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U.S.-Led NATO Is At War Against Russia by Finian Cunningham

The full-on U.S. imperial war agenda of targeting Russia for defeat is now coming into focus, Finian Cunningham writes. We are now in the realm of World War Three. The abysmal situation is such that the war is in danger of going nuclear in which case the future of the planet is at stake. Incredibly, to warn of this danger leaves a person open to the accusation that they are peddling Russian propaganda. Blindly, the Western governments are doubling down on the powder-keg.
The U.S.-led NATO alliance is flooding Ukraine with heavy offensive weaponry capable of hitting Russia, and the British government this week has openly called for Ukraine to target Russia’s “depth” with NATO weapons. Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov commented that the U.S. military alliance is now fully-fledged in a proxy war against Russia. He said there is a “serious danger” of confrontation spiraling into a nuclear conflagration. Only a fool or an insane person could remain insouciant about the dynamic unfolding.

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One Reply to “U.S.-Led NATO Is At War Against Russia by Finian Cunningham

  1. “America is our barracks” Sir Winston Churchill.
    They run the Pentagon through their Special Operations Branch.

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