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The Non-Jewish Stake In The Holocaust Mythology by Paul Grubach

Why the Continued Success of a Failed Ideology?
During the past four decades mainstream historians have made some surprising admissions with regard to the traditional Holocaust story, the alleged premeditated mass murder of six million Jews by the Germans during WWII, mainly with the use of “gas chambers.” Let us review some of them.
Holocaust historian Leon Poliakov pointed out in the late 1970s that there are no documents to prove that the Nazis ever had any plan to murder the Jews of Europe. He wrote: “[T]he campaign to exterminate the Jews, as regards its conception as well as many other essential aspects, remains shrouded in darkness. Inferences, psychological considerations, and third- or fourth-hand reports enable us to reconstruct its development with considerable accuracy. Certain details, however, must remain forever unknown. The three or four people chiefly involved in the actual drawing up of the plan for total extermination are dead and no documents have survived; perhaps none ever existed.”[1] In short, the “evidence” that “proves” the existence of an alleged Nazi plan to exterminate the Jews is simply the guesswork of Holocaust historians. Hard documentary proof is missing.

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