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Will Syria Strike Israel In Self Defense? by Robert Inlakesh

Four Syrian soldiers were killed and three were injured last week, after Israeli airstrikes were launched against Damascus. The Israeli attack was the third of its kind during the Muslim Holy month of Ramadan. Will we see the Syrian government begin to respond to such aggression?
Last week’s Israeli attack was the third of its kind during the Muslim Holy month of Ramadan, causing significant injuries and resulting in Syria yet again complaining to the United Nations. The Syrian government has repeatedly told the UN that it reserves the right to respond to Israel’s unprovoked acts of war against its territory, infrastructure, and military. However, Syria has not officially responded to Israel’s attacks since 2018. Between then and now, Israel is believed to have attacked Syria over a hundred times.
It is largely believed that the primary reasons behind Syria’s reluctance to strike Israel, comes down to both domestic issues and Russia’s influence over the country. Moscow has attempted to play a strategic game in the Middle East, which sees it maintain close ties with both Tel Aviv and Damascus. For Syria, it also holds back from major military offensives elsewhere in the country as well and this comes down to the same two factors. The ‘Caesar Act’ sanctions, waged by the US Government against Syria, have worked well to cripple Syria’s economy. Combined with this are the negative effects on regional players, if Syria was to launch offensives, which is largely seen as the reason for the country’s current pause to most fronts of military confrontation.

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2 Replies to “Will Syria Strike Israel In Self Defense? by Robert Inlakesh

  1. Since the eruption of war in Ukraine, I wonder how much Syria can depend on its ally Russia. Not that the Russians have abandoned Syria, but they occupied with problems directly on their doorstep. My guess is that they will not respond or respond in a very limited fashion. We know that any response by Syria will result in almost clownish histrionics by the Zionists. They do this so well. Direct attacks by Israel on Assad’s troops shows how frustrated they are. The pathetic shape of the US in general and the Biden administration in particular means that the US will be limited in aiding the Zionist entity especially if things go hot between China and Taiwan.

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