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The Great Game Morphs Into The Great Reset by State Of The Nation

Great Game 2022 and Beyond: Britain’s Multi-Century Scheme to Conquer Russia in Collusion with American Neocons and Neoliberals, Israeli Zionists and Vatican Jesuits
There’s a very good reason why no one does warmongering propaganda and naked prevarication like the Brits, especially when it’s aimed at Russia. Having mastered the English language several centuries ago, the Brits have had a lot of time, and have spent a considerable amount of money and effort, becoming the world’s premier word merchants.
It was on London’s Fleet Street where the British Press really perfected the art of writing whatever outright lies were necessary to start a war, bring down a government, trigger a revolution, demonize a head of state, bankrupt a corporation, etc., etc., etc. After all, the world’s wealthiest banksters and predatory capitalists were situated right down the street in the City of London’s all-powerful Financial District ready to pay whatever price was needed to “stop the presses” so a new distracting disaster (à la disaster capitalism) could be instantly manufactured.

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