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The Prophecy Has Been Realized by Jacob Dreizin

Per an Ancient Prophecy from the musty scrolls of the Dreizin Report, on the night of April 24th or the morning of the 25th, Russian cruise missiles destroyed a total of six traction substations within the Ukrainian rail system, paralyzing electric train traffic (and thus, all rail traffic) in western Ukraine. Traction substations house transformers that take power from the grid and convert it to the voltage, amperage, and frequency needed to drive electric train motors through overhead lines or (more often) third rails. As you can see from this map, the strikes were clearly intended to paralyze rail traffic throughout roughly the westernmost one-third of the Ukraine.
t’s been about 60 days since the invasion. Russia clearly wanted to leave the infrastructure alone, but was left with no choice. Now, who will we blame for the coming starvation, etc.? As I have said many times since the very first days of the war, if the U.S. and its hegemonic bloc do not back down and try to cut a deal, THE UKRAINE WILL BE TOTALLY DESTROYED. At least one-third of it will go to Russia, and the rest will become another Afghanistan, albeit one with a number of severely under-maintained and overstressed nuclear power plants. Several million more refugees will hit Europe at the worst possible time.

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One Reply to “The Prophecy Has Been Realized by Jacob Dreizin

  1. Join the dots Who suffered through ww 1 and ww2 really except Germans Russians and Europeans What happened except the ROMANOFFS were despises, the rich Russians were murdered or robbed totally, the German Hohenhilzen Kaiser were depusex, the rich Germans were killed or robbed, the Australian Hapsburgs were deposed and some Austrians had some problems, the Greeks were screwed totally like the Russians and Germans. The Japs lost their Emperor and got the atomic bomb s. Right? Join the dots.

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