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Does Israel Permit Freedom Of Worship? by Philip Giraldi

Palestinian Christians will soon be extinct
A week ago I wrote a piece describing how Israel’s power over the US government is such that no American official will confirm that the Israelis have, and have had for years, a secret nuclear arsenal consisting of as many as 200 nukes. The situation is particularly odd in that the United States is on record as being strongly opposed to nuclear proliferation, except for Israel, and the enriched uranium that was used to create Israel’s bombs as well as the nuclear triggers were stolen and exported illegally from the US. Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu himself was reportedly involved in the thefts. One lawyer friend has suggested that the reason for the reticence is that under US law by way of the Symington Amendment, no assistance or aid can be given to any country that has not signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). Israel has not signed and also has a widely acknowledged nuclear arsenal. To preserve Israel’s billions of dollars in annual largesse from the US taxpayer, silence over what goes on when the government breaks its own laws must be maintained. Some might consider that a case of pandering to Israel rather than taking steps to enhance United States security, but when it comes to the Jewish state that argument is a non-starter in Washington as Israel always comes first.

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2 Replies to “Does Israel Permit Freedom Of Worship? by Philip Giraldi

  1. Who worships nuclear proliferation except those who worship Mars, the God of War? You shall have no Gods before me, for I am a jealous God. Fear my wrath.
    Bottom line.

  2. The Kzars-
    General Electric Nuclear Power reactors. As of 1970’s GE commenced training foreign contractors. Japan being the first. How many, I do not know. Fukushima was, I believe the first site. GE was a sub in the Fukushima Daichi plant, performing the Emergency Back Up Facility. How much GE contributed to the initial site planning, I do not know Of interest, the Emergency Water Facility was constructed at a lower elevation than the main reactors. Thus after the tidal wave hit and destroyed the town, and main power lines the wave also damaged the Emergency unit.This then contributed to the reactor meltdowns. Arnie Gundersen, a licensed Nuclear Engineer covered much of the blow-by-blow story. Of interest was a team of photographers strategically positioned at a distance to photograph what followed at the power plant, including the almost nuclear bomb explosion.Of interest, a similar Israeli photo team was at NYC 911 event.?? . GE is a KS Jew firm.
    Nuclear Electric power generation (BWRs) and reactor development
    Nuclear fuels
    Nuclear Isotopes Ge provides a lot of the isotopes to Lawrence Radiation Labs, S.F. Bay universities, and hospitals.
    Nuclear US Navy power, Subs and Surface ships. “The Electric Boat Div”
    The Bechtel Corporation is a common buddy corporation with GE.

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