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Censorship Is Bad News by Declan Hayes

If you are over the age of reason, you should dispense with NATO’s human tinsel, who are perpetually pepper sprayed across our airwaves. The Ghost of Kiev was deliberate, if not deliberately stupid, disinformation. Ditto The Last Stand at Snake Island. Likewise the inflammatory lies the daughter of the Kuwaiti Ambassador spewed out to Capitol Hill about babies being ripped from incubators in Kuwait. George Bush lied that America’s torture of Iraqi prisoners was not widespread, systematic and brutal. George Bush 1 simply stated that America is always right and need never apologize, even when its air force blasts passenger airlines out of the sky. Arch war criminal John McCain, when faced with the testimony of a Syrian Christian, could only snigger that the ISIS criminals he met were nice guys, moderate savages.
Then we have Bana, who was not only a pint sized Syrian fraud but a very transparent one, who was given the run of NATO’s media to wish nuclear war on Syria in a language she could not even grunt in. Although lies come more naturally than truth to Tony Blair, the entire Bush and Clinton families, Colin Powell and the armies of Beltway warmongers and their media flunkeys, their lying never stops. Although libraries have been written documenting their lies, we need a more systematic framework to tie NATO’s tissues of lies together and to make sense of them and their purpose. Because all these lies, mistruths and half truths are geared to serve NATO’s ongoing and ever evolving needs and interests, they may best be seen within a Darwinian evolutionary framework, where NATO’s flunkeys adapt their behavior to suit and shape our common environment.
by Declan Hayes

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One Reply to “Censorship Is Bad News by Declan Hayes

  1. Its fundamental white English supremacy All of it. Tied to the fact England was a roman colony and Rome still views England as its since it was the rich traders who moved to Venice when Rome collapsed that then went to London and set up the British Empire. Not the english themselves at all.
    That’swhy under roman occupation first time around York was the capital and rgats why New Yorks really Romes too. Its about layers of understanding and classes.

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