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Ihor Kolomoisky Is In Trouble by Gonzalo Lira (6:33)

Ihor Kolomoisky Is In Trouble by Gonzalo Lira (6:33)
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2 Replies to “Ihor Kolomoisky Is In Trouble by Gonzalo Lira (6:33)

  1. Who cares about Igor and his family living in Switzerland anyway? He’s just a show pony and that Moslem guys the richest Ukrainium, not Igor the fake.

  2. How the hell are they Neo-nazis? A Jewish Oligarch’s private army. Not to mention anyone with a brain in their head at this point knows WW2 history is more fictitious than the brother’s grim books. Allies were the evil in WW2 and everyday after. Bolsheviks is what they are. Think Ukrainians would know that seeing as Soviets starved 40 million of them and Germans were seen as liberators. That soviet Jew BS that gets sold as history is so childish and stupid I can’t understand how it’s still believed even with the Jew monopoly on media. Holocaust was perpetrated on Germany not by Germany. Educate yourself on the subject or STFU about it, just as anyone not familiar with 2014 onward in Ukraine has no right speaking on the situation now.
    BTW, this is another Jew banker war, completely fabricated to pull Russian into it just as Poland was used to pull in Germany and by the same Jew tactics… kill the citizens. When are people going to wake the fuck up?

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