ Abortion Debate, Influence Justices by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò

‘The embarrassing silence of the Hierarchy’ on ‘Catholic’ politicians like Joe Biden who support abortion, said Archbishop Viganò, ‘reveals itself as a confirmation of the sense of inferiority of those who ought to be wisely leading the people entrusted to their care, but who instead are following them off the edge of a cliff along with the politicians whom the bishops supported in the last electoral campaign.’
The vulnus [wound] that the Roe v. Wade decision inflicted on the sovereignty of the states of the Union is a constitutional matter, and the justices will have to make a ruling on it as such.
It is significant that this aspect of the decision has been deliberately not spoken about by the media, emphasizing instead the specific content of the decision and making it an ideological banner. It is also clear that this propaganda operation, maliciously conducted by the Deep State, has the purpose of radicalizing the debate that the news will stir up in public opinion, with the intention of influencing the motivations of the decision, which has yet to be finalized by the justices. It does not escape anyone’s notice that the premature leak of the draft of the decision has provoked violent protest demonstrations organized by pro-abortion groups and Antifa, while at the same time scandalous provocations and sacrilegious attacks on Catholic churches during services are multiplying. The courageous witness of the Catholic laity ought to be encouraged and supported by the Shepherds of the Church, precisely in the name of that freedom of worship and preaching that is an inalienable right of the Church of Christ, as well as an inalienable constitutional right of all Americans under the First Amendment.

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2 Replies to “Roe v. Wade Leak Was Deep State ‘Propaganda Operation’ To ‘Radicalize’ Abortion Debate, Influence Justices by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò

  1. The scheming opportunistic manipulative users can make it rhe election issue. And create big noise again, like appointing Black Obomber to be Head prefect to obliterate things the burning bush’s did from history Wade can overwhelm Bidens stolen election and all that and help drown Andrews naught business from history It’s for all those reasons they create some foil or other to steal the limelight.
    Cover ups. Some emotional divisive issue always the best weapon to conceal facts they want forgotten.

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